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The Southern Poverty Law Center Infiltrates Public Education
8/31/2011 8:41:00 AM
By Laurie Higgins, Director of IFI’s DSA –Illinois Family Institute

Decades ago, summer was the time that necessitated increased parental vigilance. School was the safe place. But the times they have a’changed. Self-righteous “agents of change” stand ready at the schoolhouse door to mold other people’s children into ideological replicas of themselves. So now the school year has become the time that necessitates increased parental vigilance.

One organization that warrants particular attention is “Teaching Tolerance,” which is laughingly called an “educational project,” but is, in reality, the pernicious propaganda project of the leftwing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). This is the organization that has listed the Illinois Family Institute, Family Research Council, and the American Family Association as “hate groups.”

The propagandists — I mean educators — at Teaching Tolerance are taking full advantage of the propensity of parents to remain blissfully unaware of what their children are being taught.  These “tolerance teachers” count on parents remaining ignorant of their goal to undermine conservative moral and political beliefs.

Here is the newest resource spawned by the manipulators of children at the SPLC’s Teaching Tolerance of which parents should be aware:

Planning to Change the World: A Plan Book for Social Justice Teachers 2011-2012

This handbook for teachers begins with a quote from the Brazilian Marxist, Paulo Freire, who is the guru for “social justice teachers” and wrote their bible, Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

The introduction makes clear that liberation from oppression supersedes sound, apolitical education:

Planning to Change the World is a plan book for teachers who believe their students can create meaningful social change. It is the product of a collaboration between two education networks — the New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE) and the Education for Liberation Network — and is published in partnership with Rethinking Schools. The information and ideas featured on its pages come from teachers, college students and activists who, like you, struggle daily to put their values into practice. As educators, our vision of teaching for liberation often gets buried under the everyday realities of teaching. Bombarded with paperwork, tests, curriculum mandates, we feel frustrated, overwhelmed, alone.

Planning to Change the World is packed with important social justice birthdays and historical events, words of wisdom from visionary leaders, lesson plans, resources, social justice education happenings and more.  [Emphases added]

The planning book includes quotes from radical historical revisionist Howard Zinn, homosexual activist Staceyann Chinn, and controversial labor leader Cesar Chavez. It also includes dozens of resources for teachers, most of which are extreme leftwing resources, including resources that promote far leftist assumptions about homosexuality, economics, religion, and American “imperialism”.

Here are some of the historical events honored just in November by the SPLC’s “educators” from Teaching Tolerance:

  • Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • The 50th anniversary of the first openly gay person to run for public office
  • Eid al-Adha: an Islamic holiday
  • Muharram, the first day of the Islamic calendar
  • The 170th anniversary of the Creole revolt
  • First day of Native American Heritage Month
  • 80th anniversary of the beginning of the removal of the Choctaw Indians from their lands
  • Thanksgiving: Teaching Tolerance recommends that teachers use resources from the anti-American organization, Oyate, about which I have previously written.Teaching Tolerance also recommends an activity they created called Thanksgiving Mourning:

    [S]tudents will review two written works by Native American authors. The first — a speech written by Wamsutta James in 1970 — gave birth to the National Day of Mourning, which is observed on Thanksgiving by some indigenous people. To them, Thanksgiving is ‘a reminder of the genocide of millions of their people, the theft of their lands, and the relentless assault on their culture.’ The Day of Mourning, on the other hand, is a day of remembrance and spiritual connection, as well as a protest of the racism and oppression that Native Americans continue to experience.”

I wonder if Teaching Tolerance would revise their list of important “social justice” historical events to include mention of Joseph Scheidler, father of the pro-life movement. He is the indefatigable pursuer of social justice for the most vulnerable in America: babies in utero, whose developmental immaturity or imperfections put them at risk of legalized extermination.

As I’ve written before, “teaching for social justice” is, in a nutshell:

repackaged socialism with its focus on economic redistribution. Social justice theory emphasizes redistribution of wealth and values uniformity of economic and social position over liberty. Social justice advocates seek to use the force of government to establish economic uniformity.

