Fear the People — By David M. Zuniga — Installment #1: With preface by Ken Pullen




Preface notes by the editor and administrator of A Crooked Path;

I have been blessed greatly by God our Father to have a sister in the faith who also is a very good friend. She made me aware of this book by David Zuniga titled “Fear the People”. Mr. Zuniga in the first pages of the book gives permission for it to be reprinted in its entirety without concern for copyright infringement, as long as the person reprinting it does not sell his work for their own profit. Which never occurs here on A Crooked Path.

This is an important work written by a very good writer and a real man of faith, a real American. It is my hope and prayer that you, dear reader, are part of the 1% solution, part of the 1% of the remaining REMNANT of true believers willing to stand in the full armour of God and His word, in duty to this once greatest of all nations, with the greatest and purest foundations any nation or state has ever been founded upon — the U.S. Constitution. Serving the right-ness, the righteousness of God our Father as you thusly also serve the greater needs of our diseased and dying nation — restoring our collective spiritual maladies and turning back to God, the One True God Most High, Father of Jesus Christ the Lord, Creator of all things. Only then can this nation expect to prosper and be blessed as it had been for over 200 years before becoming so corrupted and turning so far away from the truth of the Lord and His word in our lives.

Having the faith of a mustard seed you in faith, prayer, and being turned to God rather than away from Him as the vast majority are in these times, will fulfill your duty to the Lord, and to our nation, and live daily to restore the honor, values, beliefs, and principals on which we were founded and lived as a nation for well over 200 years until we became complacent, lethargic, unbelieving, or captivated and enslaved by tyrants and evil minions of the Adversary, that angel of light which has so many living lies of confusion and mayhem leading to destruction.

Please begin to read this book in conjunction with daily meditative reading of God’s living and active inerrant word, and in prayer begin repentance and restoration as part of the living remnant of God’s people.

I will present this book in one chapter at a time installments.

Thank you. Your brother in this walk and effort.

~Ken Pullen, A Crooked Path, Sunday, January 24th, 2016

FEAR the People

Third Edition

The action plan to enforce our Constitution, Bring Congress Home, and Reclaim American life

Written by David M. Zuniga

Founder, AmericaAgain!

Copyright © 2016 by David M. Zuniga

FEAR The People (Third Edition)

by David M. Zuniga

Printed in the United States of America

ISBN 978 1 5228 1870 0

All rights reserved solely by the author, who warrants that other than American founding documents in the public domain and noted quotations, all contents* are original and do not infringe upon the legal rights of any other person or work.

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Acknowledgments & Dedication

Lord Acton wrote, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” In politics, academia, science, business, media and even religion, the record of history confirms Acton’s aphorism. True greatness is found in a heart of non-negotiable norms and nobility; a life that transforms the world for good. Most so-called ‘conservative’ and/or ‘Christian’ leaders today are polished but treacherous, seeking their own career advancement over real reformation.

I know of six American authors that I would consider ‘great’; whose work and lives inform my thinking about First Things and true statesmanship: Thomas DiLorenzo, Sherry Peel Jackson, Richard Mack, Dr. Ron Paul, Edwin Vieira Jr., and Thomas Woods. Ed wrote the definitive American texts on U.S. money and the Militias of the Several States; also drafted the AmericaAgain! Declaration sections on those subjects. Dr. Paul for over 30 years has taught Americans how to honor and restore the Constitution; he is our republic’s predominant constitutional statesman. In their fields, these men tower above all others.

Among these, Sherry has made the highest sacrifice. A beautiful, courageous Christian mom and former IRS Fraud Examiner, Sherry blew the whistle on the corrupt agency, was imprisoned for it, and while in prison prayed and wrote books, as did the apostle Paul.

My AmericaAgain! co-founders Oscar Zuniga Jr., Jeff Goolsby, and Matt Mida have made life sacrifices to be part of the mission – they work long hours, pay thousands into the mission, bring unique gifts and talents – or in some cases, they do all three.

