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Abbas Confirms U.N. Bid for November 29

New EU Currency to Show Woman Who Rides The Beast

Genetically Modified Humans? Drug to fix faulty DNA gets go-ahead in landmark move that may alter medicine forever

“Belgium Will Become an Islamic State”

FBI to Honor CAIR-Linked Group

Chicago Teachers Strategize on How to Indoctrinate Kids with Marxism

Christian Students Executed by Boko Haram in Nigeria; Believers Pray for ‘Change of Heart’

The Liberal Anti-Semitic Projection Syndrome; by Caroline Click




Abbas Confirms UN Bid for November 29

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas announces that the PA will present its bid for non-state UN membership on November 29.

By Elad Benari

Israel National News
PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas announced on Monday that the PA will present its bid for non-state UN membership, despite U.S. and Israeli opposition, AFP reported.

Following talks with Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi in Cairo, “it has been agreed that the request will be presented on November 29,” Abbas told reporters, calling for support from Arab states.

The November 29 date was chosen on purpose, as it is the anniversary of the day in 1947 in which the United Nations voted in favor of the partition plan. The resolution recommended the creation of two states, one Arab, one Jewish and granted a small portion of the area, under the British Mandate, to the new Jewish state.

The announcement was made a day after Abbas responded to U.S. President Barack Obama with a direct “no” when told the U.S. administration is opposed to the PA’s unilateral move at the United Nations.

In a phone conversation with Abbas on Sunday, Obama “reiterated the United States’ opposition to unilateral efforts at the United Nations”, according to a White House statement released after the conversation.

“We don’t want any confrontations with the United States or Israel. If we could start a dialogue or negotiations the day after the vote, we will,” Abbas said, according to AFP.

“We know we are a country under occupation, but we want our land which was occupied in 1967, including Jerusalem. Israel says Palestinian lands are disputed and open to negotiation, and is hurrying to build settlements, covering Jerusalem with settlements,” he accused.

Abbas met earlier on Monday in Riyadh with Saudi King Abdullah, before travelling to Cairo for an Arab League meeting.

Palestinian negotiator Mohammed Shtayeh told a news conference in Ramallah that the bid had been delayed at Washington’s request until after last week’s U.S. presidential election.

“Now there is no excuse for anybody to ask us not to go to the United Nations,” Shtayeh said, according to AFP.

“President Abbas will attend the Assembly General session for the vote,” his spokesman, Nabil Abu Rudeina, told AFP.

Shtayeh played down threats by Israel to take punitive measures against the PA should it press ahead with its UN bid, saying he believed any response would be relatively limited.

“I think that most of these measures that have been declared will be empty threats,” AFP quoted him as having said.

“Israel has a vested interest in maintaining the status of the Palestinian Authority as it stands today and I don’t think that the Israelis are in a position to push this Palestinian Authority to a total collapse,” said Shtayeh.

He added the Arab League had promised the PA a financial safety net in the event of punitive Israeli sanctions.

PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat told Voice of Palestine radio on Monday that PA officials were working to have the League pledge implemented.

“We are trying to activate the decision related to the Arab safety network, valued at $100 million monthly, in case Israel blocks our money and the U.S. closes the PLO office and halts aid,” he said.

Erekat said “Obama did not utter any threats but there are threats from the Congress, which has a draft bill, according to which it would demand closing the PLO office in Washington and cutting off aid” if the UN bid goes ahead.

Channel 10 News reported last week that Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has threatened that if the PA goes ahead with its unilateral statehood bid he “will work to ensure the PA will collapse.”

Lieberman reportedly stressed that a unilateral statehood bid by the PA will “put an end to the chances to resume peace negotiations.”

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz also threatened the PA on Saturday, saying that Israel would once again halt the transfer of the taxes it collects for the Palestinian Authority if it pursues its statehood bid.

New EU Currency Shows Woman Who Rides A Beast

New euro notes to show tragic princess


BRUSSELS – In Greek mythology, the Phoenician princess Europa was abducted and raped by the king of the gods, Zeus.

But her image will from next year replace pictures of windows and doors on euro banknotes as a security and deocrative feature.

“Portraits have long been used in banknotes around the world and research has shown that people tend to remember faces. Is there any better figure than Europa to serve as the new face of the euro?” the chief of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, said on Thursday (8 November) according to Bloomberg.

