It’s all seeds and nothing but seeds…



by Ken Pullen


Saturday, February 4, 2012


Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Galatians 6: 7


Regular readers may tire of the continual theme of everything is connected, but that is the truth and I only desire to work and deal in the truth. Nothing can truly be isolated without some connection to something else, and that thread is woven into the fabric of the lives, the lives all people have led, lead, and will live.

And it all begins as seeds. Everything does. There are no exceptions except perhaps the creation of all things by Jehovah Elyon and Yeshua. While I would never attempt to claim boldly to know, as God and His Son, Jesus Christ the Lord are living, individual beings with intellectual abilities surpassing everything else in creation I feel safe in writing even they had the seed of the idea for creation. And planted it so it could grow.

There is not one thing anyone knows on this earth that did not begin from seed. Either a literal seed as we know them, or the seed of an idea in an individual’s mind and heart.

Nothing came from thin air.

People are familiar with the Biblical verse from Galatians, and may recall hearing “as a man sows so shall he reap” and I feel secure in stating most do not know that is from the Bible.

But everything begins as a seed of an idea. A plan. A plot. An ideology. And men and women then sow that seed and find other minds and spirits where that seed can stick and germinate. And grow.


Even as I have seen, they that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same.

Job 4: 8


I know from living, from observing, and from listening a lot of people do not think there is justice on this earth as justice should be met out. And I can see their point. But for the true believer we must remain humble servants secure in the knowledge God and Christ have, and are totally aware of every thought, every deed, every seed sown – and while justice may not happen according to our liking and timing  justice will occur. And what we think is just pales in comparison to what Jehovah Elyon and Yeshua can hand out.

The problem with seeds is there are many choking weed seeds in the lot. And they are sown and choke out the light. They overcome and cast darkness around them and suck all the life from everything around them. Or seeds germinate and grow so slowly they are not noticed turning into massive unfruitful trees. They are satisfied in taking their time, so as not to be noticed, to grow to the point they are all that can be seen on the horizon, or within the forest. They dominate and push out anything fruitful or not of their own kind that attempts to grow.

This is our world. This is the philosophies and doctrine of men. This is the way of the world as the hearts and minds of men do nothing except think and plot evil all the day and night long – contrary to the shadows cast by the weeds and the unfruitful tress dominating our landscape.

Just as it takes time for all seeds to germinate, and they all need the right conditions to do so – many seeds can live dormant for years until the right conditions exist and then they spring into action and take root and begin to grow – every ideology, doctrine, philosophy, and evil of man can remain dormant until conditions are just right to take root and grow.

We now live in the time when so many seeds of evil and unrighteousness have been sown, and found ideal conditions, we are living in a dark deadly jungle congested with the choking vegetation grown from the seeds of evil men, each seed given to them by their master, ‘ol Slewfoot himself! The master sower of unfruitful trees and choking weeds.

Some readers may at some point read the books “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, or “1984” by George Orwell. Two books of fiction that viewed a coming oppressive regime that said they had created utopia while they created hell on earth.

I will let you adjust your neck brace from the whiplash of that segue, but everything is connected, so I ask readers to please bear with me a few minutes longer.

Both books differed greatly in their viewpoints, but both illustrated society advancing towards being a Godless and loveless society. In Orwell’s book an inner party elite rules as oligarchs having made existing laws obsolete and against the law, and creating their own laws, which in fact were lawlessness if compared to the laws they had removed.

There was constant pervasive surveillance and loss of privacy.

Incessant personal and public mind control. The thought police would quickly dispatch anyone that might have a thought not fitting into the group thinking. There was Newspeak where all information was carefully manufactured and manipulated to control the population. Censorship.

Orwell feared the banning of books.

Huxley feared no need to ban books because there was no one wanting or able to read one.

In Huxley’s book recreational sex was an integral part of society. Conception was done through science. In a lab. In the hands of pharmaceutical companies and ihired by those in charge of controlling everything.

There was a drug called soma which the population consumed to fight depression.

Entertainment reigned in order to control and manipulate the population.

And Huxley also wrote of something called sleep-learing, whereby people would have recorded messages played that they heard while sleeping in order to condition them.

And fascists tyrants, Godless men and women controlled society in both books, with very severe consequences for anyone that attempted to break from the established norm.

The only thing that has not become reality yet in our world, or at least not come to full fruition yet is the thought police coming and extracting members of society that did not play by the rules – but as I write this all the laws have been put in place and signed into law, yes, right here in America, to bring about the fruition of a force identical to the thought police, if not in name, then in actions.

All the seeds have been planted. And they are germinating and growing at such a rate they can’t all be tended to. But they do have a gardener watching over them who has been given domain over this world for a season – and his time is growing short – and he knows it, so he has upped the ante and the speed at which he sows and is spreading evil all across this nation, and the world.

Our news media is presently manipulated. To those that might protest and call me paranoid they are completely ignorant and naive as to how broadcast and print media works. They are unaware of the thousands of people who have been blacklisted from journalism for pushing specific story ideas that the ownership, editors, and producers refused to pursue. They are ignorant that at this point in time the majority of mainstream media merely recites that which has been handed to them to report.

Ever see the movie “Good Morning Vietnam!”? And in the little glass encased  cubicle with the teletype machines the twins that never spoke but censored three-quarters of everything coming across the wire before handing it to the on air talent? It is just like that. That’s reality.

