Course Correction: Part 2



Course Correction

Part 2 in a series


by Ken Pullen


Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014


I am not a Jew. I am a Gentile who is an Israelite.

I began part one in this series with an almost identical statement, after including Scripture from Genesis chapter 12. That statement may confuse some people, as this series might.

If an individual is a true believer in the One True God of the Bible — the God, our Creator and Father of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Bible — and that true believer also professes to believe in the One True God’s begotten Son, Yeshua, Jesus the Lord and Messiah, and that believer is a disciple, a talmidim in the transliterated Hebrew, and that true believer believes everything in Scriptures given to us from Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21 then that true believer, be they Jew or Gentile, are ONE in the Lord’s eyes and they are God’s chosen people, and they are all Israelites in the sight of God.

Gentiles are not viewed then as Jews. Let us not make more errors here. Let us not become more confused and misinterpret more as time passes and our time grows much shorter. There has been far too much misinterpretation and confusion and errors made since the early church began splintering and separating due to the evil nature of men working in them as they blasphemed and used the name of God to further their individual hatred, which reveals there false doctrine and how these were not truly men of God as supposed through the ages.

We are proceeding with restoration here beyond the reformation.

We are going to through historical fact along with Scripture and reliance upon the Holy Spirit of God reveal the errors made over the past 1,800 years or so in the professed Christian church.

We are going to write out word for word Scripture the promises the Living God has made to the Jews. The promises the unchangeable Living God has made to the Jews which held true in the past, in the present, and in the time yet to come.

When lost, when in the dark, when venturing into danger we are to correct our course.

When ships at sea, or planes in the sky, or vehicles on the ground lose their proper course, lose direction to where they ought to be heading they conduct a course correction if they do not want to be dashed upon the rocks and sink, or become lost at sea, or to fall and crash, or to never reach the necessary destination in time.

We need to make a spiritual course correction while we can — while we have time — before it becomes too late.

When we live in the time when so-called Christian denominations are protesting and boycotting Israel and uttering vehemence and lies and hatred from their lips, which is emanating from the bitter hideous revealing of the true nature of their hearts, and there is more and more splintering and factions and denominations being formed, more false teachings, and those who are professing to be godly? Righteous? Christian? Now despise and hate and act out on that hatred towards Jews and Israel? Rather than reaching out as salt of the earth and flavorful healthy beneficial salt to flavor the roiling stew before us with the “Good News” of Yeshua and the inerrant whole Word of God? Rather than living to serve the Lord our God with all our hearts, all our souls, all our minds and obeying Him and His Son, Yeshua, Jesus the Lord and Messiah, and being the light of the world so that those who see our example give glory to our Father Who art in heaven? What do we do? We fight among ourselves. We strive to have our will pushed, our worldly political agendas furthered. We espouse lies and false teachings. We turn from the truth of God and His Word! We push God aside as we elevate the evil of the one we are truly serving — the prince of this earth — in causing dissention and the adoption of lies and false teachings within the now greatly diseased body of the Church as we have ignored the Head, convinced in grave error our part of the Body is most important and all that really matters. We are foolish! We are ignorant! We have been and are walking in darkness and the time for being subtle and acting haughty and high-minded in these matters rather than speaking the truth boldly and plainly must end! We Gentiles have walked in arrogant error. True, the majority of Jews refuse the truth of Jesus as the Son of God and as the Messiah and King of kings and Lord of Lords. But the time of the Gentiles dispensation is drawing to a close. Swiftly. The more apostasy, the more false teachings, the more vitriol and bile spewed towards Jews and Israel will only expedite the closing of the door of grace on all nations, all people’s who are not Jews. Jews are going to have their salvation. God has promised them this. And anyone thinking Jews and Israel do not matter to God, or that they are preferred over Jews and Israel, or they know better than what is laid out plainly and clearly in the Word of God? Those people have eternal surprises in store for them.

We live in the times where those professing to be Christian prefer division and dissention, hatred and bitterness, envies and out and out lies regarding the Scriptures and Israel, and how true Gentile believers are to live and be with Jews and Israel.

We are going to reveal and dispel the lies and false teachings of replacement theology which germinated from seeds sown by the Adversary, seeds sown by the devil to mislead and have millions fall away from the truth. Seeds which germinated, took root, and began to grow with their canopy of suffocating darkness over the people and the nations for these past 40, 50 years or so.

We will discuss replacement theology in-depth in this series. And with the helping hand of God and His Spirit do so in the most concise and clear manner possible for anyone reading it to understand and have the veil of darkness lifted shedding light on another unsound and false doctrine far too many have adopted and taken as gospel when, in truth, it is just a lie begun and spread by the devil himself working within the body of the church just as a deadly cancer grows in individual bodies of flesh.

We will discuss many men who are considered holy men, important Christian men, men of God who have become household names to even the unbelieving. We will discuss and put their words here revealing their hatred, their misguiding, their lies, and their errant words which have misled millions, tens, hundreds of millions through the ages and in the present day.

An example of this can be found in part one in this series in including the speech and writings of Martin Luther regarding his loathing of Jews and his believing himself and his way arrogantly superior. Not humbling himself as a servant of Jesus Christ, but elevating himself, thinking himself almost as God as he claimed to speak for God.

The truth is always vital.

Clear, concise, transparent truth. As best we can search it out, lay it out, and be open to what that truth tells us even if it makes us reconsider or go against everything we have come to imagine or think we know as fact.

This undertaking is not intended to cause anyone to doubt their faith in God or Jesus the Lord and Messiah — to the contrary. This undertaking is in the hope and prayer it sheds light and removes the scales over people’s eyes and actually brings them closer to God our Father, closer to Yeshua our Lord, Master, and Messiah, and opens up the complete word of God to people taking them from the narrow views of denominations, or the narrow views of reading only certain books, passages, or verses, or lacking the understanding to finally get up from crawling and to stand! To take them from errant worldly teachings of men and women which have become considered the truth of God, in error, back to the true Word of God bypassing all the philosophy of men and the creation of their individual denominations — which always were created to emphasize one thing, or a few things grossly misinterpreted for the most part, while omitting the whole. Like cracking an egg and discarding the white and the yoke only retaining the shell, which they consider all the nourishment they need!  We must go from drinking watered down milk to ingesting the meat of the Word of God for our spiritual nourishment and spiritual growth. We must ingest the whole truth of the whole Word of God as given to us.

To aid the pursuit of God our Father and His truth — even if it goes against what we have been taught and come to know by errant men or women.

To aid in the pursuit of being true talmidim, disciples of Yeshua, Jesus the Lord and Messiah. Making Him Lord of our lives and not making some denomination, or some men or women here on earth past or present, or making our friends and family more expert in the ways, will ,and Word of God than God Himself and His expression of His ways, His will, His instruction, His truth unbiased in His Word!

Part 3 in this series will begin to delve into and explore these matters and more along the way as we proceed.

To be continued…



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