The End: What We All Need To Understand




The End: What We All Need To Understand

By Ken Pullen


Saturday, November 7th, 2015


I haven’t written a column in a long time. For many reasons. I have had questions as to why there is so much political content on A Crooked Path, which is supposed to be a Christian faith-based website.

Because of the non-stop increasing world events. That answers both questions posed above. Everything is political. Jesus Christ the Lord was the most political part of the times in which He walked this earth in the flesh as God-man, and He continues to be the most political aspect of all life to this very moment. Nothing else comes close.

What is this column, The End: What We Need To Understand about?

How due to the great falling away, the great turning to lies and fables and the New Age teachings, along with total subservience and fear of upsetting Islam the end is not only near, but easy to see and understand.

The great, sudden seeding of the West by Islam is underway and all the gates, all the borders of every Western nation have been thrown open. Oh, there is some flaccid resistance, in nations such as Hungary, but worldwide in all Western nations the nationals, the citizens of those nations are eagerly bowing to Islam and allowing an unlimited number of Islamic “seeds” to enter their nations.

No need to disguise. No need to trouble themselves in constructing a Trojan Horse. Every nation bows to Islam in fear. In following the lying, errant New Age doctrine of humanism and relativism and theism.

I do not need to get into exhaustive rehashed information and rhetoric. Merely read through the myriad articles posted on A Crooked Path, merely read. Merely pay attention to what reality is worldwide.

There is a mingling, a perversion, a corruption of the church and now an allowing of the pagan, the false belief to enter into the church. Worldwide so-called “Christian churches” and denominations are reviling Jews and Israel and opening their doors and their services to Islam to come in. Paganism to enter. A massive worldwide perverting and mingling of beliefs under one roof. All given the stamp of approval by false teachers, the antichrists among us.

Add to this the actions of all Western political leaders from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, all the Scandinavian nations, and all of Europe with only feigned temporary resistance coming from France bowing to and elevating and promoting Islam and Sharia Law.

The Caliphate is coming.

And no one will do a thing.

Oh, there will be some pockets of resistance and upheaval. Put down by military forces in the nations where the resistance arises.

There will be some complaint among a small minority.

The laws are already changed right now, or are in the process of being changed to arrest, try without a jury of their peers and without just cause, and to be sentenced without proof to an endless incarceration for saying anything against Islam, determined if what is said or written goes against the one world opinion installed the person writing or speaking opposing truth is a threat to the construction of the new one world viewpoint, and for all their rhetoric of peace, love, understanding, compassion, and tolerance they will not tolerate one word of truth with regard to God, Jesus the Lord, the Bible, what is really taking place, Islam, or what reality is.

You speak the truth of those matters and you will be silenced, removed, erased, and no longer considered a “threat” to the regime.

The coming Antichrist will most likely be Islamic. Or a radical born of Jewish heritage and raised in massive liberalism ways a Jew who speaks and acts as if he were Islamic.

And no one will do a thing about it.

Except bow and serve the devil. Except bow and serve the beast, the son of perdition.

No one will do anything now. what makes anyone believe anyone will do anything once this fascist evil world power regime is installed?

Soon, everywhere you look you’ll see Islam. And where you live will bow to and acquiescence to Islam. The final imam will appear. A mere man, not a holy man. Not a man of the One True God.

A false man, a false god. A liar. The spawn of Satan come to deceive the world and have the world thrown into utter darkness and evil.

And almost all will take his mark and serve him.

Refusing in their lives to turn to the One True God and serve Him and to believe upon the Son, and serve and obey Jesus Christ the Lord.

But they will eagerly bow to and serve evil, serve the son of perdition, eagerly bow to and serve the evil Antichrist and his false prophet.

Islam is rising. The Caliphate is forming and coming. And no one — not a one in the West id doing a thing to halt or even slow the tsunami of evil preparing the way.


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