Our government is corrupt to its core. Too much to mention and cover in this space, but if anyone is paying even 10% attention and being objective and thinking critically, with a modicum of knowledge about how our government was established to operate they know how corrupt and evil we have become.

Our churches are no longer houses of God, places for true believing Christians to come and worship Almighty God. They have been converted to entertainment complexes! To carnival and circus sideshows where anything is permitted and all is embraced and elevated – and they no longer have any place or room for Jehovah Elyon and Yeshua!

Our schools plant only certain seeds because they only want certain crops to grow. All a reader needs to do is read through the archives of “Last Days News” here on ACP and use that as a starting point. Objective, truthful people who are even remotely aware cannot profess our educational system is better than it had been.

Or that we as a people are better, or our nation is better.

We are becoming Godless. And loveless. Isolated on Facebook. Tweeting away thinking we’re actually involved and alive and doing something!

Seeds of fascism have been planted and have already taken root.

The seeds of the Antichrist have been sown. The sowers around the world have been busy sowing those seeds for decades now.

Most people are numb, dumb, and completely oblivious – the obliviots.

Many have been so infected by the seeds that have grown up around them that do not bear fruit and only lead to death they know nothing else and refuse the truth – they call the truth lies, and believe the lies to be the truth! They’ve eaten of the deadly harvest for so long and have become so malnourished they know nothing else!


And God saw the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Genesis 6: 5


Instead of calling evil what it is man now ascribes every other kind of description, such as sophistication, being worldly, being educated, being progressive, being current, being with the program…being accepted…they call it everything under the sun except what it is – EVIL!

It’s like feeding someone Taco Bell food every single day of their life for 30 years and if that food is withdrawn they know nothing else but that empty, deadly garbage they have consumed all their life!

How did this article come about? By a seed. I had a seed of an idea, a thought in my head of how the incessant quest to make everyone in society conform to “politically correct speaking and writing and thinking” was exactly like the doublethink, thoughtcrime, and Newspeak of Orwell’s book. It began as something so small. One day no one knew about political correctness and within a very short period of time everyone knew it and slowly began to conform to it. Out of fear. Oh, they might still say and think what they might in private, or among a select group of friends, but the seed had grown into a choking dark life sucking unfruitful tree whereby in public people became aware of what they said. And those seeds grow. The ones of oppression and repression.

Over 30 percent of the U.S. population is taking antidepressants daily. And this percentage grows annually.

Over 50 percent of all Americans use or abuse prescription pain pills, mood-enhancers, or illegal drugs in order to repress and escape reality, and thus begin to conform to how those in power desire them to conform.

Ask anyone under the age if they can fathom doing something as an individual. It’s all group think now. They look at you dumbfounded if you ask them if they would step out and undertake and individual project, or voice their personal opinion. They only form an opinion once they realize their group forms one.

We seek to become more machine like and less human. Besides Paganism being the fastest growing belief in America, transhumanism is the fastest growing movement in America.

All the seeds have been sown.

They are all connected in the same garden – the minds and hearts of the people living on planet earth.

And the God-fearing, Bible believing, Christ the Lord following are being hacked out, down, and away as if we were the weeds…

but to evil we are.

I sincerely hope and pray all readers will spend more time reading through the articles researched and reprinted here on “Last Days News” as they have a theme and a continual thread even though they cover a wide spectrum.

And I also sincerely hope every person that ever find themselves here upon leaving this place turns to God in prayer, and turns to the Holy Bible and begins planting their faces in the Bible in diligent study to plant the seeds of truth and light and life in the hope they may take root and bear fruit.


And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees; therefore, every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

Matthew 3: 10










Left’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ Specializes in Doublespeak

By David Limbaugh

Reprinted from NewsMax

As I heard Barack Obama and his propaganda minister, Jay Carney, endorsing tax cuts as a vehicle for economic growth, I was reminded, again, of George Orwell’s “1984” and the striking similarities between his Oceania and the American left’s vision for America.

Oceania’s Big Brother regime had “four Ministries between which the entire apparatus of government was divided,” the Ministry of Truth, the Ministry of Peace, the Ministry of Love and the Ministry of Plenty.

Each department was dedicated to the opposite principle suggested by its title. “Truth” disseminated lies. “Peace” promoted war. “Love” enforced uniformity of thought. And “Plenty” manipulated the economy to impoverish the people while enriching the ruling class. God was expelled and absolute truth abolished, while “doublespeak” was promoted.

Oceania’s Thought Police was the Ministry of Love’s enforcement arm, while the Ministry of Truth undertook the task of rewriting history in service to the Party slogan, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
Today the left has a Ministry of Truth because it knows that twice as many Americans identify themselves as conservatives than as liberals and so has to disguise its policies to deceive the majority. Its Ministry of Peace would be better-named the Ministry of Bipartisanship, which, in the name of reaching across the aisle with a friendly hand, slices it off with a partisan dagger.

Its Ministry of Love is more aptly named the Ministry of Tolerance, which dictates one way of thinking and demonizes dissenters. The Ministry of Plenty is alive and well in the Obama administration’s cadre of economic advisers.
The liberal establishment’s Ministry of Truth extends throughout our culture, having taken over our educational institutions, the arts and the sciences. How slavishly our academics hew to the party slogan. They have planted themselves in positions of cultural influence to “control the present,” in order to rewrite the past (to conform to their dogma), for purposes of “controlling the future.”