Two media leaders are staunch supporters: Tim Brown, editor of Freedom Outpost.com and Mike Church, constitutional author and radio host at MikeChurch.com, who drafted the AmericaAgain! Declaration preamble. These brothers are unique in conservative media.

I dedicate this book to you homeschooling mothers, tenaciously rebuilding our civilization – one diaper, one research project, and one tearful prayer at a time. As countless unsung women on the American frontier, if true greatness is yet found in America, it is in your lioness Proverbs 31 hearts.

Oh you great ones! I dedicate this work to you. May God bless your children and grandchildren to replenish our desolate land, that your hearts may be lifted up in joy.


Table of Contents

Chapter One- The Most Promising Era in History ………………………………………….. 1

Chapter Two- First Things …………………………………………………………………………… 15

Chapter Three- Hollow-Point Ammo and Jade Helm 15 …………………………………. 27

Chapter Four- American Idol ………………………………………………………………………. 37

Chapter Five- A New Way of Life …………………………………………………………………. 41

Chapter Six- FEAR The People™ Three-Stage Launch ……………………………………… 43

Chapter Seven- Stage 1: America’s House™ ………………………………………………….. 45

Chapter Eight- Stage 2: AmericaAgain! Good Guys™ ……………………………………… 47

Chapter Nine- Stage 3: Bring Congress Home Act (BCHA) ………………………………. 51

Chapter Ten- Christians Can Make History, Again ………………………………………….. 53

Chapter Eleven- The AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ ………………………………. 55

Chapter Twelve- Taking Back What D.C. Stole ………………………………………………. 61

Chapter Thirteen- Minutemen for Tomorrow ……………………………………………….. 73

Chapter Fourteen- Now Let’s DO It ……………………………………………………………… 83

(The appendices answer the question: why is life in America so bizarre today?)

Appendix A- Fearing Caesar (Twisting Romans 13) ………………………………………… 85

Appendix B- Frequently Asked Questions …………………………………………………….. 89

Appendix C- AmericaAgain! Declaration ………………………………………………………. 99

Appendix D- U.S. Constitution …………………………………………………………………….. 117

Appendix E- Declaration of Independence ……………………………………………………. 141

Appendix F- Suggested Reading ………………………………………………………………….. 145

Appendix G- Life Upgrades …………………………………………………………………………. 159

Appendix H- AmericaAgain! Organization & Governance ……………………………….. 163

Appendix I- Mission Milestones and Timeline……………………………………………….. 169

Appendix J- Why Elections Don’t Matter ……………………………………………………… 183

Appendix K- The Lost First Amendment ……………………………………………………….. 191

Appendix L- Support Our Troops? ……………………………………………………………….. 193

Appendix M- Your Fear Porn Addiction ………………………………………………………… 201

Appendix N- Kill The Infidels! ……………………………………………………………………… 207




Chapter One

The Most Promising Era in History

I am not insane. Read on, and you will see merit in my statement above. This is not a theory or philosophy book of patriotic platitudes and quaint quotes; it is a field manual to inform and equip those who are finished with political argument, and ready to do our duty. After reading countless ‘restore America’ books over 40 years, I found no practical action plan. I wrote the AmericaAgain! Declaration (Appendix C) in 2008; then in 2010 I wrote my first book, This Bloodless Liberty but it did not offer a detailed plan of action, so this book finally fills that need.

Life is bizarre under God’s judgment, on our present course following Europe – so we must not stay on our present course. If we want America to recover, we must first repent then begin exercising our duty. That duty is to arrest Washington D.C., the imperial city-state that hijacked us, incites parasitic factions against productive citizens, and supports a 1% Sodom Confederacy against the other 99% of America.

This book will not suggest that a majority of Americans will begin to do the right thing; they will not. Instead, it will demonstrate how less than 1% of our population can restore 150 years of lost liberty. In the Bible this is called a remnant.

