Not much sand left in the hourglass…

Running out of time, running on empty

by Ken Pullen


Thursday, February 2, 2012


There may be slightly over 7,000,000,000 people on this earth now, but there really are only 3 different kinds of people.

1.) Unbelievers of God, Christ, and the Holy Bible.

These people are either highly educated or not. Of all ages and gender. Rich, middle class, and poor. They are either oblivious and so self-absorbed they in truth live as if the entire world existed within mere inches of their noses, their jobs, the towns they live in. Or they may realize the world is larger, but they put their faith in men. In technology. And they are so gullible as to believe every trend, philosophy, and belief created from the minds of evil men. Blind followers one and all. These people, if religious, and not avowed atheists, follow every manmade false religion there is and cling to what is old, evil, and always has been imagining it to be something new, although it is the same old evil merely repackaged. These are the people that gravitate to every new diet scam out there blind to the fact diet is a lifelong choice and way of living, and there are no quick-fixes, no answers from one source of this world.

2.) People professing to be believers in God and Jesus Christ. And they make sure they go to church on Sunday’s. Sometimes.

Yet they do not read the Holy Bible and will not accept the truth. They do not study the Holy Scriptures. They are fed milk and choke on it and never have grown so much as a millimeter in faith. They insist on having different versions of what they in blasphemy refer to as a Bible to accomodate their carnal thinking. They reduce God and Christ to their level pretending they are disciples while in truth they are  living as lords, believing themselves to be masters, as they follow every lie and enticement of the old dragon Satan. They love blasphemous Bible translations. They love nothing but distracting entertainment under the guise of worship. They think inclusion means they are following what God and Scripture teaches, when in truth God and the Bible do not teach that everything should be accepted, that all are accepted. They love the lie of peace and security on this earth. They for the most part believe they can make earth the Kingdom of God, because, after all, they are men and women and they are gods! Because everyone they follow has told them so. They love liberalism convincing themselves it is what is taught in the Bible, though they know not the Bible, God, Christ, or the Holy Spirit. They love and follow the false teachers, the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

3.) True believers in Jehovah Elyon, Yeshua, Christ the Lord, and the Living Word of God, living in faith, instructed and guided by the Holy Spirit of the Lord.

These people are the rarest of people on this vast earth. So few in number. These people have an awareness within their spirits. They can see and feel the times beyond merely existing, or living in them. They place God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the pure unadulterated complete truth of Holy Scripture above all else. Above self. Above family. Above principalities and the powers of this world. And they know the time for this world is short. Very short. They can almost literally see and feel the sands in the hourglass of earth’s time about to run out.

No matter who, no matter what, there are no more, no less on this earth than these three kinds of people. Yes, the descriptions of each could contain more, but anyone reading this knows exactly what I mean – and every person reading this knows of which three groups they belong to. Even those of dead spirits following evil at the core of their hearts know which group they belong to. As do the professed and pretending.

Enjoy this edition of “Last Days News” for it helps to reveal and make clearer  these 3 kinds of people, and the times in which we live, these growing shorter by the hour last days.





New Bible yanks ‘Father,’ Jesus as ‘Son of God’

Islam-sensitive project ignites controversy, online petition

By Joel Richardson

In the world of questionable and sometimes downright silly Bible translations, one would think that it couldn’t get any worse.

After all, we’ve seen the “In da beginnin’ Big Daddy created da heaven an’ da earth” Ebonics Bible, as well as the “Apostle’s Log” Star Trek English paraphrase Bible. In a more serious effort, the New Oxford Annotated Bible was created in part by pro-”gay” and feminist scholars in order to set forth a more “gay” revisionist interpretation of Scripture.

But now there is a major controversy developing as the latest altered Bibles are being created by organizations that most would think of as being more conservative and reasonable. At the forefront of the controversy are the Wycliffe Bible Translators, the Summer Institute of Linguistics and Frontiers, all of which are producing Bible translations that remove or modify terms which they have deemed offensive to Muslims.

That’s right: Muslim-friendly Bibles.

Included in the controversial development is the removal of any references to God as “Father,” to Jesus as the “Son” or “the Son of God.” One example of such a change can be seen in an Arabic version of the Gospel of Matthew produced and promoted by Frontiers and SIL. It changes Matthew 28:19 from this:

“baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”

to this:

“cleanse them by water in the name of Allah, his Messiah and his Holy Spirit.”

A large number of such Muslim-sensitive translations already are published and well-circulated in several Muslim-majority nations such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia.

According to Joshua Lingel of i2 Ministries, “Even more dramatic a change is the Arabic and Bangla (Bangladesh) translations. In Arabic, Bible translations err by translating ‘Father’ as ‘Lord.’ ‘Guardian.’ ‘Most High’ and ‘God.” In Bangla, ‘Son of God’ is mistranslated ‘Messiah of God’ consistent with the Quran’s Isa al-Masih (Jesus the Messiah), which references the merely human Jesus.”

In response to these translations, many within the evangelical missions movement as well as many former Muslim converts and indigenous Christians from countries where these translations are being used, are indignant. After numerous appeals have been rejected, a petition has been launched to call for the end to the translations.

More than 3,000 already have signed up.

While the organizations that are promoting these translations are adamant that replacing such terms as Father with Lord or Master best conveys the inspired meaning of the text, many of the indigenous Christian leaders from the countries where these translations are being promoted are broadly rejecting the translations.

The indigenous believers see the introduction of these American-made translations with which they so strongly disagree as a form of American cultural imperialism or colonialism.

According to Turkish pastor Fikret Böcek, such new translations are, “an all-American idea with absolutely no respect for the sacredness of Scripture, or even of the growing Turkish church.”