Its other dominant features pertain to race, gender, class, and sexual orientation/ identity/ expression. Social justice theory as I’m describing it encourages people to view the world through the divisive lens of identity politics that demarcates groups according to which group constitutes the “oppressors” and which the “oppressed.” Those who are identified as the “oppressors” need not have committed any acts of actual persecution or oppression, nor feel any sense of superiority toward or dislike of the supposed “oppressed” class. The problem with social justice theory is that it promotes the idea that “institutional racism,” as opposed to actual acts of mistreatment of individuals by other individuals is the cause of differing lots in life.

Social justice theorists cultivate the racist, sexist, heterophobic stereotype that whites, males, and heterosexuals are oppressors. This is an offensive, prejudiced stereotype that robs minorities of a sense of agency in and responsibility for their own lives, telling them that their lots in life cannot improve through their own efforts but only through an appropriate degree of self-flagellation on the parts of the purported oppressors. It cultivates a sense of perpetual victimization and powerlessness on the parts of minorities and an irrational and illegitimate sense of guilt on the parts of whites, or men, or heterosexuals.

Finally, social justice theory is distinctly anti-American and hyper-focuses on America’s mistakes and failings. Social justice theory diminishes or ignores the remarkable success America has achieved in integrating virtually every ethnic and racial group in the world, and in enabling people to improve their lots in life through economic opportunity and American principles of liberty and equality.

To learn more about the ethically and intellectually bankrupt Southern Poverty Law Center’s deeply troubling ideology, goals, and tactics, click HERE (this is a very recent and important article from an immigration reform organization on the SPLC’s “phony claims”), HERE, and HERE.

When you’re done, email your children’s teachers, some of whom likely subscribe to Teaching Tolerance’s free online newsletter for educators, asking whether they will be using any resources or activities from Teaching Tolerance. Then make it clear that should they decide to use any resources created or recommended by Teaching Tolerance, you want to be notified so you can opt your child out.





It can’t happen here?

What do you think the majority said there, as it was happening?

Think someone or something is going to save you other than God and Jesus Christ the Lord?

Think you’ll be spared and be swept up in the clouds to party with Jesus because you go to church on Sunday’s?

Insert the coming soon U.S. and One World Government propaganda posters in space below….















Sher Zieve column
ALERT: Congressional Black Caucus Obamathugs calls for race war to keep Obama in power

Sher Zieve
Sher Zieve
September 1, 2011
Since usurping the US presidency, the Marxist-Leninist Obama syndicate has committed treason after treason upon the USA and its people. Note: See my past columns for more information. Now, however, it is moving into the next and, as predicted, extreme violence phase. The CBC is going from city to city nationally and demanding “Beyond Zimbabwe change!” As the TEA Party has attempted to reign in Congressional spending, the CBC has become more vicious in its rhetoric against it. Members of the radical
Congressional Black Caucus are now spewing hatred against TEA Party members by comparing their efforts to stabilize the US economy to ‘enacting Jim Crow laws’ and ‘seeing us [blacks] hanging on a tree’! This is not only unconscionable but, it is the equivalent of Islamists calling for and implementing the overthrow of the US government by force. Apparently the Marxist CBC, speaking for all of “black America,” has now declared war on the “white” TEA Party. By the way, Jim Crow laws and Ku Klux Clan lynchings were affected by Democrats. And, as Obama’s poll numbers continue to drop his methods to retain power (ala Robert Mugabe?) become more and more malevolent.

We are already witnessing the coordinated “black flash mob” phenomena occurring in cities across the USA. These mobs are attacking white people, at will, and recently gained notoriety for unprovoked attacks on whites and their property at the Wisconsin State Fair. Obama’s US Attorney General Eric Holder’s election “civil rights” division has
determined that white people no longer have the protection of US law. Only minorities (if they vote “left”) can now count on the misnamed “Department of Justice” to dole out anything resembling fair treatment. So, the Fourteenth Amendment’s “equal protection under the law” clause has now been eliminated for white folk whom Holder says ‘haven’t suffered enough’.

Is there anyone left in Congress who hasn’t been completely corrupted by bribes and power? Is there anyone left in that once-noble body who still cares about the survival of
this country? Anyone? Has CBC member Rep. Allen West (R-FL) spoken out against this? If not…why not?

