Broken Mirror





Broken Mirror
Ken Pullen  –  copyright 2011
Scripture appears in Italics from the King James Version


Every parent looks into the face
of their newborn child
searching to see their reflection in that new face
do they reflect me?
the parents heart asks


Even  the childless are driven to create
their personalities
reflected in their creation
whether painting, prose, poetry


All the people of the world long
to see their creation
no matter what reflecting
back towards them


In all creation
God made man
in His image
so that man could give more pleasure
to God
than all the other creatures
in creation


Thou art worthy, O Lord,
to receive glory
and honour
and power:
for thou hast created all things,
and for thy pleasure
they are
and were created.


Man is the mirror image
in which God looks to see Himself
man is the reflection of the glory
of God


God’s original purpose and intention
man’s primary purpose
to be the mirror
reflecting the honor and glory
of our Creator
through man
God could reflect His glory
to all of creation


We are all mirrors
of our Creator
now broken mirrors
reflecting skewed distorted
God not being able to look into our faces
and recognize us anymore
as we shattered the divine reflection
God’s perfection


No person was created
with primary purpose
to sweat
feel pain
become as educated as possible
in the ways of man
to fill  life with fleeting pleasures
vain thrills
ingesting pills attempting to find a cure
nothing but misplaced purposes
hollow, empty reflections
are the source of all ills


Our purpose
what man has always asked
and sought
the answer to
is to reflect the glory of God
to worship our Creator
as intended


Yet every mirror
reflecting at awkward
painful oblique angles
seeking peace
searching purpose
lost, lost, always lost
at such a terrible, terrible cost
for all their days through
does man search
as a shattered mirror
upon bended knee
raised clasped hands
reaching to heaven
confessing their sin
and begin
their broken mirror to mend
with the only glue
true, real, worthy
to repair a shattered mirror…


the shed blood of The Son.


Our purpose
whether admitted
or not
is to reflect the glory of God
our Creator
whole and complete
worshipping God
as intended
reflecting in His eyes
His glory
man redeemed
the Light
and the Truth
once more!


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