Declaration of sales and contributions


Declaration of sales and contributions

Ken Pullen


Tuesday, November 24th, 2015


Back in September of 2014 I posted a short article titled “Can I Have Your Attention, Please?” in which I stated I was going to donate 100% of all proceeds from the sale of the book I wrote, “Wilderness: A Crooked Path To The Promised Land.”

I listed the charities the donations would be divided up and sent to, and said I would on an annual basis make public how many copies of the book sold over a year, and how much money was being distributed to the 4 named charities.

From September 2014 up until today 5 copies of “Wilderness: A Crooked Path To The Promised Land” have sold.

The publisher is Create Space, a subsidiary of Amazon.

Total net profits from the sale of 5 books totaled: $14.75

The money is being disbursed to the 4 named charities in the amounts of: $3.60 each (I rounded the amount up.)

Thank you to the five people who bought the book in the past year. I hope it has provided something of value to you, for you.


Sincerely, Ken Pullen

A Crooked Path administrator, editor, writer, and owner

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