Folks, with this latest assault on We-the-People we have almost reached the end of the country. Either we stop these goons (calling for race riots is NOT free speech) or we die (literally) by their hands. As I have warned — and most of us already knew in our guts — we must fight or submit to the oppressors…and submission means both physical and
spiritual death. The Obama syndicate — via its CBC mouthpieces — have now on-the-record declared war on the people of the United States of America. This consists of “high crimes” and is the purest form of treason. If you’re not willing to fight for Liberty, you doom yourself to die under Tyranny.

Enjoying the [Zimbabwe] Riots:

Congressional Black Caucus’ Dangerous Violent Rhetoric: Declares ‘War’ on Racist Tea Party:

Black Flash Mobs:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=cf799297008d2d18&biw=985&bih=531

Report: Black ‘Mobs’ Attack White Patrons Outside Wis. State Fair:

Holder: Whites no longer have equal protection under the law:

Sher Zieve is an author and political commentator. Zieve’s op-ed columns are widely carried by multiple internet journals and sites, and she also writes hard news. Her columns have also appeared in The Oregon Herald, Dallas Times, Sacramento Sun, in international news publications, and on multiple university websites. Sher is also a guest on multiple national radio shows.

Copyright 2011 by Sher Zieve









August 31, 2011

NY Times would prefer settlers defenseless against Palestinian attacks

Leo Rennert

American Thinker


In a couple of weeks, the Palestinian Authority will be at the UN seeking statehood recognition over all of Gaza, all of the West Bank and all of East Jerusalem, including Judaism’s holiest shrines.   And the UN General Assembly is likely to oblige.)

It’s in this context that the New York Times, in an Aug. 31 dispatch by Jerusalem correspondent Isabel Kershner, reveals the startling news that the Israeli military has been training settlers in the West Bank to defend themselves if unilateral UN recognition of Palestinian statehood triggers attacks on Jewish settlements in the West Bank — or, as Kershner puts it in more politically correct terms —  should there occur “major disturbances.” (“Israel Intensifies Training Of Settler Security Teams” page A4).

Kershner is clearly upset about Israel’s chutzpah in training settlers in self-defense tactics.  The military, for example, is drawing boundaries around settlements as “no-go” lines to warn potential Palestinian demonstrators not to enter any settlements.  So, Kershner huffs that “it was not clear how the boundaries would be made clear to protesters.”

Kershner also is concerned that settler rapid-response teams have been armed with M-16 automatic rifles.  Presumably, she’d be happier if they only had squirt guns or water pistols.

The military’s explanation that, to ensure the safety of settlers, it is “preparing them to deal with any possible scenario” doesn’t satisfy Kershner.  The military, she informs Times readers, “declined to go into further detail regarding what it called its ‘operational preparedness.”’

It’s typical, of course, for Kershner and the Times to huff and puff about settlements as the alleged obstacles toward peace, rather than Hamas’s total control of Gaza and Mahmoud Abbas’s refusal to make any compromises whatsoever to achieve a two-state solution.  That basic reality is not to be found in Kershner’s piece.  Nor is the historical fact that Israel repeatedly has vacated settlements or offered to vacate them whenever there was a glimmer or prospect of peace with its neighbors — i.e. the evacuation of all Sinai settlements as part of a peace deal with Egypt, the abandonment of all settlements in Gaza when Ariel Sharon foolishly believed this would pave the way for a an incipient, peaceful Palestine, the offers to vacate 95 percent of the West Bank by Ehud Barak in 2000 and Ehud Olmert in 2008.

None of this matters as much to Kershner as those pesky settlements portrayed as sole obstacle in the path toward peace.








August 31, 2011

Fast and Furious cover-up shifts into second gear

Thomas Lifson

American Thinker


Decoding the recent bureaucratic moves at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, it looks a lot as if people are being given incentives to keep their mouths shut, and stick with the party line that higher-ups in the Department of Justice knew nothing about the program supplying drug gangs in Mexico with American firearms.

Patrick Richardson of Pajamas Media analyzes the news yesterday that Acting Director Kenneth Melson is being shuffled off to become a senior advisor on forensic science in the DOJ’s Office of Legal Programs. They might  just as well rename the post Director of collecting salary and benefits while taking responsibility for nothing.

The move is suspect at best, given that Melson gave secret testimony about who knew what and when within DOJ, and included Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer.

