How Can A Righteous God, A God Who Has No Part In Evil Bless An Abominable Evil People?



How Can A Righteous God, A God Who Has No Part In Evil Bless An Abominable Evil People?

How Can God Bless America When We Turn From God and Sin So Openly and Wantonly?


by Ken Pullen


Saturday, January 23rd, 2016


A recent reprinted posting on ACP from The Stand written by Mr. Rob Chambers wrote how embryonic stem cell research = murder and here is an excerpt from Mr. Chambers article:


Many politicians love to say “God bless America.” Why would God bless America given these abominations? Are these words now cliché?  Asking God to bless a nation that condones the taking of innocent life in the womb is akin to Belshazzar’s actions evoking the gods in Daniel 5. At the Babylonian king’s drunk fest, he mocked God by drinking from the golden cups stolen from the temple of Jerusalem. These cups were dedicated in the service of worshipping God. Drinking from these cups Belshazzar “praised the gods of gold and silver, of bronze, iron, wood and stone” (Daniel 5:4).

Just as God provided Nebuchadnezzar and his son, Belshazzar, time to humble themselves before Him, so is He allowing America time to humble herself. But why would God bless the Church in America when a vast majority of Christians remain silent on, or even condone baby murder in the name of ‘research’ and ‘choice’? Should not Christians stand as Daniel did and declare the handwriting on the wall to both America as a nation and to a wayward church? Yes.

Daniel recounted to Belshazzar the life of his father. Daniel said Nebuchadnezzar suffered the judgment of God “until he recognized that the Most High God is ruler over the realm of mankind and that He sets over it whomever He wishes” (Daniel 5:21).

God is longsuffering by allowing time for the church in America to humble herself and repent. If neither America nor the church repents, then God’s wrath will fall on both.

How can a righteous God, a God who has no part in evil bless an abominable people forever? While it is true God brings the rain on the crops of the wicked just as He does on the crops of the righteous, and God permits the wicked to prosper He will only be patient with our turning from Him and our wantonness, our wickedness for so long — especially when we use His name in vain and we live a perpetual lie, which we are doing.

Pretending to be an upright, better than almost all, or most people and nation. We go around just as the hypocritical politicians do saying, “God bless America!” while our people, our nation every second of every day turns from God and commits darker and graver sins and abominations and elevates and celebrates evil and all that goes against God the Father.

We make lawlessness now lawful ignoring the inerrant word of God.

We murder children wantonly and block it out of the minds and hearts of the majority using euphemisms such as “abortion” and “embryonic stem cell research” and “women’s health care” for MURDER!

We elevate, celebrate and place on a pedestal going against God and nature with the highest human court in our land praising homosexual perversions and sin as normal, acceptable, and lawful behavior and now have even blessed them to be married — which goes directly against God’s word.

We elevate while we bow to the direct enemies of God our nation and Israel in propping up and supporting and refusing to be honest about places such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the myriad Islamic states and nations.

We glory in and worship paganism and its rites, festivals, and ways while we abandon the ways and word of the Lord our God!

We embrace and celebrate Humanism and Relativism in EVERYTHING while turning continually from God and His word all the while we proclaim we’re “Christians” and utter “God bless America!”

America is dead. The America as conceived founded and fought for. The America which endured for over 200 years as a recognizable quantity and people is dead. The America I grew up in is dead. Killed off in only a matter of 40 to 50 years by the advancing of evil in New Age doctrine, Humanism doctrine, Relativism doctrine and corrupting, perverting, and ignoring the word of God and ignoring and pushing God aside!

This will only go on so long.

We are not excluded from Biblical times as we presently live IN Biblical times. The last of the last days. We are Biblical prophecy come to fruition — only not the good kind, not the right kind.

Yet we are blind and refuse to see the writing on the wall — which is before us each day at every turn!

We live in grave error misunderstanding and misinterpreting all we see, hear, and think we know.

The love, mercy, forgiveness, patience, and tenderness of God, which we are to have within us DOES NOT EQUATE TO weakness, tolerance of sin, turning from God’s inerrant word to bow to and accept the liberalism, the permissiveness, the philosophies of man!

God’s longsuffering and patience with a sinful people will only last so long. If you do not believe this perhaps it is time you pick up a Bible and begin at the beginning and read through in humility desiring to know the truth, and read up to the end, where we are, and discover the consequences of sin, perversions, iniquity and being an arrogant wicked people thumbing ones noses at God our Father.

The time for our repentance and turning back to God is short. Iniquity grows. Evil grows. The darkness upon this land grows. It is up to us to turn back to God praying He touch the hearts of the men and women of this sinful nation and restore us to lengthen our days in glorifying Him and His Son, Jesus Christ — for if we do not the days will truly grow shorter and the opportunity for the unsaved to find salvation will end, as this world will surely end exactly as the word of God tells us.

God can only bless an entire nation and people when most of those people acknowledge Him, obey Him, serve Him, and believe upon His Son and live accordingly — as America did in most part of a little over 200 years.

We now face daily what we do because of our turning from God, turning from Jesus Christ, perverting and corrupting the Church, turning from the word of God, and using God in vain to promote our evil and wickedness — which God certainly not bless!

Wake up people unless you desire to perish along with your children and loved ones. Wake up America while there is still time. Read the clear handwriting on every wall at every turn and respond to not remain lethargic and lost in the darkness.

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