Our professors of history, economics, political science, sociology, psychology, philosophy, journalism, law, the hard sciences and other fields deride Western civilization and characterize our founders as Christian-mocking deists devoted to enlightenment principles of the philosophes.
They speciously tie our unique freedoms to our secular founding to argue that we must banish God from the public square, lest we lose our liberties. In the name of academic inquiry, these academic and cultural thought police indoctrinate and intimidate students who dare deviate from their thought mandates.

Their textbooks tell us that Franklin D. Roosevelt not only was not a domestic liberal but also saved capitalism through socialism. (Talk about “doublespeak.”) They say his New Deal spent us out of the Great Depression, while current historians not housed in the Ministry of Truth tell us it exacerbated our economic woes.

Based on the ministry’s revisionism, Keynesian economists were empowered to reflect those myths in their textbooks for a half-century. Armed with their revised lessons from history, Obama’s Ministry of Plenty advocated passage of the stimulus bill, which was doublespeak for “rampant redistribution to its allies, sucking the oxygen out of the private sector and suppressing the economy.”
The left’s Ministry of Truth, with the full-throated support of the “unbiased” mainstream media, has given us such Orwellian originals as pro-choice while suing an 80-year-old prayer-warrior for standing outside Planned Parenthood’s abortion factory to share important information with pregnant mothers to help them make a fully informed choice.

The ministry seeks to shut down conservative talk radio, with the “Fairness Doctrine.” It forbids private ballots for employees to vote anonymously on union membership for the purpose of intimidating them to join — in the name of the “Employee Free Choice Act.”
It boasts of budget cuts when it slightly reduces the rate of increases in spending. It calls the budget-busting Obamacare legislation the “Affordable Care Act.” It calls a bill that would further expand unemployment a jobs bill.
It fabricates and manipulates a consensus on climate change and ostracizes dissenters as science-averse. (In Oceania, science had “almost ceased to exist.”) It conspires with its Ministry of Tolerance to describe political dissent from its effort to legalize homosexual marriage as hate and to brand political conservatism as racism.


While the rapacious Obama administration recklessly squanders our national wealth in its lust for power, its ministries of Plenty and Bipartisanship vilify the wealthy — who are paying a disproportionate share of taxes — for not paying their fair share. The Ministry of Plenty, while presiding over the destruction of the private sector, castigates job creators for hoarding all the wealth.

2012 won’t be so much about two competing visions as it will be a contest of truth. Without the left’s Orwellian ministers and their deputies in the press and academia, it would be a historic blowout and rejection of their vision. I’m betting it will be anyway.

David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney. His latest book, “Crimes Against Liberty,” was No. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list for nonfiction for its first two weeks.

Read more on Left’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ Specializes in Doublespeak










Do you know how many countries border America?

By Bobby Eberle
February 3, 2012


Take a look at this video called “Lunch Scholars” if you want to see what the future of America looks like. A reporter asked high schools teens a variety of questions, and the answers were stunning. How many states are there in the U.S.? 51? Who is the vice president of the United States? That Clinton guy? Or is it bin Laden? And one of my favorites: How many countries border the United States? There are too many to name. See for yourself…

Thanks goes out to The Blaze for catching my attention with this video. The story was first reported by the Huffington Post, and it notes that “Austin, an intrepid young student-reporter, embarks on the noble mission of answering the question, ‘How much basic knowledge do American high school students really have?’ The answer, however, may not be exactly what you want to hear.”



The Huffington Post points out this dismal fact: “U.S. students place behind 31 other countries in math proficiency, and behind 16 other countries in reading.”

Is this the future of our country? If so, maybe I should move to Canada or Mexico or one of those other countries that border America!










Under political pressure, Komen charity flips again

By David Crary
February 3, 2012


NEW YORK (AP) – The Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast-cancer charity on Friday abandoned plans to eliminate grants to Planned Parenthood. The startling decision came after three days of virulent criticism that resounded across the Internet, jeopardizing Komen’s iconic image.

“We want to apologize to the American public for recent decisions that cast doubt upon our commitment to our mission of saving women’s lives,” a Komen statement said.

As first reported by The Associated Press on Tuesday, Komen had adopted criteria excluding Planned Parenthood from future grants for breast-cancer screenings because it was under government investigation, citing a probe launched by a Florida congressman at the urging of anti-abortion groups.

Komen said it would change the criteria “to make clear that disqualifying investigations must be criminal and conclusive in nature and not political.”

“We will continue to fund existing grants, including those of Planned Parenthood, and preserve their eligibility to apply for future grants,” the statement said.

Many of Komen’s affiliates across the country had openly rebelled against the decision to cut the funding, which totaled $680,000 in 2011. One affiliate, in Aspen, Colo., had announced Thursday that it would defy the new rules and continue grants to its local Planned Parenthood partner.

In addition, Komen was inundated with negative comments via emails, on Twitter and on its Facebook page. Many of the messages conveyed a determination to halt gifts to Komen — organizer of the popular Race for the Cure events —because of the decision.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood was reporting an outpouring of support — donations large and small, triggered by the Komen decision, that it said surpassed $900,000.

Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards, thanked those donors Friday and welcomed Komen’s change of heart.

“We are enormously grateful that the Komen Foundation has clarified its grantmaking criteria,” Richards said. “What these past few days have demonstrated is the deep resolve all Americans share in the fight against cancer.”

Through the Komen grants, Planned Parenthood says its health centers provided nearly 170,000 clinical breast exams and more than 6,400 mammogram referrals over the past five years.