She will first appear on the €5 note in May, with other notes introduced in ascending order in the next few years.

Europa’s face will be shown as a watermark and as a hologram. Until now, euro notes carried pictures of windows and doors in various architectural styles in a symbol of openness designed not to offend national sensibilities.

The new notes will also carry an emerald-coloured number.

The first series of banknotes will circulate alongside the old ones. But the old notes, first introduced 10 years ago, will eventually cease to be legal tender.

“The date when this occurs will be announced well in advance,” the ECB said.

The old notes will retain their face value and will be exchangeable at any national central bank in the eurozone even when they are no longer valid in shops.

Meanwhile, counterfeiting euro notes has kept international law enforcement authorities busy.

In April, an international police sting in Bogota, Colombia dismantled a counterfeit print shop and depot manufacturing €50 and €100 bills.

Europol, the EU’s police agency, based in The Hague, said authorities seized over €19 million in counterfeit money in Columbia alone since 2006.







Genetically Modified Humans? Drug to fix faulty DNA gets go-ahead in

landmark move that may alter medicine forever

  • Gene therapy drug  given green light for rare disease
  • Glybera to cost £1m ($1.6m) for each patient
  • Drug is first to  get approval in Western world
  • EU go-ahead paves  way for many more treatments

By Jenny Hope

2  November 2012

The Daily Mail – UK

Revolution: Gene therapies can change a person's DNARevolution: Gene therapies can change a person’s  DNA

Regulators yesterday approved the first  therapy in the western world that can correct errors in a person’s genetic  code.

Europe has approved Glybera to be used  against a rare inherited disorder which disrupts fat production in the  body.

The treatment uses a virus to counteract  LPLD, lipoprotein lipase deficiency, which can led to acute inflammation of the  pancreas.

The illness affects around one or two people  per million and sufferers have damaged copies of a gene which is essential for  breaking down fats. The virus infects muscle cells with a copy of a healthy gene  and a one-off treatment is effective.

The treatment was backed by an advisory panel  to the  European Commission in July and full approval was granted   yesterday. The medicine should be available next year.

Professor John Kastelein, of the University  of Amsterdam, said the therapy would have a  ‘dramatic impact’ on  patients.

Only two other gene therapies have previously  been approved for sale, both in China.

It will cost around £1 million ($1.6 million)  per patient, a new record for pricey modern medicines.


Joern Aldag, chief executive of  Amsterdam-based uniQure, said more such treatments would follow and argued a  high price was justified because gene therapy restored natural body function and  was not just a short-term fix.

‘This provides higher benefit to patients  than the classical protein replacement strategy and this is why we think we  should be fairly and adequately compensated,’ he said in a telephone interview  on Friday

Patients with LPLD, which affects no more  than one or two people per million, are unable to handle fat particles in their  blood and are at risk of acute and potentially fatal inflammation of the  pancreas.

The approval follows a positive  recommendation from the European Medicines Agency in July.


The therapy uses a virus (pictured) to infect muscle cells with a working copy of the gene.

Glybera treats  the genetic disorder lipoprotein lipase deficiency (LPLD) by altering sufferers’  DNA.

LPLD affects about one in a million people,  leaving them without a vital gene that  breaks down fat particles in their blood.

It means fat builds up in the blood leading  to abdominal pain and life-threatening inflammation of the pancreas  (pancreatitis).

The only other way to manage the disease is  by having a very low-fat diet.

The therapy uses a virus (pictured) to infect  muscle cells with a working copy of the gene.

The privately owned firm is now working with  governments on potential pricing strategies, which are likely to vary from  country to country, ahead of the commercial roll-out from the second half of  2013.

Aldag said some countries preferred the idea  of a one-off payment at the time of treatment but others were interested in an  annuity system, which would probably involve charging around £200,000 a year for  five years.

That kind of annual charge would put Glybera  in a similar price range to expensive enzyme replacement therapies for other  rare diseases, such as Cerezyme for Gaucher disease from Sanofi’s Genzyme  unit.

UniQure is also preparing to apply for  regulatory approval for Glybera in the United States, Canada and other  markets.

The idea of treating disease by replacing a  defective gene with a working copy gained credence in 1990 with the success of  the world’s first gene therapy clinical tests against a rare condition called  severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID).

People with SCID – also known as ‘bubble boy  disease’ – cannot cope with infections and usually die in childhood.

