Reliving An Even Worse History — Dennis Prager (VIDEO)


Reliving An Even Worse History — Facing What Real Evil Is: The 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal — Dennis Prager (VIDEO)

The following brief video by Mr. Dennis Prager is the clearest, most understandable, short presentation on what real evil is and how people deal with it, a well known past history, and repeating that history in an even graver and deadlier manner than that history we all are all to familiar with. The 2015 Iran nuclear deal cut by the truly evil presently sitting U.S. president, who has spent the majority of his time vehemently working up a lather attempting to shutup and discredit anyone voicing concern or opposition to this evil deal, along with the nations of France, China, the Soviet Union, oh, excuse me, I mean Russia, Great Britain, and Germany — and lest anyone forget the main driving force behind this it was and is a truly evil body created by men called the United Nations.

It is my hope and prayer this posting becomes one of the most clicked on and paid attention to in the next few days and weeks here on A Crooked Path, and that everyone who finds their way here pay very careful attention to what Mr. Prager is saying, and no one should be able to any longer say they do not know what the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal is about, or what evil really is. And once this video has been watched and listened to it is my hope and prayer everyone who has seen it and heard it copies and pastes the link to this page and sends it to as many people as they know, whether those people be known liberals, conservatives, true believers in Jesus Christ the Lord, unbelievers, Jews, what have you. Everyone needs to watch and listen to the following. Thank you,

Ken Pullen


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