Komen, in its statement, said it was immediately starting an outreach to its affiliates and supporters to get the charity back on track.

“We urge everyone who has participated in this conversation across the country over the last few days to help us move past this issue,” Komen said. “We do not want our mission marred or affected by politics — anyone’s politics.”












Obama uses Prayer Breakfast to Promote Political Agenda

By Bobby Eberle
February 3, 2012


I understand that this is the political season. GOP candidates are crisscrossing the country, and Barack Obama is preparing himself to take on the winner. But is nothing sacred any more? And by sacred, I mean SACRED… as in prayers and references to God and Jesus. Apparently the answer is no, because at Thursday’s National Prayer Breakfast, Obama used the occasion to basically state that Jesus was on his side.

First, we have Obama’s shot at Mitt Romney. In an interview with CNN following his election victory in Florida, this is exactly what Romney said:

By the way, I’m in this race because I care about Americans. I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it. I’m not concerned about the very rich, they’re doing just fine. I’m concerned about the very heart of the America, the 90, 95 percent of Americans who right now are struggling and I’ll continue to take that message across the nation.

Of course, any left wing media operative stopped listening to the quote as soon as Romney hit the word “poor.” It’s become the “Romney is not concerned about the poor” gaffe. And Obama used the National Prayer Breakfast to take his jab at Romney.

As noted in The Hill, Obama said during the gathering of about 3,000 people that “It’s … about the biblical call to care for the least of these, for the poor, for those at the margins of our society,” Obama said on Thursday. “To answer the responsibility we’re given in Proverbs to ‘speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.'”

When questioned about the statement at Thursday afternoon’s White House press briefing, spokesman Jay Carney had one of the lamest responses I’ve ever heard:

At the White House on Thursday afternoon, spokesman Jay Carney said the “poor” reference was not a direct response to Romney, adding that that would suggest that every conversation about the poor in houses of worship would have a political context. The president “was explaining how his faith guides him. It was not a political event,” Carney said.

Hello! There’s a difference in talking about the “poor in spirit” and the reference that Obama made. But he didn’t stop there. As noted in the Washington Post, Obama added the following:

“I think to myself, if I’m willing to give something up as somebody who’s been extraordinarily blessed, and give up some of the tax breaks that I enjoy, I actually think that’s going to make economic sense,” Obama told the audience. “But for me, as a Christian, it also coincides with Jesus’s teaching that ‘for unto whom much is given, much shall be required.'”

Who funds the government? Who pays the VAST majority of taxes? Much already is required, and for Obama to suggest that Jesus would be on his side in supporting even higher taxes is simply wrong.

The comments particularly riled Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch.

Hatch also references Obama’s direct attack on the Catholic church with his mandate to require religious institutions to provide insurance coverage for abortive drugs and other services for their employees that are in clear violation of those institutions’ religious beliefs.

Hatch summed up his feelings by saying:

The President’s comments this morning share more with political strategy than they do the religious beliefs of most Americans. In 2008, the President declared that his nomination was the world historical moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal. Someone needs to remind the President that there was only one person who walked on water. And he did not occupy the Oval Office.

For someone who is so overtly anti-religious — remember his 20 years under the guidance of Jeremiah Wright? — Obama has no business interjecting politics into a prayer breakfast. He should stick to what he knows… dividing the country on race, income, gender, and whatever else that can score him political points.










I’m George Soros And I Approve This Candidate

February 3, 2012  By

This is Newt Gingrich’s latest ad and it strikes a chord with me. If George Soros likes Mitt Romney then we need to ask some important questions. Why does Soros think Obama and Romney are alike? Has Romney really changed, or is he just spouting conservative rhetoric to win the nomination and then he will lurch left like McCain and Dole before him?



CLICK HERE to visit The Western Center for Journalism




Background about A Mormon Story

Stephen Stone President, RenewAmerica February 2, 2012


I began writing A Mormon Story while lying in a hospital bed back in June and July of 2011.
I’d been thinking for a long time about putting into words the true story of the politically-insensitive persecution our family has endured for years at the hands of Mormon church officials, but I hadn’t decided whether to proceed — and even if I wanted to, I didn’t have time.
Then an act of God nearly took my life, and I suddenly had some reflective time away from my busy schedule — first, a week on my back with virtually no sleep in the quiet of a recovery room, then a month at home with nothing to do but recuperate.
I’ve long since resumed my heavy work load, but one thing is certain: had I not suffered a near-fatal illness, there would be no book A Mormon Story.
Just as important, I believe the Lord Himself wanted me to take the LDS church to task for its ongoing abuse of a selfless, principled family. Of that I’m certain, or I wouldn’t have undertaken to write the book. I’ve never had any interest in publicly humiliating the Mormon church (which is why I was reluctant to publish an account of its harassment of my family). But I was given a wake-up call by my near-death experience, as well as ample time to assess the church’s unlawful interference with my family’s work, and I felt God’s urging to write and then share A Mormon Story.