The field then suffered a major setback when  an Arizona teenager died in a gene therapy experiment in 1999 and two French  boys with SCID developed leukaemia in 2002.

In China, Shenzhen SiBiono GeneTech won  approval for a gene therapy drug for head and neck cancer in 2003 but no  products have been approved until now in Europe or the United States.

More recently, some large pharmaceutical  companies have also been exploring gene therapy. GlaxoSmithKline, for example,  signed a deal in 2010 with Italian researchers to develop a SCID  therapy.














FBI to Honor CAIR-Linked Group

November 19, 2012
Reprinted from / David Horowitz Freedom Center



Next April in Washington, FBI director Robert Mueller will give the agency’s community service award to Farrukh Saeed, chairman of SALAM, the Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims. “SALAM’s openness and commitment to the community as a whole, regardless of faith, makes them a shining example of community leadership,” said FBI special agent Herb Brown at the local ceremony.

“I think if anyone at SALAM knew anything about (potential) terrorism,” Brown added, “they would come to us at the FBI.” That certainty is not shared by locals familiar with SALAM, which openly hosts events with the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Local CAIR boss Rashid Ahmad recently downplayed the Benghazi attacks and wants to deprive American filmmakers of their freedom of speech.

The CAIR connection did not emerge in news reports about the FBI award, though Steve Magagnini of the Sacramento Bee brought in the case of Hamid Hayat, noting that it had made the SALAM people uncomfortable. “There was no evidence other than his own words that Hayat actually underwent terrorist training,” Magagnini added, implying that Hayat, now serving a 24-year sentence, could be innocent., in a story out of Cairo, said the FBI award was “a change of tactics towards the US Muslim community. . . after complains (sic) of secret surveillance and trapping Muslim worshippers.” In reality, the award was business as usual. In 2009 the FBI gave its community award to SALAM’s imam, Mohamed Abdul-Azeez, “for his efforts to teach both Muslims and non-Muslims about the Islamic faith.”

Drew Parenti, FBI special agent in Sacramento at the time, said that “Sacramento is truly blessed to have a leader with the vision, energy and compassion demonstrated by Mr. Azeez.”  For the overwhelming majority of Muslims, Parenti said, “there’s the same exact sense of shared American values that everybody else has.”

Abdul-Azeez was once the subject of a lengthy profile in the Sacramento News and Review, a supposedly tough-minded “alternative” weekly. “He doesn’t have those crazy eyes like Arabs do in Western political cartoons,” said writer Bob Schmidt. “His hair is close-cropped, his mustache and goatee are neatly shaved and his build is burly, thanks to regular free-weight training. No, this ain’t your father’s ‘Death to America’-spewing jihadist—in more ways than simply his age, appearance and body type.” Abdul-Azeez took full advantage of the puff-piece approach.

“I’m very much not hostile to the United States,” he said. “I’m here because I chose to be here. I’m staying here because I choose to stay here. This is my country now.” But America has a “stereotyping” problem.

“The depiction of Islam as a rigid religion which permits no adjustments in interpretation of social issues as times change is incorrect,” the imam said.

“Without question there were Muslims among the slaves brought here from Africa, so there has been a Muslim presence in America for centuries. As a result, American culture is not only Judeo-Christian, but also Muslim.”

Further, “Jihad is the struggle to achieve perfection as a human being,” he told the students. There is a “jihad of the sword,” which does allow Muslims to kill in specific situations. But “Islam has clear rules of engagement. The killing of women and children, and of non-combatants, is expressly prohibited, as is the killing of feed animals and the destruction of crops.” The imam also said that Islam rejects suicide bombers.

And so on, all without challenge. No questions about sharia law, dhimmitude, the treatment of Coptic Christians in Abdul Azeez’s native Egypt, or the imam’s views on the Muslim Brotherhood.

FBI special agent Herb Brown, meanwhile, thinks that if anyone at SALAM knew about impending terrorism, they would readily come to the FBI. But nothing has emerged about Mohamed Abdul-Azeez, Farukh Saeed, or anyone else at SALAM actually aiding the FBI regarding any terrorist threat.

Rather, the FBI seems to be handing out awards because the successful Hayat investigation at a mosque in nearby Lodi, California, made some SALAM members uncomfortable. Other awards have been for more substantial actions.

