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The Tower of Babel (Tower of Babylon) was not halted in approximately 2247 B.C.

The physical structure may have not risen any higher, but babel is “confusion by mixing” –

and construction of confusion by mixing has been going on by man more intently with each passing century to the point we’ve reached in the past 70 or 80 years where confusion by mixing has reached new heights without structure.

Babel, Babylon (not always the physical place) as mentioned in Scripture only began in Genesis 11. The seeds of babel were sown because man who was given the Third Dispensation: Human Government, by God in Genesis 8:20 – 11:9. Man was given a new test. Its distinctive feature the institution, government, by man for man. Only instead of taking this responsibility of governing the world for God man determined, because their hearts are filled with evil, to omit God and make a name for themselves.


And they said, Go to, let us build US a city and a tower whose top may reach unto heaven; and let US MAKE US A NAME, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.

Genesis 11:4

The history of Babel has striking parallels to the professing church. Ambition using worldly, not spiritual means, ending in a man-made unity – the papacy and its direct ties to Babylon. And to Protestantism with its innumerable and ever increasing sects. (See March 31st poem on A Crooked Path titled “Doing the Denomination Abomination”).

The rise in denominations – the confusion by mixing has increased more in the past 100 years than in all times previous. And it continues to increase.


The tower of Babel may not have been physically constructed into heaven, but man’s vanity, man’s failure to include God in his responsibility to govern wisely and godly has only increased the “confusion by mixing.” Just look where we are now? Really take a serious, introspective look at what is happening all around us. Imagine what the next 3 years? Five years will bring?


The Tower of Babel is almost completed. The time of the Gentiles governing, omitting God, being self interested, and increasing in blasphemy and abominations is about to end. The “confusion by mixing” can only go on so long and God must and will terminate this earth and all on it. According to His Promise to the Jews, according to everything in Scripture from Genesis on through Revelation. The completion of the Tower of Babel, with the Gentiles, and the Whore of Rome, and so many professing aiding in its completion laying the final brick of abomination and blasphemy until God can stand no more, and man has chosen his fate.




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