Mormons’ attitude toward criticism
Most Mormons would find my provocative assertion about God’s hand in my book “apostate” — having been conditioned by church authorities to consider any serious criticism of the church inherently ill-motivated, and threatening to the church’s mission. A number of Mormons emailed to tell me so after the book came out in its initial draft. Some of the comments suggested I was unfairly “trashing” the church for describing the inexcusable (and fully provable) interference by the church with my family’s legally-protected political work.
I just ignored these thoughtless messages — some very immature and insulting, and all evidencing superficial perusal of the book itself.
Had I chosen to respond, I would point out that the LDS church has no doctrine in its scriptural canon prohibiting or condemning valid criticism of the church or its leaders, and in fact the LDS canon contains references to the need for public rebuke and censure when the church, its members, or its leaders overstep propriety and lie, steal*, or “offend many” — in ways the Stone family can testify church officials have done repeatedly to the family, and by extension to the American electorate in general. (Read the book, and see if you agree.)
The notion that open criticism of the church is inherently apostate or threatening comes not from Mormon law or doctrine, but from a desire by many leaders to insulate themselves from accountability, I believe. Sad to say, there’s really no other rational explanation for the church’s unscriptural prohibition against public criticism of the church by its members, for which those guilty of doing nothing but expose verifiable truth can be expelled on the pretext of “open opposition.”
No other church on the face of the earth has such a punitive, and chilling, stance toward objective investigation.
Of course, I was thrown out of the church for no definable violation of anything — not even the above prohibition against public criticism. I wrote my book two years after I was excommunicated for refusing to “obey” church authorities in my choice of livelihood (which centered in working for Alan Keyes), and for discreetly protesting such unlawful interference when asked for my opinion on numerous occasions afterward.
That’s the sum of it. Any “open criticism” of the church by me comes belatedly — in my new role as a non-Mormon who is beyond church sanction.
The church’s disregard for our family’s political rights
As my book A Mormon Story makes clear, the church overstepped its lawful rights at the outset by refusing to let me and my family engage in our political work without distracting threats and intimidation from the church, and thereafter obsessively persecuted our family with impunity for a decade.
Never mind that such interference by a tax-exempt organization like the church is “absolutely prohibited” under IRS rules, as well as illegal under state and federal law.
In the very least, it’s un-American, and detrimental to our nation’s representative political system.
As you read — no matter your religious background — I hope you will bring an open mind to the task, and hear me out. Then I hope you will join me in doing whatever it takes to stop this kind of disrespect for America’s electoral process by a powerful religious institution from ever happening again to anyone who loves America as much as my dedicated family and I do.




PERMISSION TO DOWNLOAD: As the copyright holder of “A Mormon Story,” I hereby grant permission for the book’s full text, as well as any excerpts, to be disseminated free of charge to interested recipients — on the stipulation the book is left unaltered and made available free of charge.
NOTE: Each time improvements are made to the near-final draft, the book will receive a new date. The most recent copy is dated January 28, 2012, and it contains a few minor changes to the previous draft dated January 11.

If you encounter difficulty downloading the book, let us know at info@ , and we’ll email you a PDF.



*To “steal” means to “take something without consent, or without legal authorization to do so.” In the case of the LDS church, the church has taken the Stone family’s livelihood (virtually destroying it); taken family members’ (and their clients’) lawful political rights; taken the Stones’ peace, health, and well-being, as well as large amounts of their time as they sought to defend themselves from the church’s unceasing interference; and taken unfair advantage of IRS rules for tax-exempt organizations — defrauding the IRS of countless millions of dollars by unlawfully harassing the Stones for their political work, interference totally forbidden. Note that the reference to “stealing” cited above in LDS scripture would pertain to all such applications of the word, and more.












Washington state Senate approves gay marriage

Opponents pledge to take it to voter referendum

By Valerie Richardson

The Washington Times

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The Washington state Senate approved 28-21 Wednesday a same-sex marriage bill, handing advocates their biggest victory of the 2012 legislative session and all but ensure legalized gay marriage in the Evergreen State.

“A lot of people are just stunned, particularly people in my age group and older,” said state Sen. Ed Murray, who spoke before the vote at a news conference attended by his partner, Michael Shiosaki. “I don’t think we actually believed this day would come in our lifetimes. I certainly didn’t believe that when these battles started in the ’90s.”

The Senate began debating the bill at 6 p.m. PST Wednesday. The Senate Rules Committee advanced the bill on a 14-7 vote Tuesday, with six of the seven Republicans on the committee voting no.

The Washington vote comes as several states consider same-sex marriage proposals. The Maryland and New Jersey legislatures are also debating it this year, although neither state has a clear path to passage.

In New Jersey, Republican Gov. Chris Christie recently said he would veto such a bill. In Maryland, Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley has led the fight for same-sex marriage, but the state House rejected last year’s bill, and no legislator has announced a change of position.

In Maine, proponents have collected 105,000 signatures to place a marriage-equality measure on the ballot after voters repealed the state’s same-sex marriage law in 2009. A federal court ruled Wednesday that the National Organization for Marriage must disclose the names of donors who gave more than $100 to the 2009 campaign, despite objections from NOM officials who fear that their contributors will face harassment.

Washington became the state most likely to embrace same-sex marriage this year when Democratic Gov. Chris Gregoire announced Jan. 4 that she would sign such a bill. If passed by the Senate, the legislation would move to the state House, which has more than enough votes to pass it.

Washington United for Marriage, which has lobbied for the same-sex marriage bill, urged its supporters to “pack the Senate for marriage equality” by attending Wednesday night’s Senate debate.

Democratic state Sen. Ed Murray, the bill’s sponsor, cautioned supporters Wednesday that the bill was not a done deal.

“Nothing is done until it is actually voted on,” Mr. Murray said.

Opponents of same-sex marriage are preparing a referendum battle if the bill is approved. They would need to gather 121,000 signatures within 90 days of the end of the legislative session in March.

