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There are tens of thousands of microbes in a single drop of sea water, and scientists know almost nothing about their composition, purpose, or chemical makeup. Although they do know their chemical makeup is constantly changing. Even those fortunate enough to live near, or on the oceans shores most likely look out upon the expanse and just enjoy the view knowing little, or nothing of what they are looking at.


We know more about outer space than we do our oceans and seas. How apropos since man is always looking ever further outward for the answers and never has the inclination to look inward. Like our oceans, once the surface has been broached the depths become an unknown environment since few ever dive inward.


We continually look outward into a vacuum. Never inward, never diving deeper.


Here it is 2011 and people are lead to believe all these brilliant people know so much, all this science, all this technology…and they know not a thing worth knowing. They can’t even tell you what’s in a drop of sea water.


We also dwell upon and focus on what appears larger to us, and therefore we assume of more importance, more value. When it truth it is the microbes of this life that determine everything. It’s in the smallest of details, events, thoughts, actions. And contrary to the bulk of errant knowledge, or misinformation most hold onto so tightly, if we take something like a microbe, most people only think of them as being something to make them sick, when in truth less than 10% of all microbes are pathogenic, and over 90% are beneficial and life supporting. Life as we know it would not, could not exist without those things which we cannot see and give little or no thought to. As in life for the vast majority we have it all wrong, have everything inside out and backwards. Ignorance, blindness, and misinformation are the largest products manufactured and consumed on the face of this earth. People throng to those as ants do to sugar.


Scripture tells us in Revelation 8:9

And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.


This time, when the 7th Seal is broken, and the 2nd trumpet sounds, is approaching. Swifter than all those consumed looking ever outward know. The false teacher, the misled believer following them, following the world instead of Christ the Lord and the Complete, Whole, Living word of God will soon know.


Are you content to be lost in space? Consumed in a vacuum? Or do you have what it takes to dive in, deeper, and deeper, and deeper into the depths of that which you can feel all around you, and you must rely upon the breath of God to keep you alive? Seek the small things. The invisible things. Seek the ways and will and Word of God. Forsake this world. All this world adds up to is death. Period.


There is abundant, changing, incredible life within a drop of sea water. Will you see, do you have a drop of abundant Living Life within you to nurture and help become a sea of wisdom and understanding of God and His Word?


Or will you remain in the void and the vacuum continuing on in blindness and ignorance thinking yourself so, so, so informed and enlightened?


There is a mighty storm coming. If you do not have your sea legs you will be tossed about and into the depths, consumed in the confusion of this coming storms winds and deadly waves. Prepare by embracing, loving, seeking, reading and meditating upon the Living Word of God. Seek the ways of heaven and not those of this world which is quickly coming to its end.





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