Blessed with the most magnificent Constitution ever devised, We The People of these sovereign States have never enforced it. A law never enforced becomes no law, as every parent of spoiled children knows.

The U.S. Constitution is the finest human governing law in history. It is the oldest written national constitution on earth (San Marino has an older constitution, but only for a small town). Americans agree that our Constitution is what it claims to be – the ‘supreme Law of the Land’ – so it gives us perpetual power over our public servants. This book explains in detail how the remnant can become the responsible, courageous, tactically wise, organized sovereign People who assure that the U.S. Constitution is enforced from now on.

Over the Law But Not Above It

Because we all agree that nobody is above the law, the lawful power of the American people over our highest law is an alien concept to most Americans. This book will convey basic civics, facts of history and clauses of the Constitution that are not taught in schools – and that will amaze you. First, we re-program vocabulary that the enemy has used to keep us on their battlefield. We The People must end this hijacking of our lives and move the battle onto our field – rule of law.

Our Hijacked Republic

In Washington D.C., the Constitution is scorned. Our servants in Congress, the White House, U.S. supreme Court, inferior federal courts, and a dizzying array of unconstitutional bureaucracies openly violate the law, perpetrating things that we never authorized. The very existence of 75% of federal agencies, bureaus, offices, programs, regulations and military service branches, violates the Constitution. Washington D.C. makes news each week that is more bizarre than the last; as the Bible says, “every man did what was right in his own eyes”.

As he walked out of the Constitutional Convention, when Lady Powell of Philadelphia asked Ben Franklin, “Doctor Franklin, what kind of government have you given us?” he replied, “A Republic, Madam, if you can keep it.” Obviously, we have not kept it.

To illustrate the insanity of our attitude as citizens, here is an analogy. Imagine you have spent your whole life building a business, and after 40 years you built, equipped, and paid for your building. You decide to take your first-ever vacation, and on returning you discover that someone changed out the locks. Peering in the windows, you cannot believe your eyes; your business is trashed. Your employees are lounging on the broken furniture, sneering defiantly back at you. Seeing a dozen new luxury cars in the employee lot, you quickly check your company operating account; it is overdrawn by tens of thousands and your $600,000 operating cushion gone. Everything you worked for was embezzled while you were away, and you don’t have just one embezzler – all of your employees are criminals.

In that case, would you hold rallies with posters, marching outside your building wearing costumes, or telling all your friends to send emails to the criminals inside? Of course not! You would call in the law to arrest and prosecute your criminal employees, in order to recover your property.

Yet, we allow lawless servants to control every aspect of our lives, steal us blind, and tighten the chains more with each generation; it is insane! If you were born in 1920-1970, you cannot believe this nightmare – and yet this has been going on for five generations.

D.C. Organized Crime

(Image from book cover written by Thomas J.D. Lorenzo)


Americans complain about government excess, but still send the kids on D.C. bus tours to gawk at 535 politicians who each spend an average $11 million annually on their operations; who each have as many as eight offices and staffs; whose Capitol Hill palace is more opulent than those of kings, popes, and emperors: white-glove exclusive dining rooms, custom gold-plated china, limousines, spas, private jets and more – all paid for by their sovereigns.

With Lincoln’s signature and supreme Court criminal rulings to cover them, Congress ran a counterfeiting operation for 51 years (1862-1913), then outsourced the crime to the FED cartel in an exclusive concession. To soak up the excess liquidity of counterfeiting, they have their IRS thugs skim America’s payroll accounts. Taken together, this is the largest, longest-running financial crime on earth.

By definition, criminals don’t play by rules; they break them. Like the dumbfounded owner peering into his ruined building, We The People continue reading books about symptoms of the crimes, our mailboxes and in-boxes stuffed with appeals to, “Act NOW to save America; donate today!” We keep fighting one another, donkey vs. elephant; the real war is D.C. vs. America. Washington D.C. is a lawless, ruthless, independent city-state that works against every productive American. We must grasp this.

