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I do not have advertising on this website as almost every other website does. I do not do this to profit. I do not push or sell or constantly hammer over the head of visitors buy this, go to the store and buy that, buy, buy, buy!

This is not a money making endeavor. I lose monetary funds each month this website is operational.

That said — I have had enough of the lies and propaganda and absolute rubbish rhetoric and legalistic pushes in this nation by those who live to keep God, Jesus, and the Bible out of the public eyes and ears and continue to be permitted to push their abominations and myths of how America must separate church and state — as they refuse to tell the whole story, tell the reason such words are in our Constitution and what they SPECIFALLY apply to and why! There are such things as lies and sins of omission and this has been one of the most grievous in our history over the past 50 plus years — and it has been permitted! That is an even greater sin that so many sit silent and accept the lies they are handed!

I hope all subscribers, all visitors, all readers of this website will take the time — make a little effort — and learn the facts of what separation of church and state in America REALLY MEAN! [I have written about this here on “A Crooked Path” more than a few times, and information about this can be found here in the archives — as well as U.S. Historical Documents and in the factual history of our once great nation if only people would bother to invest a few minutes to discover the truth! Open your eyes America! Stop the lies and defend the faith! Be that true soldier of Jesus Christ and finally defend the faith and live up to our American foundations and principals which this nation was created upon! This is one item I am advertising and asking people to consider to purchase. Not from me. I make nothing on this. Buy this from Apologetics Press. And you cannot use the excuse it costs too much. I think most people can afford $12.00 to discover the truth they might not know — or refuse to know! — Ken Pullen

Separation of Church & State? – DVD


by Dave Miller, Ph.D.

Is “separation of church and state” constitutional?

 Line: The Founders believed that the general doctrines of the Christian religion are the basis of the American way of life. To the extent our nation expels God, the Bible, and Christian principles from public life, to that extent we will degenerate into civil disorder, lose our freedoms, and earn the disfavor of God Almighty. Indeed, as a nation all will be lost.

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1 DVD, approximately 70 min., American sign language and English subtitles


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Separation of Church & State? – DVD$12.00


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