Misunderstanding Most Of All We See (And Think We Know)


Misunderstanding Most Of All We See (And Think We Know)

Part 1

by Ken Pullen


Sunday, October 6,2013


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This article was begun and then I received an email from a friend, and she sent me an article by Chuck Baldwin (see “Contemplations” 10/6/2013 here on ACP)  and I realize everything is connected to a theme and this will now become a series of articles rather than just a one-of. Our theme is understanding and misunderstanding – Discernment and wisdom. The understanding – discernment – and wisdom provided by the will of God through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.


Recently a person named Joshua contacted “A Crooked Path” and asked if I felt my faith made me feel superior to people who were not Christians. I replied to Joshua, and he commented in return, and I answered his reply.

The problem is when only two people enter into basic communications with each other if one, or both, are not experienced in knowing what it truly means to be renewed of mind and spirit and to have the Holy Spirit indwelling, and they begin asking questions regarding faith, and using words the world uses and defines a certain way, but those born anew have a completely different understanding – then misunderstandings will take place. And there cannot be any true understanding unless both walk together and are agreed. And this is accomplished not by any individuals will, but by the working of the Holy Spirit in individuals.

Joshua, who at least spent some time on this website and took the time to contact me, came to the conclusion I must feel superior based on what I write and all that comprises this website. Joshua defined me according to the world view and worldly psychology and philosophy he has acquired through his life as a magnet acquires iron shavings and shards.

I do not and have not felt superior to anyone. I am only one man. Very human. And I assure you I do not ever feel superior.

I do feel assured. Due to and through my belief, my faith in God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and the living Word of God. I do have certain understandings – discernment – as a result of my faith that only those truly renewed of mind and spirit; only those who are true children of God can have and know.

Not of my own doing. Not through my power. Granted, the Lord our God created and blessed me with the mind and heart He did, the nature, the temperament He did, the brain He did and I use it. I don’t ignore it, abuse it, or let it spend too much time on nonsense. And I test what is before me.

Through prayer and praise to the Lord., through faith I have been given understanding by God. As should all true believers have and know. I’m nothing special. Just a remnant of the true believers scattered about this earth. This understanding comes through living a truly changed life not due to my practicing, or imposing, or working at living a changed life. Living a changed life as a result of my faith and the Holy Spirit residing within me.

I realize for those who do not believe, for those who have not experienced this it sounds farfetched and impossible.

They are absent of faith. And their is a veil over their eyes keeping them in darkness.

I assure you I am more sure of that which is unseen and I believe in than that which I can see and hear, that which I can touch. Because that which is unseen is the spiritual life and unchanging truth of the Lord our God and His Son and Their Word. That which can be seen and heard is always changing, and lying, and here today gone tomorrow, fickle, and far from being a reality we ought to put our trust in. Amazing how people of the world place their faith and trust in men and women who always fail them and they refuse to place their faith and trust in a living God and living Yeshua, Jesus the Christ who love them, will be there for them for eternity if only…

For this world as it is seen and known and all the people on it as we see and hear them are nothing but a temporal vapor. And reality is that which is unseen and the realm of God and all things spiritual. Reality is each individuals living spirit, their living soul going on through eternity.

Far from feeling superior I feel grateful and thankful and humbled. Because God cared enough, God never stopped caring, and He never stopped knocking upon my heart and I finally heard His name and felt His love once my hard heart softened to His love and infinite mercy and forgiveness.

I am a human being. Like every other human being. I am not superior nor would I ever feel so.

Being a Christian does not make one invincible to every emotion, temptation, and feeling nonbelievers have. We are not impervious to sin and relenting to our carnal side. We are not unaffected by events of this world, people we know and love, people we come in contact with. We feel pain. We feel every emotion and hurt even if we appear as if we do not. And none of us is even remotely close to perfect. I speak of professed Christians now, not the unbelieving. We all fail daily in one way, or many ways to live a godly and righteous life.

Recently I also added a short commentary by Pastor Cornelius Stam, who passed a number of years ago, regarding prayer. The title of the piece is “The Privilege of Prayer” (see “Contemplations” 10/5/2013 here on ACP). In the short piece on prayer Pastor Stam writes of Abraham, his beautiful wife Sarah, and the king of Gerar, Abimelech.

