Words from a reader of ACP


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Words from a reader of ACP


Introductory comments by Ken Pullen


Tuesday, January 10th, 2017


Not long ago I was in contact with a dear sister in the faith who is also a friend, and in the email I sent I wrote the sentence; Evil is a parasite and a cannibal.

This was in context of what we had been communicating with each other. This friend in the faith was the first person to subscribe to A Crooked Path, back in March of 2011 when this all began. She took what I wrote in that sentence and then elaborated on it with what follows my comments here. I asked her if I could put what she wrote up on ACP. She said of course. I also will be incorporating the following words in a poem I am going to write, but did not want to wait until then to get these words up on ACP;

“Evil is a parasite and a cannibal.  It devours the hosts it infests.  But evil is insatiable and never satisfied.  It has been chipping away at you since the day you were born.  It observes and studies you, always waiting for the right moment to take that big bite out of your soul, the one that will redefine your existence. 
You say, “But I’m a good person.”  Evil laughs at you and says, “So what?  ‘Good people’ are what I savor the most.  People who believe they are good — and dare I say ‘righteous’ — are the easiest to consume.  Do you know why?  It’s because people who believe their own lies always believe mine.  It’s because I’m the one who convinced them they were good and righteous in the first place.””


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