Einstein’s definition of insanity was, repeatedly doing the same thing and always expecting a different result. Why do we continue to believe the next rally, email drive, truth-telling book, or election will work – though these ‘solutions’ have never worked? We know the score; organized crime is the accurate term for Washington D.C., not politics. The Roman statesman Seneca the Younger said, “He who does not prevent a crime when he can, encourages it”. It is time to stop encouraging criminals; to bring in law enforcement and arrest D.C. organized crime that has pillaged us for 150 years.

FEAR The People™- The End of Politics, The Beginning of Popular Sovereignty

In the Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 we stipulate that We The People are “to execute the Laws of the Union“. Washington D.C. cannot be the solution because criminals do not reform themselves. Thinking that electoral politics can substitute for law enforcement, we fell prey to government – and to government-school propaganda – for six generations, since Lincoln’s reign.


Before explaining moral and constitutional law underpinnings for a new way of life called AmericaAgain!, I am going to dive right into the action, to explain the 3-stage FEAR The People™ launch project – a total makeover role reversal that will turn the tables on Washington D.C. forever.

Stage 1 Campaign: America’s House™

The first action in our FEAR The People™ project is to have our State legislatures finish ratifying our Bill of Rights. The original First Amendment stipulates that no congressional district can have more than 50,000 people, so as to avoid exactly what we suffer today – multi-million dollar campaigns, and congressmen reigning over as many as 750,000 citizens that they cannot know, much less represent.

Congress violated the Constitution with its Reapportionment Act of 1929. Congressman Ralph Lozier remarked, “There is absolutely no reason, philosophy, or common sense in arbitrarily fixing the membership of the House at 435…”. Our ancestors did nothing about this arrogant act of Congress; they were ignorant of the Founding Fathers’ intention for representation in the U.S. House of Representatives, but the fact is simple to discover.

On the last day of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Massachusetts delegate Nathaniel Gorham made a motion to change one word in Article I, Section 2, Clause 4 – “the number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every forty thousand…” should be changed to read, “…for every thirty thousand”. Others seconded the motion, and George Washington rose to speak. It was the first time in its four months that Washington publicly addressed the delegates.

On page 644 of Records of the Federal Convention, James Madison describes the scene:

“When the President rose…he said that although his situation had hitherto restrained him from offering his sentiments…he could not forbear expressing his wish that the alteration proposed might take place… The smallness of the proportion of Representatives had been considered by many members of the Convention an insufficient security for the rights and interests of the People. He acknowledged that it had always appeared to himself among the exceptionable parts of the plan…as late as the present moment was for admitting amendments, he thought this of so much consequence that it would give much satisfaction to see it adopted.”

The change in wording was adopted unanimously. Yet for two years the State legislatures deliberated ratifying the new Constitution. To address the demands of the unconvinced, including the articulate Patrick Henry and other Antifederalists, Madison promised that the new Congress would add the requested changes. On June 8, 1789, Madison introduced 39 amendments; on September 25, Congress finally passed twelve Articles of Amendment, submitting them to the States for ratification.

We were always taught that the Bill of Rights had only ten amendments. In truth, articles 3-12 were ratified by the necessary three-quarters of the States by December, 1791 and they became Amendments 1-10; but notice our Bill of Rights on the following page: twelve Articles were passed by Congress and sent to the States. So what happened to the first two articles in our Bill of Rights?

The supreme Court ruled in Coleman v. Miller (1939) that any proposed amendment that Congress sends to the States for ratification with no deadline can be ratified by the States at any time. In 1983, a University of Texas student launched a campaign to get the final 29 State legislatures needed to vote to ratify the original Second Amendment (it stipulates that if Congress gives itself a pay raise, it does not take effect until an election intervenes). Finally in May 1992, the U. S. Archivist pronounced the amendment ratified; it became the 27th Amendment. A single citizen was able to do this!