According to the testimony of one leader from a church in Bangladesh, one of the most problematic aspects of this development is that it gives fuel to the often-heard Muslim claim that Christians are liars who change their Bibles to deceive Muslims. Once a Bible translation is well established within any country, the introduction of such radically different translations reinforces the Muslim charge and undermines trust in the Christian community.

According to Lingel, who can be contacted at, the crisis in translation methodology is largely due to “a postmodern literary bias” that has crept into some translation circles in recent decades. Such translations would seem to demand that the divine author of the Bible change rather than the Muslim reader.

“But Jesus demanded that many of his listeners change,” says Lingel, explaining that instead of demanding that Muslim readers change their understanding of God, these translations seem to convey that God must accommodate the religious prejudices of Muslims.

“Lingel is also the co-editor of a new book, “Chrislam: How Missionaries Are Promoting an Islamized Gospel,” which represents the first major response against Muslim-sensitive translations as well as the larger movement often referred to as the “Insider Movement” or “Chrislam.”

According to reports, of the roughly 200 translation projects Wycliffe/SIL linguists have undertaken in Muslim contexts, about 30 or 40 remove the terms father and son with reference to God and Jesus.

Lingel’s response is quite direct, “These projects need to be defunded.”

Yet according to a recent Forbes “200 Largest U.S. Charities” report, the Orlando-based Wycliffe Bible Translators USA is the third most well-funded religious charity in the states.

Proponents of the Insider Movement claim that this method of reaching Muslims is bearing great fruit. Opponents, however, point out that the so-called converts within the Insider Movement remain “hidden” within their Muslim culture, continue to attend mosque, pray like a Muslim, acknowledge Muhammad as a prophet, the Quran as inspired, and make the Muslim credal confession, known as the “shahada.”

Some now claim that there are as many as 300,000-1.2 million new “Insider believers” in Bangladesh. But one former Insider who left the movement and speaks out in Lingel’s Chrislam book reports that the number of insiders couldn’t be more than 10,000. According to this source, many of the claims are greatly exaggerated so as to bring in more funding from wealthy American missionary organizations.

“Other former Insiders have reported publicly that many Insiders are really Muslims who will do whatever it takes for the jobs and money they are offered by pro-IM ministries to feed their families,” Lingel says.

Further questioning the funding and support of well-known Christian organizations of this movement, Lingel recounts, “I have consulted with the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention on missions and evangelism among Muslims at various times… [Who] stated that there are tens of thousands of Isa al-masih jamaats, or ‘Jesus congregations,’ in northern Africa. But the members of these jamaats call themselves Muslims, do not believe in the Trinity and believe Muhammad is a prophet of God. Are they Christians or Muslims? Why talk about them in terms of missionary success?”

In response to what many Christians see as a heretical movement based on deception, Lingel’s i2 Ministries is in the process of completing a video-based university called Mission Muslims World University, with 40 of the most experienced professors from around the world teaching courses in Muslim ministries, Islamic Studies, apologetics, evangelism and discipleship.











President Obama Mentions An Energy Company In His Big Speech And It

Goes  Bankrupt Instantly


Michael Brendan Dougherty|January 26, 2012|
Reprinted from Business Insider

(Courtesy of


Andrew Restuccia of  The Hill is reporting that Ener1, a battery company that President Obama  referenced in his State of The Union Speech on Tuesday as an example of  successful energy investments, has just filed  for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

That’s just two days after the speech.

“In three years, our partnership with the private sector has already  positioned America to be the world’s leading manufacturer of high-tech  batteries,” Obama said in his speech.

According to Phil  Milford and Dawn McCarty at Businessweek, Ener1 had  received a $118 million U.S. Energy Department grant to make electric-car  batteries. And the grant received bi-partisan support, so it is not entirely on  Obama’s shoulders. From Businessweek:

Read more:










January 23, 2012  4:02 pm

The blame game

By Gillian Tett

Financial Times

A couple of years ago, US government officials often adopted a slightly  defensive air when they appeared at Davos. Little wonder: back then, the global  financial turmoil appeared to be a “Made in the USA” affair. For not only did  that country’s bloated subprime mortgage business lie at the heart of the 2007  financial debacle, but Washington’s clumsy handling of the collapse of Lehman  Brothers, the investment bank, a year later sparked the ensuing chaos.

While European institutions were not wholly without fault, it was convenient  for European and Asian policymakers to lay the blame on Wall Street and  Washington. This led to the Chinese and Russian premiers deciding to give the US – and US-style capitalism – a subtle but public dressing down at last year’s  World Economic Forum.

Now, however, times have changed. As the 2012 summit gets underway, the  current wave of global financial woes carries a different label. The US is no  longer solely to blame, with many citing evident problems now made in Europe,  China and elsewhere.

Certainly, the US is not in the clear yet. During the past two years, the  government has done a reasonably good job of putting its banking system on a  healthier footing, and there have been recent hints that its economy is  stabilising, with most economists expecting 2 per cent growth in 2012.

Nevertheless, worries remain, not least about a stagnant housing market and  the fact that Congress is unable to make progress in producing a coherent fiscal  plan to tackle the debt, which is heading to more than 90 per cent of gross  domestic product.

But notwithstanding these self-inflicted wounds, it is no longer the case  that the US is threatening to drag the rest of the world into a crisis. Instead,  the US is worried that the rest of the world could damage its fledgling  recovery. Thus the issue that the country’s delegation will wish to discuss in  Davos is how to quantify and contain these global risks and protect themselves  from any future fallout.