ATF Special Agent Vince Cefalu, one of the original whistleblowers on the case, believes it’s motivated by a “cover your ass” attitude on the part of Holder. Cefalu notes Melson is a “lab rat” and believes he should never have been put in charge of ATF in the first place:

I think everything we said all along has been proven to be true. It’s no secret that they’re cleaning house.

Cefalu thinks Holder asked Melson what job he wanted in return for his silence:

You don’t think they gave him that for his stellar performance at ATF, do you?

Melson reportedly watched some of the straw purchases in Arizona live via webcam in his office.

I take this as a sign of deep worry.  If nothing else, the crew at DoJ is going to try to delay disclosure of documents and records that might contain Eric Holder’s fingerprints until after the election.










August 31, 2011

Welcome to the double dip recession

Rick Moran

American Thinker


Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge blog makes a pretty convincing case that we’re already in another recession:

While the key market moving event from last Friday may have been Bernanke’s Jackson Hole speech which merely left the door open to future QE episodes, the most important event from an economic standpoint was the first GDP revision Q2, which dropped from preliminary 1.3% to a sub stall speed, in real terms, 1.0%. What is just as important is that as the following chart from Bloomberg demonstrates, the YoY change in real GDP, which is now at 1.5%, is a slam dunk indicator of recession: “Since 1948, every time the four-quarter change has fallen below 2 percent, the economy has entered a recession. It’s hard to argue against an indicator with such a long history of accuracy.” Bernanke agreed that “growth has for the most part been at rates insufficient to achieve sustained reductions in unemployment.” And while Bernanke is shifting dangerously into Greenspan territory with the open-ended interpretation of his statement, another thing that is more actionable is the observation that virtually every time real YoY GDP has dropped below 1.5%, this has led to a negative nonfarm payroll number. Granted, the result may not be as shocking as what the Philly Fed implied vis-a-vis this Friday’s NFP, but we believe a subzero print in the August labor report will convince the three Fed holdouts that the time for yet another monetary intervention is here (Arab Spring part deux consequences be damned).

I’m not an economist but I’m a great believer in the past as an indicator of what will happen in the future.

Of course, this is just a technical explanation for what we all see every day in our own lives. No jobs, little hope, and the queasy feeling many people live with on a day to day basis that their own jobs hang by a thread.

We have no manuevering room as far as addressing this crisis. The Fed has QE’d too much. The federal government has spent too much money on dream world “stimulus.” Meanwhile, no one is addressing what really ails us; government intervention has made the problem worse and not better.

The AP is reporting that 7 regulations proposed by the administration would cost the economy a billion dollars each. Obama and his crew of clueless gits wonder why there are no jobs being created?

2012 can’t come soon enough.








August 28, 2011

Wreaking Havoc in London, Dancing in Tripoli

By Nidra Poller

American Thinker


As the summer of 2011 draws to a close, an uninterrupted chain of violent events buffets the public’s mind.  Havoc in Great Britain pushed aside mayhem in Norway.  The murder of eight Israelis in a cross-border attack from Egypt was briefly noted — then all eyes turned to Tripoli.   Southern Israel is under attack from Gaza; Syrian protestors are detained, tortured, murdered in the streets.  Gentlemen in suits and ties mouth bizarre promises about the bright future of Libya while TV cameras show us a disorganized armed mob.


Mass media are not really covering these events journalistically; they are staging a partisan show framed by fallacious analysis: the liberation of Libya is a high point of the Arab springtime, while Breivik was inspired by Islamophobic extreme-right Christian and Zionist white supremacists.  The havoc in Great Britain is inexplicable.  Rockets falling on Israel are nothing to get excited about.


When we piece together the artificially disconnected events, a coherent picture emerges: our societies are attacked from within and without.  Public opinion is seduced into believing the Middle East is dancing toward democracy while those who warn against the dangers of Islamic conquest are accused of arming Breivik the mass murderer.


The barrage of attacks against Bat Ye’or, Geert Wilders, Andrew Bostom, Mark Steyn, Fjordman, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, et al., accused of inciting Breivik’s murderous rampage, was muffled by the three-day outburst of smashing, looting, and burning in London, Manchester, and Birmingham.   (Seen from France, by the way, British law enforcement did not look so bad compared to our three-week uprising in 2005.)