The National Organization for Marriage released a poll Jan. 26 showing that 57 percent of Washington voters surveyed oppose redefining marriage when reminded that the state already has a civil-unions law.

The poll showed that 72 percent of voters think that the state Legislature should work on other issues, while 71 percent think the voters should decide the marriage issue. Just 9 percent said that the Legislature should decide on whether same-sex couples should be able to marry.

Gov. Gregoire is leading legislators off a political cliff with her focus on redefining marriage in Washington,” said NOM President Brian Brown in a statement. “Having approved civil unions, voters do not support redefining marriage and clearly do not want legislators doing so.”

KING-TV in Seattle reported that a group of local pastors met Tuesday to discuss plans for overturning the bill.

“We asked the Legislature to be more concerned about religious freedom and the implications of this, and they’ve shown a little bit of interest in this, but it doesn’t seem to be nearly enough,” said Pastor Joe Fuiten of Cedar Park Church in Bothell, Wash.

Washington state approved a domestic-partnership law in 2007, and voters expanded it to include “everything but marriage” in 2009. Same-sex marriage bills were introduced in both the House and the Senate this year, and received their first public hearings in January.

“As the bill continues to progress in both chambers in Olympia, it is clear that momentum is on our side,” said Lacey All, chairman of Washington United for Marriage, in a statement.

Six states — Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont — and the District of Columbia have legalized same-sex marriage. Thirty-one states have passed the Defense of Marriage Act, and voters have never approved a ballot measure sanctioning gay marriage.














White House: ‘no constitutional rights issues’ with birth control mandate

Kathleen Gilbert Wed Feb 01 16:29 EST Abortion

WASHINGTON, February 1, 2012 ( – The White House has dismissed the nationwide uproar by Catholic bishops and faithful opposing the administration’s birth control mandate, claiming there are no “constitutional rights issues” with the new health insurer rules.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked by a reporter during a press briefing Tuesday about the mandate, which would force religious hospitals and universities to offer health insurance to employees that fully pays for sterilizations and contraception, including abortifacients such as the emergency contraception drug Ella.

Carney said the question “misrepresents” the mandate and that the new rule, announced by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius this summer, “strikes the appropriate balance” between religious freedom and access to “the preventive services that [women] require.”

When pressed on the constitutional right to religious freedom, Carney replied, “I don’t believe there are any constitutional rights issues here,” and repeated that the administration “will continue to work with religious groups” to discuss their concerns.

Carney also claimed that “this approach does not signal any change at all in the administration’s policy on conscience protections.”

“The President and this administration have previously expressed strong support for existing conscience protections, including those relating to health care providers.  That support continues.”

To date 131 Catholic bishops heading U.S. dioceses have spoken out against the mandate after the Sebelius announced last month that religious groups objecting to the mandate would be given one year to comply. Many leaders of other denominations and religions have also spoken out against the mandate.

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Former CIA Chief: Obama Should Learn to Stick Closer to Israel

Former CIA director R. James Woolsey: Obama tried to make nice with Iran and Syria. It didn’t work.

By Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski

First Publish: 2/3/2012, 1:15 AM


Former CIA director R. James Woolsey spoke to Arutz Sheva on Thursday, on the sidelines of the 12th Annual Herzliya Conference.



Addressing the security situation in the Middle East in the wake of the Arab Spring, Woolsey said revolutions are usually divided into three phases: The first phase is very enthusiastic, the second phase is when the liberals take over and look like they’re going to move things well, and the third part is what he called the “non-attractive” part.

“We can hope that a number of these Arab revolutions veer off before they get to a most unattractive phase three,” he said. “There’s been a lot of progress away from dictatorship and toward people being able to rule themselves, but it’s far from perfect and there is a lot of uncertainty. We don’t know where these Arab revolutions – really, any of them – are going.”

Woolsey spoke about the relations between Israel and the United States, and differentiated between the tension with the Obama Administration and the general relationship between the two countries.

“I think there’s still some tension with the Obama Administration. I don’t think there’s fundamental tension between Israel and the United States,” he said, adding that the Obama Administration thought that “making nice” with the Iranians and the Syrians would work, but that did not work.

“It has not worked out well, and I hope that the Obama Administration is learning that one wants to stick closer to one’s friends than to kowtow to one’s enemies,” he said.

Woolsey, who has previously called for the release of Jonathan Pollard from prison, repeated that position in the interview. He noted that Pollard’s sentencing judge laid down three criteria for parole: That Pollard express contrition, that he help the United States understand exactly what was taken and the implications, and that he agree to forego any proceeds from anything written or televised about what he did. That is, if he writes a book about his experiences, the money would go charity.

Woolsey said that he knows that the first two conditions have been met by Pollard but added that he does not know whether the third one has been met. Nevertheless, he said, “He’s now been in prison well over 20 years, well over the time any spy from any friendly country has spent in American prisons, and he didn’t get anyone killed.”

“From my point of view,” Woolsey added, “if he would just satisfy that third requirement it ought to be possible for either parole or some kind of executive clemency to set him free.”











Pelosi: Girl Scouts ties with Planned Parenthood, other organizations,

‘very valuable’

Kathleen Gilbert Fri Feb 03 06:34 EST Abortion

WASHINGTON, February 2, 2012 ( – When asked about Girl Scouts of America’s (GSUSA) connections to Planned Parenthood, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that the relationship between the two groups is “very valuable.” asked the former House Speaker following a Girl Scouts-sponsored event, “The Girl Scouts has had some ties to Planned Parenthood, do you think that’s a valuable relationship to have working together?”