So. As strange as it seems, every article in our Bill of Rights has been ratified – even the original First Amendment, the Right that was most important to the founders. But as Appendix K explains, the ratification by Connecticut was buried in its state archives and never properly recorded. No court can repair this longstanding breach of trust with the People. The only way forward is for 27 more State legislatures to re-ratify the original First Amendment; until then, our U.S. House of Representatives will not represent the People but will instead continue to represent billionaires and industries.

No constitutional convention is required; the Article V process has been stalled for 226 years. Congress already passed the Amendment, so Washington D.C. cannot stop us from re-ratifying it. It is the duty of 27 more State legislatures to give us our Bill of Rights and let the U.S. House become truly America’s House, to break D.C. corruption. Reclaiming America’s House is entirely up to US.

The Bill of Rights

“Article the First. After the First Enumeration required by the First Article of the Constitution, there shall be One Representative for every Thirty Thousand, until the Number shall amount to One Hundred; after which the Proportion shall be so regulated by Congress that there shall not be less than One Hundred Representatives, nor less than One Representative for every Forty Thousand Persons, until the number of Representatives shall amount to Two Hundred, after which the Proportion shall be so regulated by Congress that there shall not be less than Two Hundred Representatives, nor more than One Representative for every Fifty Thousand Persons.” [Bold added. Some contend that ‘not more than’ in the final sentence means the framers sought to restrict the number of representatives; that 435 representatives (or even 200) for all 320 million of us, would be acceptable. The theory is nonsense, given Washington’s speech and the vote at the Convention; all three bold clauses above demonstrate that the intention of the Amendment is to provide as much, not as little, representation as possible.]

Twelve States already ratified in 1789-92 – Connecticut, Kentucky, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia. But as stated before, the CT vote sat, un-recorded, for 226 years; thus, only 11 votes have been counted.

In the other States we are recruiting AmericaAgain! District Leaders: homeschoolers, TEA Party, Black Robe Regiment pastors, military veterans, et al – to get the next 27 legislatures to vote for ratification. Once re-ratified, it will become the 28th Amendment. We will finally assure that the U.S. House of Representatives is the People’s House, as our founders intended.

For the first 15-20 State votes, there is no downside for the state legislature; stakes are low. Also, this is merely a State legislature ratification vote, not legislation; thus it does not require a reconciliation bill or a governor’s signature. But state legislators are just as corrupt as Congress, so we will keep this in mind!

Resources for State Legislators

AmericaAgain! has draft House and Senate Joint Resolutions that legislators can use as a basis for calling for the ratification vote. We also will provide a 28th Amendment Fact Sheet to help legislators understand the issue. We will supply a draft GIS/TIGER redistricting map for each State, based on 2010 U.S. Census data clustered in districts of 50,000 people or less.

When you become a FEAR The People District Leader, we will help you lead the process at your State capitol and make these resources available to State legislators and committees to hold their ratification vote, and aid the redistricting process when the time comes. This book and our FEAR The People™ campaign is designed to begin re-programming citizens with the founders’ self-concept. The power and duties of sovereigns are stipulated in the Constitution from its opening passage: “We The People….do ordain…”. Our staff will help citizens cordially but firmly push through their state ratification vote. You purchase a large vinyl America’s House banner; we provide all necessary printed materials and talking points for local media and PR so that your team can do what it takes – usually shaming and forcing your State servants into action. As I said, they are as corrupt as Congress; never forget it! Responsible sovereigns do not suck up to our elected servants as though they are our masters; we must turn the tables, publicly and in social media.

Stage 2 Campaign – AmericaAgain! Good Guys™

With their Reapportionment Act of 1929, Congress randomly fixed the U.S. House at only 6.8% of the representation that the framers intended. They intended no congressman to represent more than 50,000 people; with population at 320 million, we will initially have about 6,400 members of the U.S. House. Think this is too many? There are 7,383 State legislators representing the same population!