Who should be blamed for inciting the cross-border attack from Egypt aimed at a civilian bus and a private car on the road to Eilat, killing eight Israelis, six of them civilians?  Israeli intelligence identified the perpetrators as members of the “Popular Resistance Committees” and wiped out seven of its leaders as they drove together to a war council in Gaza.  But the BBC’s Middle East expert Jeremy Bowen (BBC World, August 19, evening newscast), ignoring ample, reliable, readily available information, made it sound like the Israelis had struck blindly, as usual, inflicting pain and damage on Palestinians chosen at random.  (More on this situation here.)  On one side of the split screen, the “expert” with his nose in the air was calling for an impartial investigation — who were the assailants, and how do we know they came through the Sinai from Gaza? — while the other screen showed haredi men and boys (in black) with payes (ear locks) circling a car with smashed windows, the seats covered with shattered glass.  Whose car, where, what had happened to it and to the people riding in it?  No explanation.  The combination of this mute image and Bowen’s insinuations came across as an animated anti-Jewish cartoon!


BBC chatter didn’t keep Israel from wiping out the current leadership of the PRC in one fell swoop.  Israel will survive without empathy from the likes of the BBC.  But the systematic bias that seems to find pleasure in disparaging Jews and/or Israelis actually undermines the foundation of Western societies, celebrates disorder, sullies integrity, and disrupts rational thinking.


The snide BBC specialist casting doubt on Israeli intelligence wouldn’t likely be fingered for encouraging havoc in London.  Hooded looters and smashers do not publish manifestoes citing the BBC.  They carry their ideology in their pants.  Though, according to Tom Gross, columnist Jody McIntyre, fired from The Independent for egging on the London rioters via Twitter, had systematically called Israel a racist apartheid state and blamed Zionism for Breivik’s massacre.


The sacking and pillaging in Great Britain, apparently spearheaded by primarily black gangs, involved a diversely disgruntled crew that can’t be defined by class, religion, or ethnicity.  What brought them together is the feeling of impunity.  Something had taught them that violence against whatever happened to irk them was justified.  Graffiti on the yellow mailbox at the end of my street cries “Mort aux banquiers” (death to the bankers).  I wouldn’t be surprised to see “Mort aux postiers” (death to the mailmen) scrawled on the façade of a bank.


Forces working behind specious liberation movements to forge a united Muslim front against the West are weakening us from within by fostering specious protest movements.  Citizens of our democracies are led to identify with enraged mobs –anarchists, altermondialistes, ecologists, striking students and workers, pro-Hamas anti-Zionists, indignados in Athens and Madrid…the list is endless.  Palestinian shahid-murderers of Israeli civilians, stampeding Muslims damning “Mohammed cartoons,” and middle-class students protesting tuition hikes are linked by a chain of sympathy in this danse macabre.  People-gathered-in-a-public-square has become the emblem of virtue, and never mind what motivates them or where they are headed.  Misguided media enthusiasm focuses solely on the exciting adventure, full speed ahead to victory.


The same voices that argue for compromise with the Taliban because “the solution is political, not military” encourage desperado movements in democratic countries where political action is, in fact, the appropriate option.  In an Islamic tyranny the people submit for decades before suddenly bursting out in rage.  Either the rebellion or the government will fall.  Force lies not in the clarity of ideas, but in the willingness to kill and die — haphazardly.


That mindset has blossomed into foolish enthusiasm for an Arab “spring” that is producing bushels of strange fruit.  It leads to widespread support for a NATO operation in Libya that blatantly disregards every rule of the game.  Western powers — primarily Britain, France, and an ambiguous U.S.  — loosely draped in a U.N. mandate, seductively dressed in NATO colors, are toppling regimes and propping up their favorites like uninhibited neo-colonialists.  Leading from behind, underneath, and in the cracks, they show that nations still project power when, how, and where they wish.  What has become of the litany of charges against the United States military operation in Iraq and Israel’s slightest gesture of self-defense?  No pacifist outrage, no calls for ceasefires and humanitarian corridors, no caution against ruffling Muslim feathers by interfering in domestic affairs.  Mission creep?  Pourquoi pas?  Who ever believed that the U.N. mandate for Libya was limited to protecting unarmed civilians?


Unfortunately, the joke is on us.  This illusory power play is carving up our sovereignty!


