Pope: Quran is Book of Peace & Islam is not a Violent Religion (VIDEO)



pope Francis is a minion of Satan. A heretic. A worker for the promotion of worldly philosophies and falsely placed beliefs. I don’t care how established the church of Rome has become, or how anyone equates the church of Rome, or a pope with Christianity.

They are both to true Christianity as  jumping into a raging furnace is to healthy skin care.

Make no mistake.

Do not be deceived.

Learn what Islam REALLY is. Learn what the Qur’an REALLY states. Learn what the church of Rome is REALLY about, and learn what not only this pope, but the last number of popes have REALLY been up to and doing. While literally hundreds of millions follow them, bow to them — and if including not only church of Rome followers and many so-called evangelicals who are brainwashed in the ecumenical movements agenda, along with those following Islam? That equals BILLIONS of people led astray. Untrue to the inerrant living Word of God. Apostate. False teachers. Heretics. Minions of the devil. Unsound doctrine leading billions in the wrong direction.

After searching, praying upon, studying, and learning these truths you will come to the conclusion of why I continually write there is always and only a remnant of true believers on this sordid, lost, spiritually diseased sin-filled corrupted rebellious world.

Ken Pullen


Pope: Quran is Book of Peace & Islam is not a Violent Religion


Reprinted from: Freedom Outpost


What treachery. What betrayal. “Scanning the news so you don’t have to. So far nothing from the Pope about the oppression of Christians by Muslims in the Middle East and other parts of the world. Which brings this to mind. Can a holy man be holy if he betrays his own people and lets them be crushed by another faith without uttering a word of support or condemnation on his brothers’ behalf? Instead he offers them (and us) more bilge and doubletalk about the ‘religion of peace.'” It’s …. evil.
Nothing about the genocide of his people. Global warming, capitalism — these are the enemies of humanity. This Pope is a disaster.







Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books


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pope John Paul kissing the Qu’ran in May of 1999 — church of Rome has been on course of establishing one world religion for decades. Incorporating Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, native people’s faiths, with their corrupted and perverted version of Christianity. Only now, with the rise of pope Francis the apostate church of Rome is now closer than ever of achieving their long goal.

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