Originally, we launched AmericaAgain! Good Guys to recruit honest members of Congress, inviting incumbents to stand against D.C. organized crime. After three rounds of events in cities from coast to coast, not one incumbent responded; not even Ted Cruz, after our event at the Alamo on Jan 19, 2015. To finally break D.C. organized crime, we now recruit and help elect up to 6,400 new members of the U.S. House; see Chapter Eight. We will have them run on four primary issues: the Bring Congress Home Act (see Chapter Nine), Constitutional Courts Act, Secure Borders Act, and Return of Sovereign Lands Act (see Chapter Twelve). The first will be mandatory; 6,400 seats will not fit in Capitol Hill’s imperial House Chamber, nor would we want so many offices and staffs as under their present, corrupt 19th-century D.C. system.

Stage 3 Campaign – Bring Congress Home

Our first AmericaAgain! reform law, the Bring Congress Home Act (BCHA), follows HR287, proposed in 2013 by Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and Steve Pearce (R-NM), to bring Congress home to work from their district offices via telepresence – which is mature desktop (even mobile) technology today.

Congress spends $5.85 billion per year on their operations; opulent lifestyles, an imperial palace and massive staffs. As Chapter Nine explains, the BCHA stipulates that the 6,400 congressmen and 100 senators will now work full-time back home, in one office each. A paid staff of two for a congressman or four for a senator. Limited to two terms. Representatives at half their present salary (their districts will be 1/14th as large). No benefits, and pensions will end retroactively. See Chapter Nine for more detail on this, but even with 6,400 congressmen, the BCHA should reduce today’s $5.85 billion annual expenditures of Congress for its own operations by at least 33% – possibly as much as half.

We need citizen-statesmen, not careerist politicians. No sane employer allows employees to set their own pay, support staff, benefits, and office arrangements! We sovereigns will now set the rules for our servants; this is the future. As Chapter Eleven explains, The AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ will allow you to see your servants’ proposed legislation on your mobile device before it is passed rather than having to lobby to nullify or overturn it after it has wrecked your life or killed your business.

When our membership and donations grow adequately to fund it, we will contract three noted consultants in the fields of telepresence technology, legislative procedure, and fiscal analysis to prepare detailed BCHA briefings for 6,400 new congressmen and 33 new senators. These comprehensive briefings will assess the fiscal, legislative, technical and security benefits of removing Congress from their palatial facilities and reforming their 19th century back-room procedures to those of 21st century reality.

Bring Congress Home = Arresting D.C. Organized Crime

We have surrendered and submitted to a corrupt and perverted U.S. Congress and Washington D.C. government not of or for the people for far too long. It is time to arrest the tyrants and anti-American elements in D.C.

We have had our fill of communism and perversion; now we repent before God, end the hijacking, and do our lawful duty in government, above our servants. We discuss this change of self-concept in the next chapter.

We The People gave birth to our servant Congress, which has become an arrogant gang. Now we bring our children home and put them under permanent probation – create proper fear of authority when caught in the act, facing justice! The Minuteman is the classic image of Citizen Militia, whose duty is to “…execute the Laws of the Union” (Art I, Sec 8, Clause 15). If you were unaware that law enforcement is your job, read the Constitution!

True Checks and Balances: Divide and Conquer

One last point of civics to illustrate this new way of life. In Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Constitution, We The People grant our servants in Congress “exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square)…”. We The People granted them exclusive legislation for the D.C. zone. When We The People bring Congress out of that lawless city-state, they retain full constitutional control over D.C. yet they will no longer be there. Finally, a true check-and-balance tendency will develop between the executive and judiciary branches that remain in D.C. and the much larger, dispersed legislative branch under permanent probation back home.

When we eventually pass our reform law #20 (see Chapter Twelve), they will not receive a dollar for any agency, bureau, department, program or regulation not specifically enumerated in the Constitution or reasonably inferred from the 17 enumerated powers. Best of all: working from their home districts, State criminal courts will now have uncontested jurisdiction over their corrupt activities. Finally, We The People – the responsible parent – will have control over our creation, the corrupt D.C. city-state that has enslaved us and run our lives for 150 years.

