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The World Is Broken

  In This Edition: Jonathan Cahn: ‘Follow Baal and go to hell’ ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: Words of Caution The Harbinger-A Matter of Critical Discernment Israelis Who Hate Israel – and the Christians Who Fund Them The Great Falling Away: Christians Leaving The Faith In Droves ‘The Time Is Coming That Whoever Kills You Will Think That […]

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Even When We Fall + 5

     “The man on the street never heard of existentialism, for instance, and couldn’t care less. It’s about time we quit answering questions nobody is asking and spoke to the plain needs of human hearts.” ~ Vance Havner   Resting and Rousing By Vance Havner   I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 Rise, […]

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Carbon Dating

  Carbon Dating   by Ken Pullen ACP Wednesday, April 29th, 2015   I am not a scientist nor an expert on carbon dating, the technique created and used by men and women to presumably date objects on the earth that were once alive. The majority of people of this world place their trust in […]

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Separation of Church & State

    ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTE: (Scroll below my brief comments after reading them to learn more) I do not have advertising on this website as almost every other website does. I do not do this to profit. I do not push or sell or constantly hammer over the head of visitors buy this, go to the store […]

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Does Hell Mean God Stops Loving?

  Does Hell Mean God Stops Loving? by Earl Edwards, D.Miss.   The scholar Stephen H. Travis wrote that he considered an endless hell to be “vindictive” and “incompatible with the love of God in Christ” (1980, p. 135). Another author, John M. Wenham, has written, “I cannot see that endless punishment is either loving […]

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