Mass media have dropped all pretense of objectivity.  Anchorgirls in flak jackets and helmets fraternize with the “rebels,” dance with their joy, espouse their cause.  (Ms.) Alex Crawford for SkyNews entered Tripoli with the guys, snuggled up to them all the way to the heart of Bab al- Azizia, smiled like a newlywed as they paraded in front of the camera uttering guttural “allahu akhbars.”  “Look,” she murmured tenderly as they prostrated themselves, “they’re praying.”


She kept saying, “They met no resistance.”  The next day it was reported that 400 rebels were killed, 2,000 injured over the past 3 days in Tripoli.  And fierce battles are still raging.


A high-ranking French officer, asked by a journalist if the rebels made the last push to Tripoli with such ease because they are well-trained, well-equipped, well-organized, or all three, replied: None of the three.  NATO opened the way, and the rebels followed helter-skelter.  Most of their shooting was in the air.  The U.K. Telegraph now reveals that U.K. Special Forces are on the ground, fighting with (for) the rebels, leading the search for Colonel Gaddafi.


Why do the anchorgirl’s darlings remind us of the mobs that tore up London in August; the mob that tore down the protective hoarding around the Israeli embassy in Cairo; the mobs that smash, burn, and pillage our cities whenever they feel offended?


While the similarity among mobs in Clapham, Benghazi, Tahrir Square, Strasbourg, etc. goes unnoticed, a churlish campaign has been launched against authors whose writings were cut and pasted into the manifesto of mass murderer Anders Breivik.  (But the same censors go berserk if you say that the words of the Koran, the hadith, and the Sunna, no less than sermons in everyone’s corner mosque, promote and provoke violence!)


Steven Erlanger on Geert Wilders and Patricia Briel on Bat Ye’or simply throw the targeted names — Bat Ye’or, Wilders — into proximity with the name of Breivik and his evil deed.  The connection begins and ends there, by juxtaposition.  There is no development, no pretense of supporting evidence.  Mediocrities like Esther Benbassa are quoted to dismiss Bat Ye’or’s ideas.  Muslim activists are called to judge Wilders’ political action.  This pitiful mudslinging alternates with a smattering of concrete details about the situation in the Netherlands or the machinations of the Euro-Mediterranean dialogue that do in fact validate concerns about immigration, Islamization, dhimmitude, jihad, Eurabia.


How could it be otherwise? Wilders is a serious politician who has won the votes of free citizens of a democracy.  Bat Ye’or is a serious historian whose works are respected by distinguished colleagues and discerning readers.  Both Wilders and Bat Ye’or describe a reality that concerns the entire Western world.


Erlanger and Piel do not and cannot show any logical connection between anti-Islamization thinkers and a criminal rampage.  Their articles simply enforce a de facto anti-blasphemy law.  Erlanger unwittingly reveals as much in quoting Kathleen Ferrier, a Christian Democrat legislator born in Surinam: “Wilders says hateful things and no one objects.  We have freedom of speech, but you also have to be responsible for the effect of your words.”


It all adds up.  It all reverberates.  The phony Arab Spring shows its fangs in Egypt.  Egyptians of the Tahrir Square generation lust for Jewish blood.  It’s dismissed — it’s just against Israel — it doesn’t spoil the picture.


Meanwhile, the Liberation of Libya is playing further down the road.  Anchorgirls shill for this unsavory rebellion, sex it up, sell it like it’s perfume.  And when it all goes sour, they’ll find new playgrounds to romp in.


Rockets rain down on southern Israel and the U.N. urges restraint…from guess who!  International opinion isn’t tallying six months of wanton destruction of Libya’s infrastructure, atrocities, humanitarian catastrophes, and summary executions; but the day when Israel has to strike Gaza, expect another fit of hysteria.


The Middle East is being sharpened into a saber of massive destruction and our Western leaders are cooing as if they were admiring quintuplets in the maternity ward.  Conscientious thinkers who warn against the dangers of jihad conquest are assaulted because the white jihadi Anders Breivik was just smart enough to appreciate their works…like millions of other readers…none of them murderers… and too evil to share their humanity.


Life for our young people is coarsened.  Their natural, openhearted “live and let live” nonchalance makes them soft targets in an increasingly brutal environment.


We owe them a better narrative.











Exonerating the Iranian people

Hudson Institute | Aug 31, 2011
By Manda Zand Ervin

One aspect of the Iranian Revolution of 1979 that seems to have been overlooked is the history of Iranian-Jewish relations.