Rule of Men- The Old World Standard

In ancient times, the Latin Rex Lex meant “the king is law”. The powerful guy with the crown and the troops could do anything he wanted, to anyone in his realm. He could take your stuff, your wife, your kids – or you – without asking, and for no reason. Rule of men has been the default position in history because it is human nature that bad guys tend to be really handy at that game and good guys always think, “Nobody can really be that bad, can they?” By the time the victim realizes his gullibility, it’s too late. Bad guys have his property, family, labor, and liberty and he cannot fight back.

In his book Breach of Trust, Andrew Bacevich reports that in 2011 investigators found that, “war planners have wasted as much as $60 billion on contract fraud and abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan, about $1 of every $3.50 spent on contractors in those countries over the last decade”. That is $12 million per day in one segment of the war industry alone. Until we do our duty, the military-banking-oil industry will keep plundering foreign oilfields and operating huge foreign bases in our name in violation of the Constitution; abortuaries will keep burning and dismembering tiny Americans; the Sodom Confederacy will push further into every corner of our lives. The D.C. war against America has raged since Lincoln, and one indicator of our ignorance is that most Americans still worship Lincoln; see Chapter Four.

Rule of Law- America’s Standard

In Latin, Lex Rex means “the law is king”; that is our American system. Rule of law means that a written code of norms is agreed to by everyone; the law rules and men do not. Our rule of law was not born in a Philadelphia meetinghouse in 1787, but with the Compact of Ethelred in 1014 A.D., when the English people forced a king to meet their demands; for the first time, kings could not do as they pleased. The rest of our Constitution’s genealogy is the Charter of Liberties (1100 A.D.), the Magna Carta (1215 A.D.), the Provisions of Oxford (1258 A.D.), the Declaration of Arbroath (1320 A.D.), the Mayflower Compact (1620), Petition of Right (1628), Grand Remonstrance (1641), English Bill of Rights (1689) and the Declaration of Independence (1776) and Articles of Confederation (1781). Our Constitution is the culmination of a 1,000-year western rule of law and We The People are sovereign over it to defend it! From the standpoint of our rule of law, the king in that image above is us.

Read Appendix D, the U.S. Constitution; We The People created the federal government – Congress, the presidency, and the U.S. supreme Court. All of them are our servants, created by us and limited by rule of law. Read this as often as you must; burn this bedrock of American civics in your mind! It is vital to doing your sovereign duty and to teaching your children.

Stop living and thinking like a hard-headed old Soviet citizen. Mere elections can never change things; read Appendix ‘J’ to learn why. There is work to be done. Our team at AmericaAgain! has spent eight years preparing the plan and mechanisms. We will support and equip you every step of the way; give you materials, educate you, and help you network in your district and State. But the duty of securing American liberty still belongs to me and you, individually. All of us have this duty!

Let’s Use Accurate Vocabulary

In the next chapter we will talk about America’s moral battlespace; first let us consider popular, inaccurate terms that have kept us programmed in Soviet-style, upside-down civics; the political vocabulary that has been used by our enemies to transform our servants into our masters.

First, two points: 1) I always capitalize State, never capitalize federal and I write supreme Court as the founders did; let’s deprogram our state-run education. 2) Popular sovereignty is collective, not individual; we are not each a sovereign monarch as ‘sovereign citizen’ anarchists suggest. Our unique system, called popular sovereignty, is the antithesis of anarchy.

Nation– America is a constitutional republic; see U.S. Constitution, Article IV, Section 4. A ‘nation’ is a population under a central government. It is the cruel, despotic, lawless system forced on us by Dishonest Abe Lincoln and by D.C. ever since. Despite the semantic argument since the Federalist vs. Anti-Federalist debate: by law, these united States are a republic, not a nation.

Democracy– Calling America a ‘democracy’ is as inaccurate as calling us a monarchy. Hear James Madison: “Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their death.” John Adams: “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes,

exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” Jefferson: “A democracy is merely mob rule, where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49%.”

