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Anti-Semitic Attack on London Synagogue and Worshipers

Obama Declares War on Israel

Europe Eager to Arm Islamist Extremists with Nuclear Weapons

New Trend” ‘Radically Inclusive’ Churches That Embrace All Religions And All Lifestyles

Iran endorses nuclear EMP attack on United States (VIDEO)

Cornell President Denies ISIS Welcome on Campus (VIDEO)

Iran expands regional ’empire’ ahead of nuclear deal

Preacher Fined for ‘Emotional Harm’ Caused by Quoting Levitical Law Against Homosexuality

Administrator’s Note:

I wrote in the past that I was going to post less political content on “A Crooked Path.” To not get as caught up in the events of the world and focus more on the word of God. I have done that — but I also cannot ignore all those matters, all those signs, all the glaring evil, lies, and pieces of the puzzle building the end of the world as it has been known all these years. We are in the last paragraph, of the last page, of the last chapter, of the book of history. The end of the world as it has been  known since God our Father created it and Adam and Eve appeared is coming to an end. I do not know when, and the word of God instructs us to avoid all those who claim they do, for they are false teachers, false prophets full of false doctrine for those with itching ears and ignorance of the contents of the inerrant word of God — but, all the pieces to the puzzle are quickly, oh so quickly coming into place. The evil present and growing in the world can literally be felt and almost smelled it rises up and spread so!

While we as true believers are not to be troubled, and to actually be glad for it reveals the inerrant truth of the Scriptures we have complete trust in, and only means the return of our Saviour, Lord, and Messiah, Jesus Christ draws ever nigh! — we also are to look, listen, watch, exhort, and proclaim the truth and not hide, deny, ignore or live in fear —- so from time to time I cannot ignore the events in the news and must make them present and accounted here on “A Crooked Path” in the “Last Days News” category.


Ken Pullen

Anti-Semitic Attack on London Synagogue and Worshipers

Reprinted from Stand With Israel


(Photo: youtube screenshot)

Anti-Semitic violence has been erupting all across Europe in recent months – in France, in Belgium, and in the United Kingdom, where violence at Jews is at all-time highs. The Jewish Press reports on the latest incidents – this weekend, anti-Semitic thugs attacked a London synagogue and its worshipers:

A gang of around 20 young men in the Stamford Hill section of London stormed a synagogue in the neighborhood late Saturday night. The gang yelled obscenities and threats, beat worshipers and vandalized property according to IsraelHatzolah’s official Twitter account …

One member of the Ahavat Torah congregation who witnessed the attack said the mob shouted “We will kill you!” He also said they physically assaulted the worshipers inside the synagogue and tore apart prayer books.

One Jewish man was beaten about the face and had a tooth knocked out after he tried to apprehend one of the attackers on his own and haul him off to police, having spotted the scene while passing by.

Author: Stand For Israel | March 23, 2015

Obama Declares War on Israel

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