CERN — Alternate Dimensions: Bottomless Pit (VIDEOS)


CERN — Alternate Dimensions: Bottomless Pit (VIDEOS)


The “scientific” complex for the super collider on the Swiss/France border has as its mascot a very unscientific “god” known as the “god of Destruction”, a.k.a. “Satan” or “Shiva”.  Why in the world would they knowingly do this ?  Why was the compound built on the ancient ruins of the world’s most sacred shrine for the god “Apollo”, a.k.a. “the Deceiver” or “Satan” ?  Why is their logo “666” ?  Why is the compound the only other legal “micro-country” in the world other than the Vatican ?  Why did CERN insist on this legality loophole so that no one in the world can legally encroach on their territory and stop what they are doing ?

Bart Sibrel  is an award winning filmmaker, writer and investigative journalist who has been producing movies and television programs for thirty years. During this time he has owned five production companies, been employed by two of the three major networks and produced films shown on ABC, NBC, CNN, TLC, USA, BET, as well as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. To discuss his films, he has appeared and been interviewed on The Daily Show, Geraldo, NBC, CNN, FOX, Tech TV, Coast to Coast, and The Abrams Report. Articles featuring Mr. Sibrel’s films have been published in Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The L.A. Times, USA Today and many others.  His top awards from the American Motion Picture Society include “Best Cinematography”, “Best Editing” and “Top Ten Director”. As the writer and director of the infamous “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” which exposed the moon landing hoaxMr. Sibrel has collected over the years innumerous military, government, industrial and private sources for credible firsthand verification of very real conspiratorial crimes against humanity. He will use these contacts and experience in exposing the true and unbelievably horrific intentions of the hidden minority who have diabolical intentions for mankind in his monthly Sleuth Journal column “Conspiracy Corner”.  When such concepts are speculative and unverified, Mr. Sibrel will acknowledge this and openly discuss the leading possibilities as a cautionary benedictionBe sure to visit his site at and subscribe to his Youtube Channel.

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