Europe is undoubtedly the most immediate preoccupation. The White House has  spent a considerable amount of time talking about the eurozone in recent months,  with President Barack Obama himself getting directly involved. In narrow trade  terms, US exports to Europe represent barely a couple of percentage points of  its economy; a year of stagnant growth in the eurozone – or even recession – is  therefore unlikely to have too deep an impact on the real US economy.

However, the bigger issue is the interconnections in the banking world.

US officials fear that if the eurozone were to tip into crisis, or a  full-scale break-up, this could hurt US asset managers and banks. These  institutions are collectively estimated to have extended around $500bn of credit  protection to companies and state entities in the peripheral eurozone, according  to the Bank of International Settlements.

But while anxiety is high, there is also a sense of impotence. In the past  year, Timothy Geithner, the US Treasury secretary, has implored his eurozone  counterparts to stave off a crisis, arguing that it is better to act sooner, not  later, in terms of injecting public funds into the banking sector.

However, Mr Geithner’s lectures have had limited impact, partly because there  is lingering resentment in the eurozone about the events of 2008.

Moves to stabilise the Middle East remain problematic, with some US officials  keen to use international forums to increase pressure on Iran. Concerns remain  high that the Middle East will produce new, destabilising surprises in 2012.

The great irony of this year’s Davos, in other words, is that while the US  has moved into a phase where it seems to have become inwardly focused (due to  its upcoming presidential election), it is now deeply uneasy about the outside  world. That could make for some frustrating conversations.












Obama: I Pushed Dodd-Frank And Health Care Reform Because Of Christ

Make Way for ‘Saint Obama the Pious’

Judi McLeod  Thursday, February 2, 2012

Launched to an unsuspecting world from stage prop Greek columns in the summer of 2008 as The Messiah who could walk on water, Barack Obama revealed today all he has since done is for Jesus.

All that was missing at the National Prayer Breakfast, when he claimed that guidance for what he is doing to the Free World comes from above,  were the Gregorian chants.

The Marxist misery he’s foisting on the Free World with his job-killing and spirit-killing policies don’t come from Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky, because, according to a freshly minted pious Obama,  it is all for Him.

Some of the true believers at this morning’s prayer breakfast must have all but fallen off their chairs when they heard the new Sermon from the Mount from a politician who has admitted he gets his prayer reminders via his Blackberry.

“And so when I talk about our financial institutions playing by the same rules as folks on Main Street, when I talk bout making sure insurance companies aren’t discriminating against those who are already sick, or making sure that unscrupulous lenders aren’t taking advantage of the most vulnerable among us, I do so because I genuinely believe it will make the economy stronger for everybody.  But I also do it because I know that far too many neighbors in our country have been hurt and treated unfairly over the last few years, and I believe in God’s command to ‘love thy neighbor as thyself.’” (Buzzfeed, Feb. 2. 2012)

That’s the story from Saint Obama The Pious and he’s likely sticking to it until at least November 6.

The Golden Rule definition that followed Obama’s ‘Love thy Neighbor’ spiel knocked him down off the sanctimonious Sainthood perch to the dark, dank cellar of unbridled Marxism: “I know the version of that Golden Rule is found in every major religion and every set of beliefs—from Hinduism to Islam to Judaism to the writings of Plato,” Obama added.

(OMG! he must have been reading Mark Levin’s runaway bestseller Ameritopia).

All but guaranteed that Obama also knows about the Earth Charter, drafted by his mentor, Canadian-born, UN Poster Boy Maurice Strong and former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.  The Earth Charter was specifically devised to replace the Ten Commandments.

“The real goal of the Earth Charter is that it will in fact become like the Ten Commandments.” (Maurice Strong).

“Do not do unto the environment of others what you do not want done to your own environment…My hope is that this charter will be a kind of Ten Commandments, a ‘Sermon on the Mount’ that provides a guide for human behavior toward the environment in the next century.” (Mikhail Gorbachev, Los Angeles Times, May 8, 1997).

Steven Rockefeller chaired the Drafting Committee of the Earth Charter and remains a key leader of the organization to this day.

The same Obama, who is forcing abortion on the Roman Catholic Church, today claims he “often falls to his knees in prayer”, and emphasized his religious values in determining where to lead the country.

“I’d be remiss if I stopped there; if my values were limited to personal moments of prayer or private conversations with pastors or friends.  So instead, I must try—imperfectly, but I must try—to make sure those values motivate me as one leader of this great nation”.

Meanwhile, just seeing Obama at work shows which side he’s on.  And it’s not the side of God and Jesus Christ the Lord. (1)


(1) administrator’s note:

I, Ken Pullen, took the liberty to edit the last sentence in Judi McLeod’s above article. It originally read “And it’s not on the Side of the Angels.” That sentence is vague and goes against the Word of God. It is very misleading in these times, especially since people revere angels, speak of them, and proclaim to see them, to know intimately of angels – all things true believers are warned against in the true Word of God.

Satan has his own legion of angels, and all the angels are a creation of God. If people spent more time in study and meditation reading Scripture and less time thinking they were experts on spiritual matters as they followed a worldly church, or their New Age Handbooks we would not contend with these abominations and blasphemies to this degree, but these are the last days are they not? And this is how it is to be, and it will only get worse by the hour. In these last days the angels have subplanted God and Christ in the minds of many as they are led down the deadly paths of false doctrine.

“Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility, and worshipping of angels, intruding into those things which he hath not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind…”

Colossians 2: 18

The angels are not equal to God or Christ, and it is this very subtle erosion of the truth over the years that has brought us to the great apostasy we now reside in, and draws us closer to the final day when Yeshua shall return, slaughter the nations – all nations that has risen up against Him, and corrupted the world and the hearts of men and women, and set His foot upon the Mount of Olives once more. The angels will follow Him, not be equal to Him. And this distinction can never be blurred, for to do so corrupts the truth and misleads – whichh is the keystone to Slewfoot’s plan! Let them imagine themselves following the Word of God and Christ, when in truth they are following my corrupted beguling ways and shall join me in the lake of fire for eternity! Angels are never capitalized in Scripture, unless the word appears at the beginning of a sentence, because they are not God, nor Christ. And while this may seem nitpicky it is the very rot which infects the truth and leads tens of millions to their spiritual deaths as they think they are following the truth!

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of accuracy, context, and living in truth when it comes to the faith. And it is clear few are filled with the Holy Spirit and thus instructed and led by God’s Holy Spirit in clarity of sight, clarity of hearing, clarity of understanding in the truth of Scripture, and in the pursuit of God.













Sher Zieve column

UPDATE: Obama Georgia ballot eligibility hearing

Sher Zieve
Sher Zieve January 30, 2012
There seems to be some confusion regarding what happened after the 26 January Obama-eligibility Georgia ballot hearings conducted in Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi’s court. Part of the reason for the confusion may be that a seeming mountain of evidence was presented in Sand to the court, along with answers given by expert witnesses as to Mr. Obama’s original and current ineligibility to hold the Office of President of the United States. The problem with his even being allowed to run for the office in the first place appears to be the incontrovertible fact that he was never vetted as to his eligibility. Those who wished to actually check Candidate Obama’s qualifications for the highest post in the USA were defamed and mocked by the media.
Currently, articles claiming that Obama’s name has, already, been disallowed from appearing as a presidential candidate on the Georgia ballot are inaccurate. What has, thus far, occurred are the following.
1. During the 26 January hearing, three attorneys (including Atty. Orly Taitz who was the primary attorney and instrumental in bringing this case to the court) brought witnesses and evidence before Judge Malihi’s court strongly suggesting Mr. Obama does not meet the Constitutional requirements to hold the Office of President of the United States of America
2. Prior to the hearing, all three attorneys met with Judge Malihi in his chambers
3. After the hearing was concluded, Judge Malihi asked all pleading attorneys to present summaries of their cases to him by 5 February
I spoke with Attorney Taitz on Saturday 28 January and she indicated that Judge Malihi has expedited his recommendation/ruling and has reset the date of attorney submissions to 1 February. She also indicated that multiple viewing courtrooms were packed during the hearing and that at least twenty Security Guards were present. Judge Malihi advised he hopes to submit his recommendation to Secretary of State Brian Kemp — as to whether or not Mr. Obama is qualified to appear on the State of Georgia’s ballot as a presidential candidate — as quickly as possible.
Note: Many judges and their families appear to have been under multiple threats from the Obama administration, if they failed to follow through with Mr. Obama’s orders. As an additional side note, a recent investigation uncovered numerous threats to Glenn Beck’s staff from one of Mr. Obama’s mentors and frequent Obama White House visitor multi-billionaire George Soros. Even after Beck left Fox News to pursue his own Internet network and other ventures, President of America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI), a public policy organization, Cliff Kincaid reports that the Soros people are still after Beck for exposing the Soros and Soros-Obama schemes to destroy our country. Recently, Beck’s staff has come under fire from the Soros syndicate and the life of at least one investigative reporter on Beck’s staff and her child have been threatened.
These “New World Order” people play for keeps and will apparently do anything and everything to shut down any and all truth in their determination — as Soros alludes to — to rule the world. We can only pray that Judge Malihi and the State of Georgia will remain strong and courageous in their efforts to uphold the truth. Please remember: “If we refuse to rise up and fight, we’ll be forced to lie down and die.”
A final note: Orly Taitz has been resolute in her determination to have the truth revealed about Obama and it has been overwhelmingly expensive. For over three years, she has been pursuing this for America, under multiple death threats and attempts to her, with the hope her children will grow up in a still-existent USA. The links to both the site for donations and her run for the US Senate are listed below.
“And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honorable” — Isaiah 3:5












University blasted for intolerance of Christianity

Judges order trial on claims of anti-religious bias, discrimination


The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered a trial at the district level for a graduate level counseling student who was dismissed from her program for asking that a client with “gay” issues be referred to another counselor because as a Christian she could not affirm that lifestyle choice.

Officials at Eastern Michigan University took that action against Julea Ward, a student approaching the end of her degree program with a 3.91 grade point average, even though, as the appeals judges noted, the school’s own practices in fact permitted such referrals.

The result is that a jury needs to make a determination on whether officials at the school attacked Ward because of her Christian beliefs or not, the ruling said.

“What exactly did Ward do wrong in make the referral request? If one thing is clear after three years of classes, it is that Ward is acutely aware of her own values. The point of the referral request was to avoid imposing her values on gay and lesbian clients. And the referral request not only respected the diversity of practicum clients, but it also conveyed her willingness to counsel gay and lesbian clients about other issues – all but relationship issues – an attitude confirmed by her equivalent concern about counseling heterosexual clients about extra-marital sex and adultery in a values-affirming way,” said the opinion, written by Circuit Judge Jeffrey Sutton.

The opinion said the evidence suggests “Ward was willing to work with all clients and to respect the school’s affirmation directives in doing so. That is why she asked to refer gay and lesbian clients (and some heterosexual clients) if the conversation required her to affirm their sexual practices. What more could the rule require?” the judge said.

“Surely, for example, the ban on discrimination against clients based on their religion (1) does not require a Muslim counselor tell a Jewish client that his religious beliefs are correct if the conversation takes a turn in that direction and (2) does not require an atheist counselor to tell a person of faith that there is a God if the client is wrestling with faith-based issues.”