For example, police officers Kimberly Munley and Mark Todd received the Secretary of the Army Award for Valor for preventing Major Nidal Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, from killing more than 13 American soldiers at Ford Hood. The FBI’s Robert Mueller, who will give the community service award to SALAM’s Farrukh Saeed, conducted an investigation into the 2009 Fort Hood massacre. FBI special agents are not on record whether Hasan, an American-born Muslim, shares the same American values as everybody else.

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Chicago Teachers Strategize on How to Indoctrinate Kids with Marxism

November 19, 2012
Reprinted from / David Horowitz Freedom Center

Visit Godfather Politics.

In September, the Chicago Teachers Union went on strike, shutting down the Windy City’s schools for 10 days.  Many of those same teachers were in attendance on Nov. 10 at the Midwest Marxism Conference held at Northwestern University in Chicago.

The topics of the conference were:

  • Marxism, Crisis & Resistance
  • The Meaning of Marxism
  • The Flint Sit-down Strikes & The Founding of the UAW
  • From Apartheid Schools to the New Jim Crow: Racism, USA
  • The Democrats: A Critical History
  • Russia: A Case Study in Workers Power & Revolution
  • Socialists & Trade Unions
  • Class, Race & the Civil Rights movement
  • Education & Capitalism
  • Lenin’s Theory of the Revolutionary Party
  • Marxism & Women’s Liberation
  • Whose City? Labor, the 1%, and the Democratic Party Machine in Chicago
  • Imperialism: Why Capitalism Creates War
  • Detroit, I Do Mind Dying

Among some of the speakers at the conference was Jesse Sharkey, vice president of the Chicago Teachers Union. Another speaker who kicked off the conference was Becca Barnes, a Chicago teacher, who refers to American capitalists as capitalistic vampires. Barnes told the crowd:

“The struggle here in the United States has entered a new phase. Nowhere have we pointed the way forward more clearly than here in Chicago with the teacher’s union strike.”

One person who attended the conference noted that with the abundance of teachers and their response to the messages and participation in the workshops, it gave a clear message that the Chicago Teachers Union is one with the local Marxists. A number of the workshops were led by members of the local Chicago Teachers Union.

Each of the sessions that this person attended started with congratulating Barack Obama for winning his re-election.  After listening to language filled with hate and anger aimed at America it became obvious to this person that the agenda of the Chicago socialists and teachers was to change society to be more like that of the former Soviet Union. He noticed that the philosophy of mass murderers such as Lenin were upheld and embraced by those in attendance. Teachers strategize on what and how to teach the school kids in Chicago to train them up with the Marxist philosophy.

Continue reading at Godfather Politics.

Christian Students Executed by Boko Haram in Nigeria; Believers Pray for

‘Change of Heart’

By Katherine Weber, Christian Post Reporter
October 3, 2012

Multiple sources have confirmed that about 25 to 30 Christian  college students were massacred at a university in northeastern Nigeria late  Monday night, causing Christians to pray for a “change of heart” among the  extremist Islamist group Boko Haram to put a stop to the continued  violence.

While there is speculation as to the motive of the massacre, sources close to  the human rights watchdog Open Doors USA confirm that the massacre was performed  by Boko Haram.

Emily Fuentes, the communications and public relations coordinator for Open  Doors who recently visited Nigeria and spoke to Christian leaders about Boko  Haram, told The Christian Post that believers around the world can agree that  prayer is the “only thing that will change the people of Boko Haram.”

“There are people who are turning to Christ who used to be in the Boko Haram,  and God is changing their hearts,” Fuentes told CP.

“A lot of Christians believe that God will change these peoples’ hearts,” she  added.

The killings reportedly occurred in the late night hours on Oct. 1, when  masked gunmen went door-to-door in the off-campus housing section of Federal  Polytechnic College in Mubi, a city in the remote Adamawa State in northeastern  Nigeria.


Open Doors USA sources confirmed that the gunmen separated the Christian  students from the Muslim students, addressed each victim by name, questioned  them, and then proceeded to shoot them or slit their throat.

“Open Doors is calling on Christians in the West to bear this horrific burden  with our brothers and sisters in Mubi and Adamawa state,” Open Doors USA  spokesman Jerry Dykstra said in a press release emailed to The Christian  Post.

“Nigeria is becoming a killing field,” he added.

Fuentes told CP that according to a local Nigerian police chief, Monday  night’s killing were performed by Boko Haram as an act of reprisal after 156  Boko Haram members were arrested in Mubi in late September.