“The Girl Scouts have relationships with many organizations, and, yes, I think they are all very valuable,” Pelosi replied.

Pelosi had been featured at the reception to promote “To Get Her There,” a new initiative by GSUSA to promote women’s leadership.

While the national branch of Girl Scouts has recently been denying the organization’s relationship with Planned Parenthood, on March 5, 2004 Girl Scouts CEO Kathy Cloninger admitted on NBC’s The Today Show: “We partner with many organizations. We have relationships with…Planned Parenthood organizations across the country.”

In national survey in 2004, sixteen Girl Scout councils admitted to partnering with Planned Parenthood, around 25% of the councils who responded to the survey. Most did not respond, however.

The Girl Scouts/Planned Parenthood controversy erupted anew in 2010 after it was revealed that the scouting group distributed a graphic sex education pamphlet by Planned Parenthood entitled “Happy, Healthy, and Hot” during an event at the United Nations headquarters. Last month, a Catholic parish in Virginia banned the Girl Scouts from meeting on church grounds over the Planned Parenthood connection.

In January a teenage Girl Scout employee who wore a “Pray to End Abortion” t-shirt to work during off-duty hours was ordered to turn the t-shirt inside out or leave.









 Frank Gaffney Jr. (VIDEO); Shariah law, Muslim Brotherhood, and the

 threat to America









What’s the Matter with Facebook?



February 03, 2012
Written by John Horvat II
At first glance, Facebook seems to be an incredible affirmation of individual self-esteem and social well-being. Here on one site, an individual can put online all those unique details, accomplishments and events that make the user so different from everyone else. At the same time, the user is free to share this unique profile with everyone by “friending” a world of people on the world’s most popular social networking site.
That is the theory at least. In practice, it appears that Facebook is having an opposite effect.  A recent study at Utah Valley University called “They Are Happier and Having Better Lives Than I am” reports that heavy use of Facebook is making users sad. Published online on December 2011 in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, it found that people who socialize more with friends in cyberspace than in real life are more likely to report they are unhappy.
Why the sadness about Facebook? Because the postings on the site often do not correspond to reality. People tend to only portray the good or impressive side of their lives. Facebook photos generally depict smiling, cheerful people having good times, conveying a sense of intense happiness. People who constantly frequent Facebook are left with the impression that the intensive happiness of their “friends” is real and thus think their friends are much happier than they are.
And they are sadder as a result. They feel compelled to put on their own show of happiness on their own pages and a vicious circle is begun where all seem to put up the items that impress or convey intense happiness.
Sociologists Hui-Tzu Grace Chou and Nicholas Edge interviewed 425 students, asking them whether they agreed or disagreed with such statements as “Many of my friends have a better life than me,” and “Life is fair.” They also asked the students about their Facebook usage, including how many “friends” they had on the network – and how many of those friends were really people they knew.
“Those who have used Facebook longer agreed more that others were happier, and agreed less that life is fair, and those spending more time on Facebook each week agreed more that others were happier and had better lives,” wrote Chou and Edge. “Furthermore, those that included more people whom they did not personally know as their Facebook “friends” agreed more that others had better lives.”
The problem may now become even worse since Facebook’s new Timeline profile system will give users even greater opportunities to look happier than they looked before. The Timeline Profile features a magazine-page like format with blown up pictures and highlights from Facebook members lives.
The American Academy of Pediatrics has also noted the same lack of happiness with social networking. They are calling the new condition “Facebook Depression.” The disorder is precipitated by anxiety over status updates and checking out the virtual lives of others who appear happier on Facebook and Twitter. Seeing pictures of friends or rivals having fun or appearing intensely happy can cause distressing feelings of inadequacy in individuals with low self-esteem and trigger deep depression for some users.
Far from affirming individuality and self-esteem, the social network user feels compelled to conform to an image that will please others. In such cases, social networking serves not to enhance a person’s social skills but rather leads the user to have fewer real friends and become immersed in a lonely, yet virtual, crowd.






According To The FBI, Internet Privacy Is Now Considered To Be

Suspicious Activity

03 Feb 2012 03:08 PM PST



When you use the Internet in a public place, do you prefer to have as much privacy as possible?  Well, that makes you a potential terrorist.  According to the FBI, Internet privacy is now considered to be suspicious activity.  If you are out in public and you attempt to keep snoopers from peeking at your computer screen, then according to the FBI they should gather as much information about you as they can and they should report you to the authorities immediately. If this seems completely and totally ridiculous to you, then you are not alone.  Millions of Americans have become deeply concerned about the constantly expanding definition of “suspicious activity” in the United States.  Sadly, the federal government is now engaging in an all-out attempt to have us all spy on one another.  All over America, the Department of Homeland Security is running ads promoting the “See Something, Say Something” campaign.  They even had 8,000 stadium workers at the Super Bowl this year go through special training on how to spot potential terrorists.  So the next time you see a hot dog vendor, keep in mind that he might also be part of a special anti-terrorism task force.

The following are some quotes from a government document entitled “Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities Related to Internet Café“.  In between each quote, I have included some commentary.  It is absolutely amazing what the definition of “suspicious activity” now includes….