The judges said, “Tolerance is a two-way street. Otherwise, the rule mandates orthodoxy, not anti-discrimination.”

“Public universities shouldn’t force students to violate their religious beliefs to get a degree. The court rightly understood this and ruled appropriately,” said Alliance Defense Fund Counsel Jeremy Tedesco, who argued before the court in October of last year.

“Rather than allow Julea to refer a potential client to another qualified counselor – a common, professional practice to best serve clients – EMU attacked and questioned Julea’s religious beliefs and ultimately expelled her from the program because of them.”

He noted that the judges determined, “A university cannot compel a student to alter or violate her belief systems based on a phantom policy as the price for obtaining a degree…. Why treat Ward differently? That her conflict arose from religious convictions is not a good answer; that her conflict arose from religious convictions for which the department at times showed little tolerance is a worse answer.”

The school launched its disciplinary attack on Ward shortly after she enrolled in a “practicum” in the counseling school in 2009. She was assigned a potential client regarding assistance with a same-sex sexual relationship.

Ward recognized the potential issue and asked her supervisor how to handle the matter. She was told to reassign the client to a different counselor.

Then, however, Ward was ordered to undergo “remediation” to “see the error of her ways” and change her “belief system” or be dismissed.

EMU faculty members then “denigrated” Ward’s Christian beliefs, including a taunt about whether her “brand” of Christianity was superior to that of other Christians.

In fact, the appeals court noted, even the textbooks used by EMU affirmed that a sound counseling practice is to allow values-based referrals. One said, “If the client selects goals that severely conflict with the helper’s values … the helper may decide to refer the client.”

Even the school’s own expert was conflicted, the opinion said, stating that while refusing to counsel on issues related to sexual orientation is a violation of ethics, he also confirmed many counselors do, in fact, refer homosexuals to others.

“A reasonable jury could conclude that practicum students were required to follow the written code of ethics, not an unwritten (yet-to-be-enforced) no-referrals policy. The epitome of a pretextual explanation for a student’s expulsion is a reason never expressed or invoked before.”

The judges said, “A reasonable jury also could find evidence of religious-speech discrimination from the formal review. … Many of the participants’ comments and questions focused on Ward’s beliefs and her religious objection to affirming same-sex relationships.”

Such statements, the court said, “permit the inference that Ward’s religious beliefs motivated their actions.”

“A reasonable jury could find that the university dismissed Ward from its counseling program because of her faith-based speech, not because of any legitimate pedagogical objective.”

WND earlier reported that lawmakers in Michigan raised objections to the school’s actions, with members of the Michigan Senate working on legislation including a provision calling on university counseling programs to evaluate and affirm how they can accommodate the religious beliefs of students.

State Rep. Tom McMillin told WND at the time the case was “extremely alarming,” and there was growing support for an effort to penalize universities that don’t accommodate religious beliefs.

“This is a state-taxpayer-supported university,” he said. “She’s got a court case. Hopefully that will be resolved.”















Banking giant accused of laundering billions

Ex-employee in New York has 1,000 pages of customer account records

Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., has authored many books, including No. 1 N.Y. Times best-sellers “The Obama Nation” and “Unfit for Command.” Along with serving as WND’s senior staff reporter, Corsi is a senior managing director at Gilford Securities.  Gilford Securities, founded in 1979, is a full-service boutique investment firm headquartered in NYC providing financial services to institutional and retail clients, from investment banking and equity research to retirement.

NEW YORK – A former employee of HSBC in New York has 1,000 pages of customer account records he claims are evidence of an international money-laundering scheme involving hundreds of billions of dollars by the global banking giant, which reportedly is under investigation by a U.S. Senate committee.

John Cruz has delivered to WND customer account records he says he pulled from the HSBC computer system before he was fired. Cruz was terminated Feb. 17, 2010, after two years at HSBC for “poor performance,” but he contends he was let go because senior management didn’t want to him to pursue his personal investigation.

Asked for comment, HSBC spokesman Rob Sherman issued a statement to WND.

“We support efforts to protect the integrity of the financial system, and our commitment to AML (anti-money laundering) includes rigorous internal processes and a close working partnership with regulators and law enforcement,” the statement said.

One of the largest banks in the world, London-based HSBC has about 7,500 offices in more than 80 countries and territories in Europe, North and South America, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa.

In his position as an account relationship manager, Cruz worked in the HSBC southern New York region, which accounts for about 50 percent of HSBC’s North American revenue. He was assigned to work with several branch managers to identify accounts in which HSBC might introduce additional banking services.

Cruz told WND he has “firsthand knowledge and proof of how HSBC transferred billions of dollars through accounts linked to companies that did not exist.”

“I had poor job performance because the portfolio of HSBC accounts I was given to work ended up being 90 percent fictitious and fraudulent accounts,” he said. “How could I expand HSBC bank relations with fraudulent accounts that were created to be used for illegal money laundering?”

Meanwhile, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has begun probing money-laundering activity at HSBC, according to a Reuters report last week, with the intention of scheduling hearings in the spring.

Elise Bean, chief legal counsel and majority staff director for the Senate subcommittee, told WND the panel has “no comment” on any possible HSBC investigation.

Cruz came to WND with the 1,000 pages of evidence before the committee’s investigation of HSBC was reported.

He previously brought his complaint to Jeremy Scileppi, bureau chief of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office on Long Island.

“Scileppi was no more interested in hearing what I had to say than was the HSBC senior bank management,” Cruz said. “I got stonewalled. That’s when I decided to write a book.”

Titled “World Banking World Fraud: Using Your Identity,” the book was published Oct. 7, 2011.

