Two Weeks Minimum



Two Weeks Minimum


Saturday, October 11th, 2014


Beginning Monday, October 13th, 2014 it will be two weeks minimum before I resume adding anything to “A Crooked Path.”

I am having full knee replacement surgery on Monday the 13th, and will not be sitting at a computer for at least two weeks. That timeframe is being optimistic as I will not be allowed to sit with my knee at a 90 degree angle longer than 20 to 25 minutes for at least a month. But, Lord willing, if my rehab goes well and I am able I will add what I can as soon as I can.

In the meantime, there are 1,087 individual postings here on “ACP.” I hope and pray if you visit here you can find something helpful, or of interest until I return, Lord willing, to resume adding to this place around the 28th, or 29th of October, if possible, Lord willing all goes well and my rehab is moving along.

Please keep me in your prayers, if so moved.

I will return, Lord willing, as soon as it is physically possible. Thank you.

My prayers are with each person of true faith in the One True God and His Son, Jesus the Lord and Messiah, and to those in pain, suffering, lost, and needing the power of the Spirit of God in their lives. My prayers are for the leaders of this world, ordained of God, that they turn to the Lord our God to direct them in their actions, that they humble themselves before the Lord and seek His wisdom and guidance from His Holy Living Word in the affairs and actions they undertake. I pray for our enemies that God touches their hearts and releases them from the evil within them; their intent and desires to destroy Israel, destroy America, and destroy those who truly believe upon God and His Son, Yeshua, Jesus the Lord and Messiah. I pray for Israel, I pray for America and all there people. I pray the Lord opens the eyes and hearts of His chosen people, the Jews, that they begin to see Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus, Yeshua of the Bible as the True Son of God, as the Mashiach [Messiah, Christ, the anointed One] and follow Him, serve Him the remainder of their days, and that the Truth of Scripture and the Lord go out throughout the land! I pray for those struggling, abused, and neglected. For those living in the streets. For those wandering in darkness with their souls and spirits hurting from this life in need of solace, in need of love, in need of forgiveness and salvation. May they reach to God, turn to God, and be caught in His presence and aid, and may they follow and obey the Lord our God with all their hearts, all their souls, all their minds and ability, for all of us turning to God, turning to Yeshua, Jesus as Lord and Messiah, turning to the Holy Bible is what we are sorely lacking and in need to doing. If even one person yields, surrenders, turns to God, turns back to God, and submits and obeys this world will improve and the heavens will rejoice! These are my prayers as I am absent from this place for a while. I also will pray for those who might hate me and use profane words and despise me for how I am and what I do. May the Lord forgive them and call out to them, and may they allow their darkened and cold hearts to feel the warmth and accept the Light which only the Lord our God can provide!

Below is the least disturbing illustration of some of the procedures involved in full knee replacement surgery. I am not including any photographs because they would certainly cause many intense distress. Anyone interested can find plenty of photographic examples on Bing or Google. Look at them and you’ll better understand why it’ll be a while before I can resume the work here on “ACP.” Thank you. Ken Pullen.

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