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“Domestic Convulsion”

  “Domestic Convulsion” by Dave Miller, Ph.D.   The Founders of the American Republic were well-informed, educated, intelligent men. When it came to establishing a republic, they did their homework. They familiarized themselves with history and grasped the principles and lessons to be learned from the past. They understood not only how to initiate a […]

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“Meet Me in Galilee”

  “Meet Me in Galilee” by Eric Lyons, M.Min.   One question that skeptics frequently ask regarding various events in the Bible is “Why?” Why did God create the Sun on day four after creating light on day one? Why did God command the Israelites to walk around Jericho one time a day for six […]

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What Is a Church?

  What Is a Church? by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam   It is strange but true that most people — even the great majority of religious people — do not know what a church is. Ask the average man what a church is, and he’s apt to reply: “Well, anybody knows that! A church is […]

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Please Pray For Me

  Please Pray For Me   Ken Pullen Saturday, August 29th, 2015   I was up late into the night this Friday into Saturday and during my reading and research an email appeared, and it being from a very dear, beloved friend and sister in the faith I opened it and read it. She had […]

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Do You Understand?

  Do You Understand? by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam   This was the question Philip asked of the Ethiopian prince as he sat reading from Isaiah’s prophecy (Acts 8:30), and it is a question which we should continually keep asking ourselves as we read the holy Scriptures. There are always those among God’s people who […]

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