Scileppi and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office did not respond to a WND request to confirm Cruz’s claim.

Cruz said that in the two years he worked for HSBC, he eventually discovered that money laundering was being carried out not only by branch managers but also by senior officers of the bank, both within the U.S. and internationally.

“From what I saw, I came to suspect HSBC had become the Mexican drug cartels’ bank of choice,” he said.

The customer account records suggest identity theft was used to capture legitimate Social Security numbers and create bogus retail and commercial bank accounts through which HSBC employees could deposit and withdraw hundreds of millions of dollars on a daily basis, apparently without the knowledge of the identity-theft victims.

Cruz said he ultimately was fired after his supervisors made numerous attempts to discourage him from pursuing his personal investigation.

“When I began bringing to the attention of my supervisors suspicious activity in accounts that needed to be reported to legal authorities, including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, I was told to shut up,” he said.

His job required him to access the HSBC computer system to find accounts to contact and visit in person.

“I was shocked to find accounts through which millions of dollars were being deposited and withdrawn without any apparent business activity being conducted,” he said. “Then when I went to visit the business, I found nothing – shell companies, vacant offices with no furniture, or no such business whatsoever at the address listed on the account records.”

Cruz said he never imagined that keeping his job at HSBC would mean turning a blind eye to criminal behavior.

“I always thought that if you ran a bank, you would keep away from customers with fake names,” he said. “Instead, what I found at HSBC were thousands of accounts established for phantom businesses that had apparently only thousands of dollars of claimed business each year, but millions of dollars flowing into and out of the accounts every month.”

One of Cruz’s first calls on an HSBC customer required a drive east on the Long Island Expressway to visit a small insurance company. But the phone number turned out to be disconnected, and the tax ID number corresponded with another HSBC customer from Yonkers who had recently closed his account with the bank.

Another business Cruz visited, near the Brentwood Station on the Long Island Rail Way off Suffolk Avenue, turned out to be an abandoned building that evidently had not been occupied in some time. It had broken windows, and weeds pushed up through the cracked cement in the parking lot.

WND has contacted HSBC customers identified in the account records. They appeared to fall into several distinct categories, including former customers of the bank who claim to have closed their accounts and people with no HSBC account history who were independently victims of identity theft related to credit card use.

In all cases WND investigated, the Social Security numbers used to open the HSBC accounts were legitimate and connected to the person in whose name the retail or commercial bank account was opened.

In most cases, WND found the phone numbers listed with the HSBC accounts to be disconnected or assigned to new users who claimed no knowledge of the accounts.













Iran moving closer to stage where it will be too late to destroy nuclear

facilities, Israel warns

Iran is moving closer to the point when it will be too late to destroy its   nuclear facilities with a precision air strike, Israel’s defence minister   has warned

Iran moving closer to stage where it will be too late to destroy nuclear facilities, Israel warns

Ehud Barak, Israel’s defence minister, speaks at the World Economic Forum in Davos Photo: AFP/GETTY
Adrian Blomfield

By , Jerusalem

7:40PM GMT 27 Jan 2012

The Telgraph

Reviving Western concerns that his government is still contemplating   unilateral military action against Iran,   Ehud Barak gave one of the clearest signs yet that Israel’s support for new   US and EU sanctions remains strictly limited.

“We are determined to prevent Iran from turning nuclear,” he told   the World Economic Forum in Davos. “And even the American president and   opinion leaders have said that no option should be removed from the table.

“It seems to us to be urgent, because the Iranians are deliberately   drifting into what we call an immunity zone where practically no surgical   operation could block them.”

Although Israeli   intelligence and military officials have privately spoken of Iran’s nuclear   programme entering a “framework of immunity”, it is the first time   that a senior figure in Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has done so in   public.

Israel’s fears that it might soon be too late to launch military action were   bolstered earlier this month when Iran announced that it had begun to enrich   uranium at its Fordow plant, which is buried so deep within a mountain it   may be impossible for Israeli warplanes or missiles to destroy.


Mr Barak’s ministry believes that once the bulk of uranium enrichment is   carried out at Fordow, Iran will be in the immunity zone. Israel also   reckons that Iran could be in a position to build a bomb within months,   although US officials have been quoted as saying that Tehran will not be   able to fit a nuclear warhead onto a missile for some years.

Mr Barak’s warning came as inspectors from the International Atomic Energy   Agency, the UN’s nuclear watchdog, prepare to resume inspections of Iran’s   nuclear facilities.

Yukiya   Amano, the organisation’s head, urged Iran to show full co-operation   after an IAEA report published last November concluded that Iran appeared to   be pursuing the development of a nuclear weapon. Tehran has long insisted   that its nuclear programme is peaceful in intent.

Iran has sent conflicting signals over its nuclear intentions. It has agreed   to allow inspections and has spoken vaguely of its willingness to resume   negotiations on the future of its nuclear programme.

But it has also threatened to seal off the world’s most important oil waterway   by blockading the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.

In a demonstration of bravado, the Iranian parliament is to meet on Sunday to   impose an immediate halt to all oil exports to the European Union.

The EU   agreed this week to an embargo on importing oil from Iran, but said   it would phase in the sanctions over six months.

If Iran carried out its threat it would pose serious challenges to Greece,   Spain and Italy, the EU’s three most vulnerable economies, which account for   more than 80 per cent of Iranian oil imports to Europe.

But such a measure would also harm Iran, which exports 18 per cent of its oil   to the EU, as there is no guarantee that it would find alternative markets   unless it was prepared to sell crude at a heavy discount.