Since the Khomeinist power grab, the Iranian people have been paying a great price for the continuing hard-line inhumane practices and policies of the Shia clergy and their militant Revolutionary Guards Corps.

Iranians who live in Iran have been stripped of all their human and civil rights, while living in constant fear and substandard economic conditions — forced to accept the unacceptable.

The ones who have been lucky enough to flee their homeland have had to keep their heads down: as the result of the Islamist regime’s actions and policies, they have been labeled as terrorists.

Iranians, once proud of a heritage that made outstanding contributions to human civilization, are now forced to obscure their identity because of the actions of a kleptocratic collective of immoral men, who are holding Iran hostage.

In an unscientific, underground poll inside Iran, taken in 2005, the Iranian people, not the regime, overwhelmingly expressed their disapproval of the Iranian regime’s anti-Israel policies and belligerence. A large majority said that , despite the regime’s constant anti-Israel indoctrination, they felt no animosity toward Israel.

It may be too presumptuous to say that the first Zionist in recorded history was an Iranian of the Pars tribe. In the year 539 BCE, Cyrus the Great freed and returned 50,000 Jews from the Babylonian captivity to Jerusalem, and his proclamation of human rights, initiated in Jewish history, is referred to as the “return to Zion.”

Over the last 2500-plus years, despite what history has brought, the relationship between the Iranian people and the Jewish people has not only been one of friendship and respect, but one of support and protection of each other in times of need.

During Israel’s 1967 war, not only did Iran refuse to participate, despite outside pressures, it openly supported Israel.

Various historians have maintained that some Arabs never forgave the Shah of Iran for standing with Israel, and even spent millions of dollars financing Khomeini’s takeover from him.

The name “Persia” has also been subjected to a long and frustrating discussion. Many whose political ideologies demanded, have managed to twist facts to their advantage, camouflaging historical evidence.

As Cyrus the Great was from a Parsi tribe, the name “Persia” was given to the Iranian empire by the Greeks. The Iranian plateau was populated by the immigration of the Parsi, Persians in Greece, Meads, Toranians, Akadians, and many other tribes who all came from the Eurasian steppes and are called Indo-Europeans or Iranic people — 2400 years before Nietzsche and Hitler.

A short look into Iranian literature and history books clearly shows that Iran has been the only name Iranians have used for their country. In the very popular and famous Iranian book of mythology, Shahnameh, or The Book of Kings, 11th century, the only name used for the country is Iran. The book begins with the statement: “If Iran is not, I am not” — 1100 years before the European holocaust.

From 626 AD until 1924, Iran had been occupied first by Arabs, then by Mongols, then by Turks, then by Mongols again, followed by Turks again several times over.

During the last 500 years, the Shia clergy worked hand-in-hand with every occupier and invading horde to keep Iranians oppressed and deprived of their identity.

During the 19th and most of the 20th century, Iran endured Russian and British colonialism; so Iran per se, effectively did not exist, and what the Westerners called her became the fact.

In 1933 the new Iranian king, Reza Shah (a populist constitutional revolution soldier who challenged the authority of the Mullahs), challenged the British method of Iranian oil misappropriation: he declared that the British could no longer get away with taking Iranian oil without paying Iran its fair share.

When the allies occupied Iran in 1941 to support the Soviet Union from the back door, the British government used the occasion to oust the Iranian king by lying to President Roosevelt that he was a fascist Hitler sympathizer. Their proof was that he changed the name of the country from Persia to Iran, or “the land of Arians,” the race that the Nazis had chosen.

History, however, shows that Reza Shah was neither a fascist nor an anti-Semite. Unlike the Western world, the doors of Iran were open to all the Jewish refugees of East Europe, Russia, Iraq or any other country; my mother’s uncle married one of the polish refugees. The Iranian embassy in Paris even helped European Jews by giving them Iranian passports.

It is unfair to accuse an entire nation of sins they have never committed. In every society there are those whose political coercions cast a long shadow. Although since 1979, Iran and Iranians have been defined and identified by the posture of the Khomeinist cult — which has continued to be bolstered by various Western elites who continue feeding the Islamist crocodile — it is important to acknowledge and appreciate what was done right.