“Are overly concerned about privacy, attempts to shield the screen from view of others”

Look, if I am doing some online banking or am composing an email to a friend I don’t want someone peeking at my screen.  Aren’t most Americans “concerned about privacy” and don’t most people want to keep their Internet activity to themselves?

“Always pay cash or use credit card(s) in different name(s)”

We have seen the government warn about this before.  It appears that from now on using cash in America is going to get you labeled as a potential terrorist.  How bizarre is that?

“Act nervous or suspicious behavior inconsistent with activities”

Some people are just naturally nervous.  This kind of vague language could be applied to almost anyone.

“Are observed switching SIM cards in cell phone or use of multiple cell phones”

What if your cell phone battery is dead and you need to use your wife’s cell phone?  Does that make you a potential terrorist?

“Travel illogical distance to use Internet Café”

A lot of times people will use Internet cafes when they are out of town on a trip.  Is there something inherently suspicious about that?

“Evidence of a residential based internet provider (signs on to Comcast, AOL, etc.)”

Why in the world would this be considered to be suspicious activity?

“Use of anonymizers, portals, or other means to shield IP address”

These are lots of people out there that take Internet security very seriously and that use things like this.  And how would a casual observer know that these kinds of things are being used?  You would have to be watching someone pretty closely to know that something like this is going on.

“Suspicious or coded writings, use of code word sheets, cryptic ledgers, etc.”

What would “suspicious or coded writings” include?  Again, this is very vague language and could include a vast array of different things.

“Encryption or use of software to hide encrypted data in digital photos, etc.”

So nobody should use encryption anymore?

“Suspicious communications using VOIP or communicating through a PC game”

What exactly would fall under the category of “suspicious communications”?

Also, if you are talking to someone through a PC game, there is a good chance that it is a very violent PC game and that you would say something that you normally wouldn’t say in real life.

You might say something like this: “Okay let’s get the guys together and go kill the boss.  We’ll meet at the Gates of Endor in a half hour.”

According to the FBI, that could easily be labeled as “suspicious activity” that needs to be reported to the authorities.

So exactly what are we being instructed to do if we see something suspicious?

Well, the following is one of the action points from the FBI flyer….

“Identify license plates, vehicle description, names used, languages spoken, ethnicity, etc.”

That sounds like something the KGB would ask people to do.

You can view the complete FBI flyer right here.

But it isn’t just Internet privacy that the FBI is concerned about.

There is another FBI flyer out there that is directed at those running hotels and motels.

The document is entitled “Potential Indicators Of Terrorist Activities Related To Hotels And Motels”, and you can view the entire document for yourself right here.

The following are things that the FBI says make a hotel guest “suspicious”….

“Request specific room assignments or locations.”

I do this all the time.  I always request a non-smoking room and I always prefer a king size bed.  Also, if I have a lot of stuff to carry I may request a room on the ground floor.  Does that make me suspicious?

“Use cash for large transactions or a credit card in someone else’s name.”

Once again, using cash is considered to be a suspicious activity.  How long will it be before they try to outlaw cash?

“Arrive with unusual amounts of luggage.”

Has the person writing these things ever even traveled with a woman?

“Make unusual inquiries about local sites, including government, military, police, communications, and power facilities.”

When I am visiting a new area, I will often talk with hotel staff about places to eat or places to visit.

Is that a problem?

“Refuse cleaning service over an extended time.”

This is something that I have done for years.  I don’t want a maid to wake me up at the crack of dawn.  If I refuse cleaning service will that get me put on a list somewhere?

“Use entrances and exits that avoid the lobby.”

Many hotels have entrances all around the building so that you don’t have to walk a mile to get to your car.

If I walk out a side door directly to my car does that make me a potential terrorist?

“Abandon a room and leave behind clothing and toiletry items.”

How many of us have ever left something behind in a hotel room by mistake?  Sometimes I triple check the room and still manage to leave something behind.

“Do not leave their room.”

Sometimes when you have a day off you just want to stay in bed all day.

Or if you are newly married you may not want to leave your room for a few days.

Should newly married couples be reported to the government as potential terrorists?

“Change their appearance.”

I change my appearance all the time.

If I am on vacation, I may not shave for several days.

And most people I know wear different clothes every single day.

So exactly how dramatic would a “change” of appearance have to be in order to be considered suspicious?

“Leave the property for several days and then return.”

Sometimes people have business plans or vacation plans that involve an unusual schedule.

Whoever wrote these flyers does not seem to have a lick of common sense.

Using the criteria above, almost anyone could be considered to be engaging in suspicious activity.

And it is highly offensive that the federal government is instructing us to watch one another so closely.

When did the United States turn into East Germany?

Unfortunately, these flyers are just another sign of the mass paranoia that seems to have descended on this country.

In America today, everyone is a “potential terrorist” and will be treated as such.

If the authorities will detain U.S. Senators at our airports for “security reasons” and if they will issue hundreds of thousands of tickets to school children, then there is no reason to believe that you are going to be treated with dignity and respect.

The United States is rapidly becoming a Big Brother police state.  I didn’t sign up to live in North Korea, but that is exactly where we are headed.

We have been told that all of our rights are now “limited privileges” that can be taken away at any time for the sake of “national security”.

Sadly, most Americans have become convinced that if we give up large amounts of liberty and freedom it will help the authorities keep us safe.

But that is a lie.  Without a doubt, more bad things are going to happen in the future.

When those bad things happen, we will be told that we need to give up even more liberty and freedom.

In the end, we will be living like slaves.

And we will still not be safe.

Please wake up America.











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