Fuentes told CP over the phone interview that the goal of the terror group,  which has reportedly overtaken 13 of Nigeria’s northern states, is to make the  country a completely Islamic nation and rid it of all western influence.

“In these [Nigerian] states to be a Christian is of grave danger,” Fuentes  said, adding that killing Christians is “Boko Haram’s way of wiping out western  influence.”

Fuentes confirmed that in Mobi, where Monday’s massacre took place, there has  been some form of violent attack on Christians nearly every day since Nov.  2011.

Fuentes shared the testimonials involving a change of heart by two Boko Haram  members. In one testimonial, a former Boko Haram member found the Gospel of  Jesus Christ and converted. He now serves as a witness to other Boko Haram  members, and although he receives threats to his life daily, he has managed to  stay alive.

Other Boko Haram members, according to Fuentes, have not converted to  Christianity but have seen the “goodness of the Christian religion” and now warn  Christians before there is an attack.

In light of Monday’s attack, Open Doors USA requested that all Christians  pray for the families of the deceased students, who have been “thrown into  mourning” and are reportedly in “indescribably pain right now.”

“Please pray for the parents, families and friends of the innocent victim of  this slaughter. Pray that they will receive the comfort only our Lord can give.  Pray that justice will prevail. Pray that Christians will not retaliate,” Open  Doors said.

Boko Haram has yet to openly claim responsibility for Monday night’s  massacre.






The Liberal Anti-Semitic Projection Syndrome

November 23, 2012
Reprinted from / David Horowitz Freedom Center
I read a blog post by Jonathan Tobin from Commentary today where I discovered that the post-Zionist poster boy of the American Jewish left Peter Beinart is now accusing Israel’s non-Jewish supporters of being anti-Semites.
Beinart you see, thinks that an anti-Semite is someone who criticizes anti-Zionist (or post-Zionist, or fair-weathered Zionist) American Jews for hanging Israel out to dry.
So if a non-Jew criticizes, say Peter Beinart for spewing nonsense about how Israel’s rejection of Beinart’s positions on territorial surrender legitimizes anti-Israel sentiment, then that person is an anti-Semite.
Beinart, after all, criticizes Israel as a Jew so since he does it as a Jew, attacking him for making ridiculous accusations against Israel makes you an anti-Semite.
There is a wider context for Beinart’s position. Beinart has closely associated himself with J Street, the pro-Palestinian lobbying group run by American Jews. During the last election cycle, J-Street targeted Israel’s staunchest supporters in Congress for defeat. Specifically it targeted Joe Walsh and Allen West, (both ran in gerrymandered districts), because they refused to support the establishment of another Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria, (to the side of the Palestinian state in Gaza which the Left likes to pretend doesn’t exist).
J-Street claimed that West and Walsh — among Israel’s firmest supporters on the Hill — were anti-Israel because they rejected the establishment of another Palestinian terror state in the historic and strategic heartland of the Jewish state.
Beinart’s attacks on Rupert Murdoch and others who criticize Jews who attack Israel have to be seen as a continuation of the J Street campaign against Israel’s supporters in Washington.
Jonathan provided the following quote from Beinart’s assault on Murdoch:
I don’t think anti-Semitism is widespread on the American right, any more than it is widespread on the American left. But when expressed, it should be publicly condemned. Whether it masks itself as hostility to Israel or support for Israel should make no difference at all.

You see what he is doing here.

He is saying that there is no difference between those who support Israel and decry its critics and those who oppose Israel and decry its supporters.
This post-modern moral equivalence is absolutely necessary. If you want to make a completely false argument sound reasonable, the first thing you have to do is erase all distinction between good and evil. (See the film clips in my last blog post.)
We need to be aware of what Beinart and his allies are doing. In the coming months and years, we should expect more and more of Israel’s supporters to be attacked as anti-Semites by leftist American Jews. The intention of people like Beinart and J Street is to demonize and discredit Israel’s supporters just as Israel itself is being demonized and discredited.
In the face of this new initiative it is imperative that we continue to point out the real distinctions.
And just by way of example, here is Glenn Beck’s recent message to the people of Israel. Remember, Beck was repeatedly and viciously targeted by leftist American Jews who called him a racist for pointing out that George Soros admitted to collaborating with the Nazis during the Holocaust.
God bless Glenn Beck:

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