Hamas and the Washington establishment

Jerusalem Post | Jan 31, 2012 By Caroline Glick

To date, the Republican presidential primary race has been the only  place to have generated any useful contributions to America’s  collective understanding of current events in the Middle East. Last  month, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich became the first major  political figure in more than a generation to pour cold water over the  Palestinian myth of indigenous peoplehood by stating the truth, that the  Palestinians are an “invented people.”
As  Gingrich explained, their invention came in response to Zionism, the  Jewish national liberation movement. Since they were created somewhere  around 1920, the Palestinians’ main purpose has not been the  establishment of a Palestinian state but the obliteration of the Jewish  state.
For his truth telling, Gingrich was  attacked by fellow politicians and policy hands on both sides of the  ideological divide. To his credit, Gingrich has not backed away from the  truth he spoke. Rather he has repeated it in two subsequent Republican  candidates’ debates.
The second important  contribution that Republican presidential candidates have made to the  discourse on the Middle East was undertaken by Texas Gov. Rick Perry  during a candidates’ debate in South Carolina on January 17, shortly  before he pulled out of the race. When asked about Turkey, Perry said  that country “is being ruled by what many would perceive to be Islamic  terrorists.” He went on to say that the US ought to be having a debate  about whether Turkey should continue to serve as a member of NATO.
Like  Gingrich, Perry was pilloried by all right thinking people in the US  foreign policy elite. And like Gingrich, Perry was right. The hoopla his  statement generated showed just how destructive so much of America’s  received wisdom about the Middle East has become. Moreover, it  demonstrated the extent to which the US has adopted Middle East policies  that are inimical to its national interests.
After  Hamas won the Palestinian elections in January 2006, Turkey was the  first country to invite Hamas’s terror master Khaled Mashal to Ankara.  Turkish Prime Minister Recip Tayyip Erdogan’s move provoked criticism  from the Bush administration. But Erdogan just shrugged it off. And he  was right to do so. By 2006, then secretary of state Condoleezza Rice  had come to view Erdogan as the US’s indispensable ally in the Muslim  world. As she saw it, he was proof that Islamist parties could be  democratic and moderate.
The fact that Erdogan  embraced Hamas could not get in the way of Rice’s optimistic assessment.  So, too, the fact that Erdogan embarked on a systematic campaign to  stifle press freedom, curb judicial independence and imprison his  political critics in the media and the military could not move Rice from  her view that Erdogan personified her belief that moderate jihadists  exist and ought to be embraced by the US.
Rice’s  starry-eyed view of Erdogan set the stage of US President Barack  Obama’s even stronger embrace of the increasingly tyrannical Turkish  Islamist. Since Obama took office, not only has Ankara stepped up its  support of Hamas, and ended even the pretense of a continued strategic  alliance with Israel that it maintained during the Bush years. Turkey  began serving as Iran’s chief diplomatic protector while vastly  expanding its own strategic and economic ties with Tehran.
In  the face of Turkey’s openly anti-American behavior and actions, Obama  clings to Erdogan even more strongly than Rice did. Obama reportedly  views Erdogan as his most trusted foreign adviser. According to the  media, Obama speaks with Erdogan more often than he speaks to any other  foreign leader. In a recent interview with Time magazine, Obama listed  Erdogan as one of the key foreign leaders with whom he has formed a  friendship based on trust.
Over the past few  weeks, Turkey has emerged as Hamas’s largest financier. During an  official visit in Turkey, Hamas’s terror master in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh  received a hero’s welcome. Erdogan pledged to finance the jihadist  movement to the tune of $300 million per year.
COMMENTATORS  CLAIM that Turkey’s sponsorship of Hamas was necessitated by Iran’s  abandonment of the terror group. Iran, it is claimed, cut Hamas off in  August due to the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood’s refusal  to actively assist Iran’s other Arab client – Syrian President Bashar  Assad – in massacring his domestic opponents.
These  analyses are problematic for two reasons. First, it is far from clear  that Iran cut Hamas off. Iran’s rulers have invited Haniyeh to Tehran  for an official visit. This alone indicates that the mullahs remain  committed to maintaining their relationship with the jihadist movement  that controls the Gaza Strip.
And why would they want to cut off that relationship?
By  serving as Hamas’s chief sponsor since 2006, Iran has won enormous  credibility in the Arab world. This credibility has bought Tehran  influence with the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and beyond.  Particularly now, with the Brotherhood taking over Egypt and much of the  Arab world, Iran would only stand to lose by cutting off Hamas.
The  second problem with these assessments is that it makes little sense to  believe that Turkey has replaced Iran as Hamas’s main state sponsor  since Iran and Turkey are not necessarily competing over Hamas. Given  the interests shared by Tehran and Ankara, it is far more reasonable to  assume that they are coordinating their moves regarding Hamas.
Iran  became Hamas’s chief financier and weapons supplier the same year that  Erdogan emerged as Hamas’s most important political supporter. And in  the six years since then, Iran and Turkey have become strategic allies.  Even with regards to Syria, the fact that Assad remains in power today  is due in no small measure to the fact that Erdogan has used his  influence over Obama to ensure that the US has remained on the sidelines  and so effectively supported Assad’s survival.
In  light of Erdogan’s enormous influence over leaders in both US parties,  it is little wonder that Perry’s factual statement about the nature of  the Turkish government and the need for the US to reassess its strategic  alliance with Turkey provoked such an across the board outcry.  Erdogan’s close relationship with Obama – like his previously close  relationship with Rice – renders it well nigh impossible for US  government officials and inside-the Beltway “experts” to make the kind  of commonsense assessments of Turkey’s counterproductive regional role  that an outsider like Perry was able to make from his perch in Austin,  Texas.
CONTRARY TO what several leading  commentators have argued since the onset of the Syrian popular rebellion  against Assad, Hamas has not been seriously damaged by the events.  True, its leaders are looking for a new place to station their  headquarters. But there is no law that requires terrorist organizations  to have one central office. The families of Hamas’s leadership have  decamped to Jordan. Hamas leaders have close relations with the Qataris –  who remain major funders – as well as with the Egyptian Muslim  Brotherhood and the Sudanese regime.
In  addition to these state supporters, through its relations with Turkey  and Fatah, Hamas has Washington as well. To understand how Washington  acts as Hamas’s protector, it is necessary to consider not only the  corrosive impact of Washington’s relations with Turkey, but also the  nature of the Palestinian-Israeli peace process.
Since  its inception in 1993, the peace process has been predicated on Israeli  concessions to the Palestinians. To the extent that Israel makes  concessions, the peace process is seen as advancing. To the extent that  Israel fails to make concessions, the peace process is seen as  collapsing. True, at certain times, the Bush administration blamed the  Palestinians for the failure of the peace process, but the blame owed to  the fact that Palestinian terrorism made Israel less amenable to  concession making.
Palestinian terrorism was  not in and of itself blamed for the demise of the peace process. Rather  it was perceived as the means through which Israel avoided making more  concessions. And at certain times, the US supported Israel’s avoidance  of concession making.
Since Israeli concessions  to the Palestinians are the only tangible component of the peace  process, the US, as the chief sponsor of the peace process, requires the  Palestinian Authority – run by Fatah – to be accepted as a credible  repository for Israeli concessions regardless of its actual nature.  Consequently, despite Fatah’s two unity deals with Hamas, its  sponsorship of terrorism, its incitement of terrorism, its refusal to  accept Israel’s right to exist, its adoption of negotiating positions  that presuppose Israel’s demise, and its conduct of political warfare  against Israel, neither the Bush administration nor the Obama  administration ever showed the slightest willingness to consider ending  their support for the PA.
If Israel has no  peace partner, then it can’t make concessions. And if it can’t make  concessions, there is no peace process. And that is something that  neither the Bush administration nor the Obama administration was willing  to countenance.
It is true that under Obama  the US has become far more hostile towards Israel than it was under  Bush. The most important distinction between the two is that whereas  George W. Bush sought to broker a compromise deal between the two sides,  Obama has adopted Fatah’s negotiating positions against Israel. As a  consequence of Obama’s actions, the peace process has been derailed  completely. Fatah has no reason to compromise since the US will blame  Israel no matter what. And Israel has no reason to make concessions  since the US will deem them insufficient.
Noting this distinction, Washington Post  commentator Jennifer Rubin wrote this week that for the benefit of the  peace process, it is important for a Republican administration to be  elected to replace Obama in November. As she put it, “If history is any  guide, progress is made in the ‘peace process’ when the Israeli prime  minister operates from a position of strength and has the full support  of the US president. We might get there, albeit not until 2013.”
The  problem with her analysis is that it is of a piece with the insiders’  attacks on Gingrich and Romney alike. That is, it is based on the false  assumptions of the peace process and the generally accepted wisdom  embraced by the American foreign policy elite on both sides of the aisle  that the PA is a reasonable repository for Israeli concessions.
Here  it is worth noting that this week Fatah-controlled PA TV aired a  sequence venerating the murderers of the Fogel family. Udi and Ruth  Fogel and their children Yoav, Elad and Hadas were brutally murdered in  their home last March.
Fatah’s glorification of  their murderers is yet further proof that the foundations of the peace  process are false. Peace cannot be based on appeasing societies that  uphold mass murderers as role models. It can only be based on empowering  free societies to defeat societies that embrace murder, terror and in  the case of Hamas, genocide.
And this brings us  back to the Republican primaries and Gingrich’s and Perry’s statements.  For the US to secure its interests in the Middle East, it requires  leaders who are willing to reassess what passes for common wisdom on  both sides of the aisle.
Originally published in The Jerusalem Post.

