Rollback #4: The United Kingdom takes on Shariah law


Center for Security Policy | Aug 31, 2011

Other sovereign nations are also struggling to roll back the influence of Shariah Law in their court systems.  Many Americans may not be aware that at least 85 Islamic Shariah courts operate as a separate and wholly unequal legal system in the United Kingdom.  Their decrees carry full legal status if approved in U.K. national courts.  This month a woman who had been repeatedly beaten and threatened with death by a husband who spends most of his time with his second wife (in 2011 British Muslims are allowed to have up to four wives), was denied her right to divorce by a Shariah court in Birmingham.  The judge explained, “For the sake of the children you must keep up the façade of cordial relations.”  Conversely, a Muslim man may legally divorce his wife by simply uttering the word “talaq” three times.

Luckily, Muslim women and children in the U.K. have a strong guardian looking out for their interests in the person of Baroness Caroline Cox:

In an attempt to counter the proliferation of these courts, a Bill has been tabled in the House of Lords by Baroness Cox calling for Sharia courts to be outlawed where they conflict with the British legal system.

Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Lord Phillips, the former Lord Chief Justice, argued in 2008 that Sharia courts should be used to resolve disputes among Muslims. But since then, according to Baroness Cox, the problem has become more entrenched.

“My Bill seeks to stop parallel legal, or quasi-legal, systems taking root in our nation,” she says. “There is widespread concern that some tribunals applying Sharia are going well beyond their legal remit, and some rulings are being misrepresented as having the force of UK law. Cases of criminal law and family law are matters reserved for the English courts alone.

“I hope the Bill gets through, as I believe it is vital for securing the rights of women in this country.”

“Muslim women who have a poor grasp of English or are unaware of their legal rights are likely to believe whatever their Sharia court tells them,” says Baroness Cox.

This model from the U.K. may have useful features to provide due process and equal protection to U.S. citizens and legal residents who use Islamic arbitration panels in the United States to resolve their disputes.  Cox’s Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill (PDF) would require arbitration providers, including Shariah courts, to inform individuals of the “need to obtain an officially recognized marriage in order to have legal protection” and inform individuals that “a polygamous household may be unlawful.”

Further, it provides that “a court may issue a declaration setting aside any order based on a meditation settlement agreement or other negotiated agreement if it considers on evidence that one party’s consent was not genuine.”  A strict assessment for what constitutes “genuineness” is clearly laid out in the bill’s language, calling on the court to pay particular attention as to whether or not:

(a) all parties were informed of their legal rights, including alternatives to mediation or any other negotiation process used;

(b) any party was manipulated or put under duress, including through psychological coercion, to induce participation in the mediation or negotiation process.

The perseverance of Baroness Cox is an inspiration to the English-speaking world and the United States in particular.  If we pay attention to the lessons learned from the British predicament, we may be able to prevent official Shariah courts from ever appearing in the United States.

However, Shariah arbitration panels are already in use – and legal.  As one example, see this divorce case in which the parties agreed to bring their disagreement to the Texas Islamic Court in Richardson before it ever showed up in an American court.  The Muslims who use them may not be aware that the American courts system will protect their rights and due process better than Shariah law or other systems used in private arbitration.

Cox’s bill has full disclosure requirements for arbitration panels that could help protect all Americans.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s growth in America has expanded greatly since the 1990s, with their stated goal “that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands.”   The Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to impose Shariah and censorship in America reaches into our media, our government, our military and law enforcement, our textbooks and our colleges.  Anyone who openly opposes the Muslim Brotherhood – that would be well over 200 million Americans, according to polls – has been labeled an “islamophobe” by the leftwing media.

Enough is enough.  Americans across the nation have started pushing back against the Muslim Brotherhood’s trademark intimidation and threats.  The Center for Security Policy is tracking these efforts to expose and to eliminate the Muslim Brotherhood’s  influence over  how we talk and think, how we govern ourselves and  enforce our laws, and how we make our own plans for our children’s future of freedom under the Constitution, not enslavement under Shariah law.  

We call it The Rollback.


God’s Word instructs us to pray for those in power, and I do. God’s Word does not tell us we need to like, agree with, or follow those in worldly power, but to obey the laws, and to pray for those in power; that they be led by the Spirit of God and do what is right in the sight of God. This I do.

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