Government– Most people who say, “I’m against the government!” in truth are against organized crime. Remember, We The People are the highest level of government. By law, federal government is only those performing the duties enumerated in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution. Those who skim payroll accounts, counterfeit money, open the borders, etc. are not government but organized crime.

Revolution– means overturning a government. In our Constitution, We The People create, define and severely limit government; the last thing we want to do is overturn it!

Grassroots– We The People are the highest level of human government in our republic. Why use the politically-brainwashed term grassroots, as though we are earthworms underfoot?

Voter- We are constantly breathing, sitting, or walking, but we do not call ourselves sitters or walkers or breathers. We must stop saying voter; it is not a noun! Voting is only a very small part of our citizen power and duty. Many productive Americans do not vote; D.C. organized crime turned our election process into a sham (every president for the past 25 years was elected by less than 25% of Americans). Banana republic voters choose puppets; let us graduate to actual self-government.

Elected leaders– Someone who violates the Constitution every day is no leader, except to criminals and parasites who share the booty. Have you ever been led by a politician – even by a very good one? Statesmen represent sovereigns; they do not lead serfs. This goes for state legislators, too.

Elected officials– If an office is nowhere authorized by us in the Constitution, a person cannot be an official. Public servant is a fitting term if they are honest, or criminal if they are not.

Constituent– This one is even worse than voter, as if all the tiny citizens make up their big, powerful politician. We do not collectively constitute our public servants; we inform and oversee them!

Tyranny- is a term used for a corrupt monarchy; a sovereign by custom or law who becomes corrupt or ruthless. But our lawless servants in government have become serial financial criminals, extortionists, defrauders, embezzlers, shameless bureaucrats, etc – not only in D.C. but in every federal office from coast to coast. Technically, this is not ‘tyranny’; it is widespread crime.

Words, like ideas, have consequences. Let’s use accurate vocabulary as we embark on this new way of life. When Obama said he would “fundamentally transform the United States”, he had no idea!

Summary of the Plan

Time for review. Before anything else, we have to repent in our personal and family life. Everyone has their own bucket list of sins for which to repent, but the point is to stop blaming ‘those people’. National repentance can only begin with my own sincere repentance. Next, this new way of life called AmericaAgain! requires us to see ourselves as stipulated in the opening words of our highest law: We The People ordain our servants. You need to internalize this massive role reversal.

Next comes action, FEAR The People™. We will 1) Cut U.S. House districts to 1/15 their current size, truly representative as the founders intended; 2) Fill the thousands of new seats with citizen statesmen running in small, local congressional districts to reverse Congress’ crime of 1929; and 3) Split Congress up and take them out of D.C., putting ourselves in the power position that has always been ours by law.

Then we will begin forcing through the other 21 AmericaAgain! reform laws. After these thousands of new citizen-statesmen pass the BCHA (to stay in their home districts rather than D.C.), they will immediately use their veto power over the ‘Sodom Court’, then proceed to enact the 20 other reform laws to restore all that has been stolen from us over 150 years. See Chapter Twelve for these laws.

Meanwhile, we assure that they will respect and obey the law. Those who attempt to pass an illegal ‘law’ will be indicted and the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ will keep Congress from returning to lives of crime. See Chapter Eleven for details. Finally, per Article I, Section 8, Clauses 15 and 16 of the Constitution, AmericaAgain! Minutemen™ will help restore Citizen Militia to keep the People in control of our servants from now on. See Chapter Thirteen for more on this.

Galileo said, “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” This book presents simple but long-forgotten truths; drills down to a new way of life – the best American era in six generations, if we will only perform the duty that our fathers failed to perform. This book covers a great deal of ground; it’s a lot to take in! But we repent and restore our republic just one campaign at a time. We take our lives, property, liberty, civilization and Christian witness back just one area at a time. We The People can do this! Are you with me? Let us walk out of Sodom, and not look back.

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