Rise of Islam plotted at secret meeting

Look what Muslim Brotherhood is scheming now

Aaron Klein is WND’s senior staff reporter and Jerusalem bureau chief. He also hosts “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio. His latest book is the N.Y. Times best-selling, “The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists.”

JERUSALEM – The Muslim Brotherhood last week held a secret meeting in Egypt to coordinate the Islamic group’s rise to power in countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa, WND has learned.

Egyptian security officials told WND the meeting included Brotherhood members from Gaza, Syria, Jordan, Sudan and Egypt. The group discussed methods of gaining more influence in the respective countries.

The security officials said that Muslim Brotherhood members at the meeting identified militant Salafist organizations as a threat to the Brotherhood’s plan of taking power via elections.

The meeting followed the Brotherhood’s sweeping victory in Egypt’s parliamentary elections, taking 47 percent of the seats in the new assembly.

The confab took place as the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad faces an insurgency that is reportedly being coordinated in part by Muslim Brotherhood-allied groups.

In a related development, on Sunday, Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal made his first official visit to Jordan since the kingdom expelled him more than a decade ago. He met with King Abdullah, who has traditionally been a U.S. ally opposed to Hamas.

The Meshaal-Abdullah meeting is being widely seen as a sign of the region’s major shift of power toward the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of Hamas.

The Hamas visit also reportedly gave a boost to Jordanian Islamists, who make up the country’s main opposition and have been at the forefront of street protests demanding sweeping political reforms that would likely result in the group’s rise to power in Jordan.

“There are forces that are not pleased with this visit and see themselves losing as a result,” said Zaki Bani Irsheid, a leader of the Islamic Action Front, the political arm of Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood.















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