See Genesis 20 for the account.

Abraham thought the fear of God was not present in Gerar and he and Sarah conspired a lie in order to save Abraham’s life, for he feared since Sarah was such a beautiful woman the men of Gerar would kill him to take the most fair Sarah from him. Abraham had a lapse of faith. And in this account of Abraham, Sarah, and Abimelech the king of Gerar, we learn of the privilege of prayer of a man or woman of God. That God is there always and will hear the prayers of those who turn from their wicked ways, turn from displeasing God, turn from a minor or major lapse in faith and come humbly before God. God will hear. God will answer. Through His complete Word which has the answers to anything which could happen in any life at any time.


“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

The Lord speaking to Solomon as He appeared to Solomon in II Chronicles 7: 14


Now if the story of Abraham, Sarah, and Abimelech is read or told to an unbeliever they will think it completely unfair that Abimelech took Sarah innocently because Abraham and Sarah lied from fear, and that God then comes to Aimelech in a dream and reveals the truth and tells the king he must return Sarah to Abraham or die. People of the world, raised on the world view and the philosophy of men will protest and say that is not right. They would label Abimelech a ‘good person’ and innocent and say God was unreasonable.

They lack understanding. They walk in blindness.

Knowing this does not make me feel superior. It just makes me feel confident in the truth and leads me to the truth!

That’s all.

No feeling superior to anyone and in truth quite the contrary to feeling or being superior. One cannot feel superior if one has come to the understanding of who and what Jesus Christ was and is, what and who God is. What living a pleasing and acceptable life in SERVICE TO God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit means.

People today revolt and literally become angry in an instant if they are told to serve Jesus Christ the Lord, or to live to serve God. Or are told something which goes against their will because no one, and I address not only unbelievers but believers here as well, no one will bend or consider or submit to the words of another which uses the understanding given by the Holy Spirit and instructs according to the Word of God. Our growing willfulness and selfishness makes our hearts hard, our ears dull, and our desire to refuse any instruction, any truth from God whatsoever at this point. The evidence of this can be found in almost every church across America. Because pastors, ministers, reverends refuse to instruct. They refuse the truth. they pour out a constant stream of diluted milk and provide no meat. They have fallen prey to social and worldly pressures and the desire to fill the pews surpasses the desire to instruct wisely using the complete Word of God. They refuse to chastise, to rebuke, to reprove refusing the truth these things are necessary and done as love from a Father to a child. To instruct the child so he or she can live well and grow and know that which will guide their lives and save them and make them prosper. That is what chastisement, reproof, and rebuking are about. But the people refuse to listen and protest at first awareness they are being instructed in the truth. For they say they have rights, they have liberties, they are empowered and individuals and they do not have to bow down to and serve anyone! And in so doing they even refuse to bow before and serve the Lord. Because they are more filled with worldly philosophy which guides their live then they are Scriptural wisdom which they need to SAVE their lives!


For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?

I Peter 4: 17,18



How can I feel superior when I know the majority of professed believers misunderstand that which they think they know and do not live according to the Word of God? For I am of the body of Christ, with the living, risen Lord as the Head. I am only one part, one member, one branch of the living tree.

I have no place feeling superior any day given to me while living on this woeful earth.

I desire and hope I live in glory for eternity with the Lord our God and all the heavenly hosts. But superior? No. That would mean I place rank and order and catalog individuals and always make sure I come out on top in my mind. And I am not structured like that even prior to becoming renewed of mind and spirit in the Lord.

I have told people who know me that most of what people believe as true is the exact opposite of what they presently believe. That for the most part people have everything backwards. The vast majority are ignorant of history. Ignorant of the Bible. And they do not seek true understanding – discernment – and wisdom by reading the Word of God and coming to the Lord in prayer. They merely go to a church on a Sunday morning, go through their weekly ritual, and pat themselves figuratively on the back, lick their gold star and place it on the banner on the refrigerator and think they’ve arrived and are in need of nothing else spiritually. For their pastor just told them all about love, love, love, or about something very flaccid, weak, and milky because he doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers and have empty seats and less greenbacks and checks in the collection baskets.

We misunderstand that which we need to understand the most.

To be continued.

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